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    I know that there are new sw games coming out for Wii in the fall from what I saw on starwars.com


    I’m with Jax.  X-Wing vs Tie Fighter was classic.  I’ve been trying to find similar space/dog fight type game but only found X3 which is fairly complicated without the manuals.

    JK I was better than II, but both were good in their own right.
    KOTOR was a decent game, I got most of the way through it I think.


    The Force Unleashed was pretty wicked fun.  But KOTOR is still my favorite, and the upcoming Old Republic MMO looks rather promising.


    the KOTOR games. I just love the way I get to tell my friends I’m the evil guy they thought they had defeated, then order the wookie to kill his best friend when she refuses to become my slave. Or have Visas and handmaiden fight over me, destroy 50 enemies with almost no force loss or force crush huge monsters. Suck fp and lp out of my enemies like nihilus. Tell Kreia she’s disposable and have her agree with me :D

    I played Jedi academy, it sucked big time. too easy, no story. Even xwing with a dodgy joystick was better.


    Lego Star Wars. ;D  My eight-year-old and I have a blast with it.

    I’m way behind the curve on video games.  We just bought the first game console I’ve owned since the Atari 2600.  Yeah, when Carter was president.  I did play through The Force Unleashed, thought it was OK, but wasn’t really motivated to run it again.  And I’m with Jax, I loved X-Wing for PC.

    Brandel Valico

    I’m a huge Kotor Junkie. Though I have still to ever play the Darkside path of either game.

    For the rest of the Kotor players here is a mod for TSL you guys may like. http://www.deadlystream.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=31
    There is a mod there that restores the stuff they had started to work on but never finished due to Lucasarts pushing the release date.

    It vastly improves the entire experiance of the game.

    Here is the list of the fixes

    * Cut-scenes tweaked
    * Added missing scripts
    * Added HK-47 to Ebon Hawk during post-Telos holovid scene
    * Fixes/restorations to T3’s dialog
    * Fixes to Kreia’s dialog
    * Fixes to conditional scripts in Bao-Dur’s dialog
    * Fixed spelling error in journal
    * Fixed Kreia’s skill lesson
    * Fixed HK-47’s infinite XP bug
    * Fixes to G0T0’s dialog
    * Fixes to Atton’s dialog
    * Fixed Bao-Dur’s infinite shields bug
    * Added/fixed checks for Revan’s gender in some dialogs
    * Fixed conditional scripts for Handmaiden
    * Fixes to Mira’s dialog
    * Fixed Kreia’s sightlesson break with less than 0 Comp/Repair skill
    * Fixes to Visas Marr’s dialog
    * Force Sight can now be learned only on Ebon Hawk
    * Added reward for doing Visas training
    * Fixed INF influence/DS exploit with HK’s question
    * Removed 2000 creds reward for de-stabalizing Dantooine
    * Modified a line to skip the “Medic” global being set to 1 if it’s already 2, disabling some additional options you got
    * Fixed an INF Influnce loss issue with the “New Strength” check
    * Fixes an issue with the Hanharr lesson not being re-accessable if not yet completed, or not accessable if you broke Hanharr
    * Added proper animations when training Disciple to Jedi

    * Added missing T1-N1’s VOs
    * Fixes to Batono’s quest
    * Fixes to Chano’s dialog
    * Fixes to Harra’s dialog
    * Fixes to Luxa’s dialog
    * Fixes to Mebla’s dialog
    * Fixed cantina’s scripts
    * Added missing LS-points gained scripts
    * Fixed Atris’ cut-scenes
    * Removed blank line from Moza’s dialog
    * Added script to heal Bao-Dur in Atris’ academy after freeing him from the cage
    * Fixed ability to use console with Slusk still alive
    * Fixed broken computer skill check in Exchane office
    * Added ability to go from detention cell camera to reception camera
    * Restored parts of greeter droid conversation in docks
    * Fixes to Hanmaidens dialogs in Telos’ Academy
    * Added missing skill checks
    * Fixed conversation about Batono with Chodo Habat
    * All options to ask about Ebon Hawk/Sojourn removed after returning to Telos
    * Fixes to Green’s dialog
    * Fixes to Samhan dialog
    * All force fields in Military base will now show a message about Bao-Dur

