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    Kol Drake

    I just got the latest email warning of the FDA’s continued efforts to try to kill the natural suppliments avenue folks use to keep healthy.    Here is a snippet of what is going on —

    CODEX Will Destroy Our Nutritional Supplements And Organic Foods!

    CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is a UN-sponsored global food standards body that is deceptively promoted as “consumer protection”.  Based on junk science (by wrongly treating nutrients as toxins) it is a serious
    threat to your health and health freedom.  CODEX ALIMENTARIUS serves the financial interests of
    massive multi-national corporations who are illegally pushing to implement CODEX ALIMENTARIUS
    in the United States of America.

    CODEX is harmful to nutritional supplements… because it says “YES” to…

    • Supplement doses so low that they have no therapeutic effect on you
    • Making Vitamin C (and all other vitamins and minerals) above a tiny dose per day an illegal substance
    • Prohibiting all but a tiny number of supplements sold in uselessly tiny doses CODEX is harmful to natural health…
    • Destroying the Wellness Industry in order to wipe out competition to the Pharmaceutical Industry (the more people turn to natural health, the fewer drugs they buy because the fewer drugs they need)
    • Ruining health food stores and wellness companies by wiping out and criminalizing natural health products

    CODEX is harmful to organic meat and dairy… because it says “YES” to…
    • Mandating that all food animals be treated with synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics despite their documented dangers to you and your family
    • Mandating that all dairy cows be treated with Monsanto’s rBGH (genetically engineered bovine growth hormone) despite its documented dangers for you and your family

    CODEX is harmful to organic agriculture and clean food… because it says “YES” to…
    • Unlabeled use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in your food, despite their documented dangers to you and your family
    • Degrading organic standards to the point at which they become meaningless
    • Raising permissible levels for pesticides, veterinary drugs and other toxins in farming to extremely
    dangerous levels (so manufacturers of these poisons can make more money)
    • Mandating that all food must be irradiated unless eaten locally and raw

    CODEX is harmful to you and the Earth… because it says “NO” to…
    • Your freedom of choice in health products and natural medicine treatments
    • Clean, unadulterated food and a meaningful certified organic farming system
    • Our planet’s environmental health (CODEX would toxify our world even more)

    To learn more about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and what you can do or to read
    the full Citizen Petition written by the Natural Solutions Foundation

    Visit this up-to-date information web site headed by Rima E. Laibow, MD:


    I am not a ‘frothing at the mouth’ radical dissenter… HOWEVER…  I do not believe a government agency that has such strong ties to the major pharmacutical industry is ‘looking out for the little guy’… not when the Pharma-industry is putting mega bucks into the agency’s pockets.

    Latest example?
    Avandia…. a diabetes ‘treatment’.
    Internal FDA dudes estimate that Avandia has caused as many as 205,000 heart attacks and strokes, some of them fatal, between 1999 and 2006.  Analysis indicates that since Avandia was approved, some 80,000 patients have died from the drug’s side effects.  For every month that Avandia is sold 1,600 to 2,200 patients will suffer more of these events.

    And the FDA voted to keep it on the market!      Why?
    The FDA panel decided Avandia was “no less dangerous than any of the other drugs on the market at this time”!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy **** Batman!

    The FDA and drug companies don’t want consumers to find out the truth about how simple it is to cure diabetes because such information would substantially reduce the sales of highly profitable drugs like Avandia. Diabetes has become a revenue-generating disease that profit-minded corporations use to sell people a lifetime of dangerous drugs that neither prevent nor cure the disease — they just leave patients in a state of drug dependence, trapped in a system of medicine that requires them to keep paying for dangerous prescription medications sold to Americans at FDA-enforced monopoly prices.

    And, with the global market (and fast food industry) — type 2 diabetes is creeping around the world as many other nations inch toward chemically induced obesity.


    And, unfortunately… it’s not just diabetes.  This is a trend that has been going on for a while now — covering a wide range of illnesses/treatments.  It is sad when ‘making a profit’ is more important than the desire to permanently cure a person of what ails them.


    Anyway, consider looking at the web pages


    Maybe send the email letter to your goverment rep —- maybe someone there has their head not so firmly implanted up their….. well, perhaps enough emails will make them at least take notice f the concern.    :-


    I hope this is an elaborate conspiracy but i have looked into myself, it sounds horrible. I am hoping that when i get pregnant i can eat as naturally as possible, but if this happens it looks like i might as well not eat at home at all, might as well eat at McDonalds everyday. It is sad when people focus on money more then peoples health and well being.


    Could you please explain to me how to cure diabetes? I have some friends who would really like this information.


    I’m afraid there isn’t anyone who truly knows this answer.  There is a lot of information out there about the necessary dietary changes however.  I urge them to do the research on their own.  After all, healing is done by the self, and thus it helps for them to do the research themselves also. 

    Also keep in mind if we say “do this and that” and then it doesn’t work, we could possibly be held liable, which wouldn’t be good.  No one here is a doctor.  There are some who are working on degrees in chinese medicine or other eastern arts, but they aren’t certified either.  Plus, the perspective of eastern medicine is different from western medicine. 

    Another point this brings up is – who is asking for the help?  Have they asked for your help?  If not, then you may be overstepping your bounds here.  It’s ok to offer help, but if the person doesn’t want help there’s nothing you can do.  If they do ask for help I would question why they aren’t doing the research themselves.  Healing has to come from within.  If they’re looking for someone to fix them, it’s not going to work either. 

    These are just some thoughts.  That last paragraph I learned the hard way :-) 


    Actually tit depends on which form of Diabetes we are talking about at this current moment Type 1 Diabetes aka Juvenille Onset Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that attacks a person’s pancrease and thus it’s ability to create insulin.  I believe there is a research program currently studying a way to use stem cells to regenerate the damaged pancreas.  If it works that would be wonderful.

