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    Do you want to Feel the Force?
    Then to get started on basic energy work I would like to share two basic energy exercises aimed at increasing and strengthening your personal energy.

    First off. You should never be unprepared. I want you to take these glasses I am handing you. They are all special and stuff…probably made in China…but still special. I want you slip these glasses I gave you on…so you are going to “See” the next image in your own mind. Some people aren’t as good at mental pictures as others. If you are better with words, paint your scene with words that describe it to make it stronger, if you are musical, use music. Use whatever way helps you to best “picture” something in your mind.


    What exactly is Grounding and why should I do it? Does it really accomplish anything? We are going to take a bit of a scientific view. The short answer is that you are literally GROUNDING. You are grounding down to the earth so you don’t get electrocuted. So you have a very easy way to ground out your energy and balance out to the perfect amount of electrical current. Not too much and not too little.
    Grounding can also be a form of CENTERING as well. Centering is similar to grounding in terms of finding calm, peace, and balance in your energy and self.
    Grounding is not only used for a release of energies, but when utilized, brings new energies into the body and self. I like to be efficient, so the following is a kind of three in one.

    First off. Use your imagination. Don’t get hung up on exact details. There is no wrong or right. What you are looking for is what “feels” right for you. Just relax and try and imagine it.

    Imagine a tree trunk extending down from the base of your spine. It travels down, down, down into the earth and spreads out lots of roots. Now, imagine a beautiful green “earth energy” light soaking up the roots and up the trunk. It slowly spreads into your circulation and your body is being cleaned by this green light.

    Next, Imagine a beautiful white light coming down from above. It enters the top of your head and spreads through your body cleaning, healing, and rejuvenating you. Together green and white light twist and weave through your body. You find that all your fears, anxieties, pains, frustrations, negativity, and so on. Maybe you see blocks, or negative spots in your body. That’s okay. Let the colored light destroy it and wash it away.

    Now, pay attention to your breathing. As you breathe, inhale a beautiful golden light (with sparkles), exhale a nasty black or brown dirty breath of junk. All that negative stuff. Just breathe it out.

    To recap. You are now doing 4 things at once. You are grounded to the earth. You are connected to the force (yes that was that white light) (white light is everything that is right and good and divine). You are now clearing out your old energy, and getting replenished with clean energy.

    Don’t stop there! Let’s keep this work around a bit. Its time to do a shield!

    1. I want you to picture your favorite color. Your absolute favorite shade and hue. I want you to imagine thick beautiful paint in that color. Now, surround yourself in a giant bubble of that liquid paint. Reaaaaally Paint it on. Layer it on. Know that if something negative should come in contact with it, your shield will suck it up, and will make itself stronger.

    2. I want you to make your shield as unique as you. So, really put some thoughts into it. Maybe add a few designs..the process of thinking about details make it even stronger.

    The awesome thing is. The more you do this. The faster and stronger you get at doing it. Eventually, you will get to the point where you think “SHIELD” or “Ground” and its like BAM!

    If you have any questions feel free to message me. :)


    I like the way you utilize colours in your exercises. I haven’t done that before so this has opened a new point of view for me. I’ve worked with silver, gold and even black, but I haven’t combined plenty of colours (like in the energy ball you made me do – green and gold sparkles and all that stuff). It works really, really well since I’m a visual and artistic person. I love to paint the colours in my mind. It makes my body tingle like nothing else has before. Thank you. Keep sharing, please!


    I should do a write-up on how I do this with music.

    Omni wrote:
    I should do a write-up on how I do this with music.

    Indeed you should. That would be interesting and quite different.

    I really like this exercise. Thank you for posting it.



    Thank you! This is a lovely take on Shielding and Grounding.

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