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    I’ve been spending my evening in the emergency room. Joyous evening indeed. As I lay in my hospital bed under glaring florescent lights, wearing a surgical type mouth mask, I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to be a real Jedi and have healing abilities?”

    So my question to all of you…if you could have any of the Force abilities from the movies, what would your Force ability be?

    I really do think mine would have to be healing abilities. I am constantly getting sick.

    Kol Drake

    wha…? How did you end up in hospital?

    I’ve wondered about Jedi Healing skills…
    I recall Obi Wan touching Luke’s head to check his condition from the original series — episode IV.

    In the books (most) it is barely touched upon although, in the recent “Fate of the Jedi” series of books from 2009 -2012, it has Luke and company going into what seem like a near meditative coma at times to help the body heal… but not read any which addressed accelerated tissue regeneration or how they got ‘bursts of energy’ during battles, etc. Seems like another whole side of Jedi studies never addressed because healing is not as ‘exciting’ as waving a light stick about and slashing bad guys.

    Although, come to think of it — if a Jedi can learn to stop a cancer; might a Sith start a disease just as easily?
    Guess this would get into ‘medical ethics’ real fast.


    Who says we can’t have healing skills? I use healing very often and have learned multiple modalities to do so. I have success even with my current level of awareness, which is nowhere near where I expect to be in the coming years. So I don’t dream, I just train towards it. ;-) Now, dreaming would be levitation. Also very possible, just need to work through the stuff keeping me from it. :-)


    Yeah… force levitation would mean flight. That’s my number one super hero power too… though I would probably need quite a bit of force healing if I ever managed it.


    Jax is quite right. Between Reiki and Kiatsu, the Jedi Realist does have healing abilities open to them. There are even certain meditation techniques designed to increase your natural healing abilities to quicken and lessen the severity of most ailments.

    I am torn upon which power I would wish. Part of me believes that telekinesis would be more effective, but another believes that being able to use an actual Jedi Mind Trick would be even more useful. I’m not talking about the psychological forced choice, I mean actually using the Force to manipulate the weak-minded.


    I just want to float things. And then myself. To be able to feel zero gravity sounds like heaven right now. And flying, yeah that would be fun. :-) I imagine I’m flying every time I do airplane pose in yoga. :-D


    For me I have always thought of the force as an energy that is part of everything, something similar is Ki, I think Dragon ball Z actually did a good job not only describing energy and it’s use, but how it could be used for Flight. However, this seems to conflict with Star Wars, in that, while they can jump high and levitate, I don’t recall any flight use.

    The Force:
    [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]pRgk1ZWeKuE[/video]

    [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]G9lHicT-U2w[/video]

    Full Episode
    [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]tkM4DZI-_jg[/video]

    Probably because they got to fly those awesome fighters. ;-)

    Kol Drake
    Volund Starfire wrote:
    … being able to use an actual Jedi Mind Trick would be even more useful. I’m not talking about the psychological forced choice, I mean actually using the Force to manipulate the weak-minded.

    If you work on making solid links / connections as described in the WWTF series under Esoteric (Working With The Force) you can receive surface thoughts. With practice you can start skimming deeper and plant thoughts as well as receive. That is when the ‘Jedi Mind tricks’ really kick in.


    First of all I wish You, StormyKat, all the best and hope that You will be back on your feet quickly!

    As for Force skills, I would have to admit, due to the given examples and my own experiences for the examples of healing, mind reading and other such stuff, my number one skill is levitating, moving things with the Force as I haven’t yet “seen” any evidence that something like that is possible.

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