    As for Type 2 diabetes – that is entirely a lifestyle created disease, where people are eating far too much junk and processed carbs and not getting enough exercise.  For most mainstream Americans who want to maintain their self-destructive lifestyles they opt to take the pharmaceuticals and do nothing else.  For someone who really wants a “cure” they need to change their lifestyle, get off their butts and exercise daily and learn how to eat properly.  The proper diet for humans is what is known as the “paleolithic diet” basically what our ancestors ate before humans got the brilliant idea to eat things that weren’t natural for us to eat.  DO a google search and you will bring up some interesting info on that.

    As for this codex I read a bit about it in one of my acupuncture newspapers and it was very different than what you are reporting.  Although it doesn’t go into great detail so I can ‘t say for certain, but here is a link to the article to read for yourselves.  http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=31552
    Rest assured that the acupuncture community will fight if the FDA wants to make things worse. :mara

    Kol Drake

    I just have a bit of a ‘beef’ with the FDA for trying to over police when un-necessary and under police when in the best interests of the Pharma giants.  I recall some FDA raids on alternative health food/suppliment stores in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Full ‘riot’ gear (flak jackets, helmuts, shields, and weapons brandished as they shutdown shops that were selling herbal suppliments and some CoQ enzymes which had been found to be beneficial to one’s health).

    Here’s another FDA whack operation…

    The FDA is now threatening cherry growers with raids to confiscate their cherries, haul them into court, and put them out of business for doing one simple thing that the FDA cannot stand to allow:  The distribution of scientific information describing the health benefits of cherries.

    On October 17, 2005, the FDA sent warning letters to 29 companies that market cherries.  In these letters, the FDA threatened these companies with legal action and told them they had to remove the scientific information on their websites that described the health benefits of the natural medicines found in cherries, such as the anthocyanins that reduce inflammation for arthritis sufferers.  According to the warped FDA logic that now seems to be standard, when cherry growers post scientific information about the health benefits of their cherries, they magically transform their cherries into drugs and therefore, as drugs, they must have FDA approval in order to sell them in the United States.

    Now, any normal, sane person would look at a cherry and say, “It’s just a cherry.”  It’s a natural fruit that people have been eating for as long as anyone can remember.  But the FDA, in light of the fact that people are now discovering that cherries are actually good medicine, looks at a cherry and says (paraphrasing), “No, it’s a drug, and you have to have our permission to market it, and if you continue to talk about the health benefits of cherries, we will use our power to put you out of business.”

    This event demonstrates perfectly well the sinister nature of the FDA, which clearly intends to restrict the spread of knowledge about cherries and thereby protect the profits of anti-inflammatory drugs that treat joint pain.  If Americans knew the true power of cherries to reduce inflammation, you see, the sales of anti-inflammatory drugs might plummet, and the criminal drug pushers who run organized medicine today can’t allow that to happen. Hence, censorship and oppression of scientific information are the tactics used to keep the American people ignorant and, therefore, controlled.

    Because it’s not just cherries that contain powerful medicine, you see.  It’s blueberries, garlic, cabbage, onions, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, aloe vera, almonds and a thousand other natural foods and medicinal herbs.  If the public understood the true healing power of these foods — and the powerful medicines they contain — conventional medicine and all its drug-pushing participants would suddenly be irrelevant and bankrupt.

    That’s what the drug pushers absolutely cannot allow to happen, and that’s why the American people must be kept ignorant at all costs, even if it means engaging in book burning, armed raids on alternative medicine clinics, and jackbooted censorship of simple truths that might empower people to take charge of their own health.  It is the most insidious use of power by any federal agency because its aim is ignorance, not education.  It seeks to isolate people from information that might save them in order to control them.

    Truthfully, the FDA has sold out to the giant Pharma companies when it comes to ‘our health’… since money is made by prolonging ailments rather than actually healing / curing.  People should be taking note of just how squirrley the FDA has gotten about this kind of stuff.


    Do you think you can post a link to some sites about this crap. I would like to see things that you might not have been able to post and post some myself of myspace and other sites. This stuff is rediculous, big companies are just picking on the little guys. You know FDA is going to win (unless the cherry growers get really good lawyers). That is what sickens me the most. How are they going to prove that they are drugs though? That is my biggest question. And don’t oriental stores across the country sell herbal remedies, is the FDA out to get them to for promoting their culture.
    America needs to learn to pick its battles and stop waisting time on BS like this. There are bigger issues that we could be putting time and effort into.


    To Jax:
    I am definitely not overstepping my boundaries, because the person, who wants to know is a patient of mine. I am a alternative practitioner ( thats the best word, because “Heilpraktiker” is an occupation you find only in Germany). I think it is my duty to search for new healing methods. So if someone seems to know something I don´t, I simply ask. :)


    And that’s perfectly fine.  My point is still important for everyone to consider.  If the person is not willing to be active in their own treatment, their healing will be limited.  I think we all end up researching things for people at one point or another.  But we have to keep in mind that they are the ones healing, and we can’t do it for them.  Which means, even if we research something and find it useful, they may not agree.  When that happens we can’t push, we have to allow them to make their choices. 

    But, hopefully they do listen.  :-)


    I agree with you. I avoid pushing people in a direction I consider “right” for them. That doesn’t work.
    I think we create our own reality. We create our illness and we have the power to create our health.
    It is my experience (and I created it! lol) that some people need to “grab” something to focus their intention. So I always search for new simple techniques to show them in the hope that it fits and will help them to concentrate on their healing. Massage and nutrition are examples of these techniques. They can help, but they don’t do the “healing”. That is a matter of consciousness.

    *** I like these smileys        :meditate  :ewokstand

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