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    I’ve been wondering if anyone would post anything about the current global financial meltdown, I guess it’s up to me to bring it up.

    The ‘sub prime mortgage crisis’ has been going on for some time now, a few months at least. And then, in just the last week and half, the financial world went to hell in a handbasket, primarily because of fear and a herd mentality. Yep, many of those people selling shares madly this week were sheep. SCARED sheep.

    The most interesting thing for myself this week has been to examine the underlying energy here. Fear, panic, and darkness. I experienced it up close after having my Mum up for tea on Friday. She spent much of the evening wallowing in despair over having ‘lost’ her retirement funds. I spent almost as much of the evening calmly explaining to her about paper and real losses, but found logic wasn’t making a dent in her mindset.

    Many of us here have had intimations of a ‘darker’ future, or at least one that is darker for a while. I think that we had thoughts of climate change and war as some of the causes behind this, but global fear and panic on the scale of the last week (with the media just whipping it on from behind) shows us another avenue that the Dark side, the forces of chaos, can follow.

    As Jedi, we need to stay calm and serene when others are running around like the proverbial chickens, and this last week has showed us some of the unexpected ways in which we, and all of humanity, can be tested.

    Kol Drake

    ‘Playing’ the stock market has always been the same ‘rule’ as playing at some casino…. never bet more then you are willing to lose.

    Sometime after the 80’s, the stocks went from becoming an indicator of the financial stability of a company due to production versus sales and went to ‘speculative’ status.  Most stocks became based on ‘what the future may hold IF’…  partly why the dot.com bubble & burst happened and now, the long overdue housing/housing loan situation.

    For all the doom and gloom in the last few weeks, the market today is ‘back up’ 600+ points in early trading.  If you look at any long term chart of the market…. and I mean… as far back as 1928 — you will see a steady upward trend.  True, it you micro the time scale and look at the daily ups and downs, you would get an ulcer if you were counting pennies… or thousands of ‘stock bucks’ lost and gained.

    But, as inari tried to point out….
    It’s not ‘money lost’….. since it was not ‘money’ to begin with… and ONLY ‘lost’ if you had it in hand and then REALLY lost it… or threw it away.  The initial investment is still there and the POTENTIAL for gain or loss is still there…but nothing was lost (or found) due to number changes and the stock yard ‘herd’ migrations.

    So many ‘predict’ dark times and ‘end of the world’… many many times since I started paying attention back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Cold war(s).  Potential Nuclear wars.  Religious wars.  Race wars.  Millennium collapse.  2012.  Whatever.  I guess it’s easier to predict a crappy future then to consider projecting positive vibes forward.

    I agree with inari… Jedi (and Jedi hopefuls) need to be calm and balanced and not contribute to the latest ‘herd moo-ing’.  I’d like to hope JEDI in general would also be the one’s working toward ‘brighter futures’ instead of being those who ‘are working to make the dark times liveable’.  I’d rather project positive ‘future energy’ then negative potentials anytime.


    I know it’s easier as a young person just starting a retirement fund to watch this all without too much worry than it is for those getting close to retirement.  I also have a job that is pretty secure, even though it’s dependent on government funding.  So I am starting from a place that’s easier to watch without panic, but I think everyone who is freaking out is not looking into the future enough to see that there is more than one way to run the world economically.  The current economic system is not sustainable, and it was only a matter of time before it collapsed.  But this will bring in a new way of doing things that is sustainable.  Personally, I just want to get through it to see what people come up with.  

    Inari, you bring up a really good point, this is a chance to act as Jedi in our lives as well.  What can you do to calm the fears of the people around you?  Are you keeping your own fears in check?  It’s natural to be afraid, but not helpful to stay in that state.  Talk to someone who can help you see things differently so you can release that fear.  Then do the same for someone else.

    In the meantime, take a look at your own life.  How sustainable is it?  Are there areas you can address to make it more sustainable?  That’s where I’ve been looking for the past year or so, and it certainly helps.  


    Ah, but the current economic system has not collapsed…yet. It’s being propped up by two by fours right now. From the rallies on the markets it seems people think that this is a good thing, and perhaps it can be, if the time that has been gained is used to good purpose. Hopefully it will be. Part of me doubts it though.