    * Added missing VOs for IT-31
    * Added triggers for Red Eclipse in all area entrances
    * Fixes to Geeda’s and Ondar’s dialogs
    * Visquis’ subtitles no longer missing
    * Fixes to Opo Chano content
    * Fixes to scripts
    * Fixes to Sasquesh’s dialog
    * Corrected DS-points gained scripts
    * Removed alien VO from lines that were supposed to be silent
    * Fixes to Adana’s quest
    * Fixed infinite XP issue
    * Fixes to Lassavou’s quest
    * Fixes to Pylon quest
    * Changed/corrected some camera angles
    * Fixed speeling errors
    * Added VOs for T3 on Goto’s Yacht
    * Fixed bug that would allow you to upgrade T3/HK infinite amount of time
    * HK-50s will no longer spawn if you send HK-47 to Goto’s Yacht (for both plot and balance reasons)
    * Sullustan and other quest-related NPCs are now removed from Jekk’Jekk Tarr when bounty hunters attacks you
    * Added heal script for party members when entering Goto’s Yacht
    * Added HK-influence-decrease script to speeder bike convo
    * Fixed lip-synchs in Atton’s convo with Twin Suns on Goto’s Yacht
    * Added missing Exile’s gender check

    * Fixed Mandalore’s missing VO bug

    * Fixed incorrect animations
    * Fixes to Terlyn’s dialog
    * Fixed infinite influence bug
    * Fixed decrease influence bug in Sakerie’s dialog
    * Fixed spelling errors
    * Corrected random NPC’s dialogs
    * Fixes complete silence during Hanharr’s introduction of the planet
    * Dead Kiph will no longer set traps
    * Random Vaklu soldier will no longer spawn near the palace entrance when you go to Kiph
    * Fixed cutscenes not triggering properly during battle of Onderon if you deactivated force fields via terminal when you’re allied with Vaklu

    * Fixed Battle of Khoonda trigger
    * Restored Militia NPC near Khoonda
    * Fixed bug that would allow you to fight Vrook to soon
    * Fixed problems with HK-50 encounter
    * Jorran will no longer try to sell you Jedi Artifacts after you bought them
    * Fixed missing Disciple issues
    * Fixed Bao-Dur’s lip synching
    * Fixed bug, wen you had to “click” to continue Kreia’s cutscene in Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
    * Fixed Zherron’s dialog
    * You can no longer recruit Jorran to Militia after the battle
    * Kreia now removes her hood on-screen
    * Some other changes in meeting with Jedi masters

    * Fixed journal entries

    * Some movies no longer play twice
    * Tweaked some cut-scenes
    * Fixed Sion’s dialog
    * Added Atton in the background when talking to Visas/Handmaiden
    * Fixed bug, when sometimes Sion would stop attacking Atton
    * Some Visas Marr and Handmaiden dialog options were removed from battle of telos/ravager parts, because they didn’t make any sense at the ending (like, asking Handmaiden about her name, or asking Visas to take you to her master)
    * You can no longer ask Kreia about the future of dead party members
    * Fixed Atton’s dialog at the ending if he loses his battle with Sion


    wow good topic =) Jedi Knight academy i love and am very good at don’t know why but being about to out match your enemy no matter what weapon they use or how good they are is a thrill. Next would be kotor 2 with kreia’s teachings it adds a cool twist and it has a very cool ending. Kotor 1 would be next do to it showing a much needed part of the story in my oppinion. Empire at war do to it allowing u 2 play around with AT-AT’s  ;D and being able to control diffrent units that show up alot in the books. And last and i sure hope not least lego 1 and 2 beat both of them more times then i can even count =) Can’t wait to try the new pc games and see what they come up with next. I don’t know if any one has thought this 2 but they really need to make a game involving the njo crew at least how they were at the start of it.


    I’m kind of fond of the Force Unleashed series too.  Okay, so one is out, the other coming soon.    Maybe that’s bias from having hung out with the cast for a bit.    It was great fun though, and some of the tech they developed for that game is cool.  I still crack up as the storm troopers grope for a hand-hold whilst I’m pummeling them with the Force.


    I used to really like Xwing vs TIE fighter, there was also  a great ROTJ Arcade game that I used to play all the time that really peeved my parental units( go to the bowling alley and here’s me hitting the arcade games) But Recently it was KOTOR, then Force unleashed… FU2 looks pretty sweet, and I am really excited for the old republic

    Kol Drake

    Think Force Unleashed II is due out pretty soon.

    I liked playing FU I…. even if I could only do it by dying ALOT and in medium mode.
    Tried in ‘hard’ mode and barely through the intro scenes!  :P

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