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    I finally know how you can access the institute from your phone so that it works.  There are three options, which you can choose based on your preference. Note, the login link is at the bottom of the screen.  When you post from these versions of the website it automatically puts a little phone icon next to the message.  Since phone posts are typically shorter, seeing the phone there shows that a person didn’t have the capability of the normal computer and keyboard.  (note, I’m editing this now, it might not show the mobile icon, it might, who knows!)  I personally prefer the wap2 options, as it’s faster for me on my not very smart internet ready phone. lol (I have an LG enV which is 2 years old) For those with the iphone, my guess is imode works best.  But try it out.  It’s handy for those on the road without a computer at hand.  Enjoy!


    Magdelene Nashira

    Oh cool!  I’m glad I finally noticed this!  Right now Streen is in the hospital again because he got sick again when he got home before.  So he’s there with only a cell phone to go online with.  I sent him a copy of the post so hopefully he can figure out how to use with his phone.


    Hospitals are no fun. They’re even less fun when you’re the sick person. I hope he gets well soon and can amuse himself with some reading here as well. :-) 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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