    In my mums case, she doesn’t have much retirement fund anyway, probably not even enough to buy a caravan to live in, and I’ve told her several times that we have always been prepared to help and support her in her old age. Before I married my husband I made sure he understood that was a likely scenario and he’s cool with that.

    It brings up interesting issues though. It has always been my personal belief that depending entirely on income generated by stocks is putting too many eggs in the one basket, and am planning accordingly for my retirement. If there is a further economic collapse though, how will the elderly weather it? Especially since families are often separated by distance or acrimony these days? It is one reason I’d like to see more community building, that older people in our society become a cherished resource again and not a burden. Occasionally though I look at the world the Baby Boomers (not all of them of course, just some of them, looking at Kol here) have created, and wonder how much in the way of wisdom they might have to share.


    Okay – this is pretty far-out there – but I just don’t get a BAAAAD VIBE about this “panic”.  I just don’t have that gut feeling that tends to serve me really well – and so I’m just not that worried.

    As a business owner – believe me – I keep my ear close to the ground.  As part of the transportation industry the hit can be really hard when economy goes south.  But after surviving 9-11 – nothing else can really compare I suppose.

    Frankly – I think the economic downturn is a much needed “correction” on many fronts.  Not just repercussions of tech, housing, and credit bubbles busting – but also the PHILOSOPHY behind those business ideals.  Which gets into the social bubbles of “rich being grand no matter how it’s made” – to is “rich and so much STUFF” behind so grand?

    I’m looking around me in wonder as people seem to accept that life (especially here in the states) was living high on the hog and we have a belly ache – including FAT bellies and dulled senses – trying to gain happiness from big houses, toys, stuff.

    A satiation point seems to have been reached and we are now all willing to stop and say, “What does it all mean – all the stuff that money can buy?”  When you have to do without it – you suddenly realize what is really meaningful and necessary – and I think we as a society needed that “correction”.

    My feeling is that we are becoming more balanced as a society…

    So far – we seem to be screwing up along the way – but as a society we seem to slowly stepping down a different and more balanced path?


    Maybe we need these darker times to find our balance again.

    This crisis or financial valley does not just affect this nation but most other countries in the world as it created a snowball effect. People speculated and gambled high and we all know the saying “a gambler never wins” (believe me I know, I was married to one and lost almost everything).

    I have sensed something dark out there for some time now and with it have noticed a great shift in peoples moods and demeanor. I am not sure how it is in other parts of this country but people up here have become increasingly more agressive, angry and rude. I became aware of this in early spring, long before all of this happened.

    Kol Drake


    I had always heard the ‘blood’ of NH flowed slow like the sap in trees but was rich as the syrup it produces.

    Dark foreboding since last Spring?


    Not as slow as in Maine…..

    Tempers here can flare quite a bit. My neighbor was almost attacked by a woman who thought she had cut in front of her at the register. Pretty sad.

    Kol Drake

    Seems many are running on ‘short fuses’ for a long time now.
    Makes one wonder what is pressuring such a hair trigger to everyone’s psyches.


    Now… relating to the ‘Dark Times’ of the Financial Market…

    Here is a web video … and yes, it IS a 2 hour video… but IS very ‘on the mark’ on how spooky this whole thing can get.  Called “Zeitgeist: Addendum”…  now I have to go BACK to watch some of the other vides.  :P


    Ya.. 2 hours BUT… stick with it for at least the first 30 minutes… since it tries to explain the ‘whack-ness’ of the Federal Reserve system and the ‘value’ of the dollar versus how it is artificially inflated for ‘use’.      (( like… the VALUE of one 1913 dollar was now ‘devalued’ to the point where in 2007, you need almost 22 dollars to have the same value as that old old dollar. sheesh ))  And how the Fed is structured in such a way as to ‘make’ housing foreclosures…. and how we all are slaves to the debt.


    Just a quick caution to everyone.  For some, they will experience darkness, but that is because they are turning away from the light, and letting their fear take control.  There is no reason to experience our world as more dark – simply because it isn’t so.  Our world is becoming more light every moment.  A bright light is shining on all of the ‘dark’ aspects of our society, however, making them more obvious, but their time is coming to an end.  Those that turn to the light find things are continually improving, and those that fight it will find the world crash down around them. 

    There is no reason for your life to crash down around you.  This can be the greatest time if you allow it to be so.  Focus on what it is you want in life.  Focus on your love, you’re passions in life, and you’ll find life continues to improve.  :-)

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