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    Beral Khan

    I am standing here wondering about engergy transfer from matter that has been consumed.
    Is there any food sources that would be considered high in the Force, or that GENERATE within a human high Force energy?


    Yes, those that are as fresh as possible. For example, when fruit or vegetables are picked, their life force slowly declines over time. So to gain the maximal benefit from your food, freshly picked, organic and in-season fruit and vegetables are your best bet. With other foods, the less processing it has had the better, i.e. whole grains over ‘white’ bread, pasta and rice. Minimize refined sugars, fizzy drinks, fruit juices (or even cut out entirely). Meats become a little more complex. I’m trained in the TCM tradition so will not say that Jedi should be vegetarians, rather meats consumed should be in accordance with your constitution. If possible, organic meat is best, grass-fed is better than grain-fed.

    Basically, it boils down to eating a sensible, varied diet that maximizes fresh foods and minimizes processed, artificial, and overly sugary foods. Vegetables are best consumed lightly cooked.

    Hope that helps.

    Beral Khan

    Thank you!


    Another aspect that I’ve read about is that food loses it’s chi over time.  So, once you cook it, eat it.  Leftovers will not have nearly as much Force, even though you reheat it.  If you’re trying to maximize your Force gain from food, then cook daily and don’t reheat food.  But then again, sometimes that’s the only viable option we have.  It’s a decision we have to make. 

    Kol Drake

    Ever hear someone say that ‘This food tastes better because the cook really put themselves into it?’

    Or, there is a little bit of Love in how I make this?

    Over the years, I have heard/seen many times when the cook/chef has stated how they put Love or ‘good vibes’ in to how they cook / what they made.  And heard many others comment on how *those* foods always seemed to taste better.

    And not always ‘just like Mom used to make’ — ’cause I know some Moms who couldn’t boil water.  :P

    But.. I can understand ‘beaming’ good energy into food… as well as someone dumping ‘bad vibes’ in when they hate their job and the people they serve.



    Gosh Kol Drake – I even feel that way about some brands of food.  I feel just a better “vibe” about them that has nothing to do with packaging or advertising.  Sometimes the “vibe” changes…and I just don’t feel good about the brand any longer – and often I learn that it had changed ownership or been “bought out”. 

    I’ve never liked leftovers – especially from a restaurant.  Now I know why!

    Since joining the Jedi and studying – I have stopped drinking pop and began eating far more fruits/veggies and less processed carbs, etc., which were a HUGE part of my daily intake.

    This is a very interesting thread!

    Beral Khan

    Im trying to remember the name of the movie where it was a story about a girl who cooked and how she was feeling would show up in the food.  It was based in Mexico back in the 1800’s I believe.  She had to stay home to take care of her dying mother, I believe, and her sister ran off with a bandito and she was not allowed to marry.

    It was an amazing movie about food, love, and emotions.


    On that theme, the healing power of food is an undercurrent through a book I read in my women’s lit class called Staircase of a Thousand Steps.  It’s actually a really neat book and I’d recommend it. 

    This has brought up quite a few interesting points.  :-)


    *throws the concept of Thermodynamics into the conversation*


    But thermodynamics does not explain everything when it comes to food.  Nor would it make that big of a difference to introduce a small amount of warm food to a large warm body.  I mean, when I drink some hot tea, why do I feel that heat immediately but in my extremities like my hands and feet?  There’s no way that the heat from the tea was able to make it’s way to my limbs through any normal method of heat transfer.  Not that you can’t come up with an answer Alex, but I think to say that the affect food has is due to thermodynamics is pretty limited.  It of course has to have an affect physically.  But I think physics neglects how food and other elements affects us on other levels. 

    Ok, my thoughts are a bit incoherent, so I’ll leave it at that and let you follow up as you wish  :-D

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