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    I’ve been working out a lot the past few days, so yesterday, which was December 20, 2017, I decided to take a rest day. My martial arts practice was my real workout. I ate a big cheat meal for lunch which I should have done at least a few jumping jacks for, but I didn’t.

    I did a pretty hefty martial arts practice. I worked with basic techniques for the most part, including side kicks, front kicks, inward blocks, outward blocks, upward blocks, downward blocks, Karate Short Form 1, and a Kenpo orange belt knife technique. I did a hundred side kicks of each leg and fifty of each side with every other technique. I noticed that my gi popped, which is a sign of good technique and power. However, I could have improved my balance, coordination, and flexibility, which I have always struggled with. I took a video of my practice/

    In addition, I read some Jedi philosophy from Wookiepedia and from various mindfulness websites. I read about the Living Force and its followers, especially Qui-Gon Jinn, and a little bit of history on the Shan family and Revan. I also read a little bit about Reiki, and the various people involved in it, especially Frans Stiene.

    I did a little bit of practice with chi balls and thermokinesis (basic stuff with heating up my hands). I only did about fifteen minutes, which is not enough practice, but I did some.

    I did a twenty-minute mindfulness meditation, which went really well. I focused on my breathing using the box technique, where I do five seconds in, five seconds hold, five seconds out, and five seconds hold.

    Kol Drake

    You have a nice training routine!

    Not sure I could survive 100 side kicks with either leg these days. Great stuff.

    And glad to see you work the ‘body energy’ & breathing sides of the coin too. ( This coin has many sides. :-) )

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