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    Oh I am so going to find time to go to this. I want my own wand to pick out! lol



    I remember seeing something about this about a week ago. Bet a wand will still cost two Galleons (i.e. two piece of gold…lets see gold is about $1000/ounce right now……).

    Nah, that’s just the envy talking lol.


    hahaha This (and a star wars park) would be the only reason to drive to Florida anytime soon.  Oh, and a shuttle launch, but we scrub launches so often it’s hard to schedule that.  I guess I’ll plan ahead, hope to time the launch and plan to visit this whether a shuttle launches or not. ;-)

    Kag-Ne Adal

    Jax you realize there is only about 11 shuttle launches left before they retire the shuttle? The next one is happening on the 9th I think. I get NASA tv here and I love it so I just watch it all the time lol. I believe the time to see a shuttle launch is going to pass by quickly. So if you wanna see one, get there by summer.
    I saw the the Harry Potter theme park on tv about 2 days ago, I just stopped and stared at the tv before I went nuts looking for it online. I hope the park is as exciting as it seems to be.


    Kagne! Jax watches NASA TV all the time!! you’d guys have a lot to talk about  ;)  lol

    Oh and I love the theme park idea, can’t wait  ;D ;D


    Yes, the problem is launch dates are so flexible that it’s difficult to plan a trip.  In the end you plan and hope a launch happens.  We’ll get there when we can.  If we can’t we’ll get down there eventually and watch something else launch. :-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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