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    Tatsutsume and I are planning a Jedi gathering in the Houston area for late fall 2011.  Since there are people here who aren’t on my facebook list I wanted to put this out here to see how much interest there was.  I will be posting this at JRC before too long as well, but am building up more information first.  The current schedule is looking at either the last weekend in October or the first weekend (or second) of November.  I’m concerned about going too late since Thanksgiving is the 4th weekend.  And we’re looking late because it’s still quite hot here in September.  The fall weather, however, is beautiful when it finally hits.  

    Location is most likely going to be a bunkhouse at Lake Houston, http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/images/lakehoustonpark/campsiteinfo.pdf which isn’t too far outside of town and is on the same side of town as the international airport for anyone flying in.  

    There’s no commitment required at this time, so feel free to share any comments, questions, ideas, as well as your intention for attending (or not) :-)  Thanks!


    Jax I checked out the site for the proposed gathering and it looks pretty great, I wish I could attend But I will still be away. Best of Luck and I hope many attend.


    Sounds great!  And the bunkhouses look very inexpensive.  We might be able to get 2 or 3 people from Chicago to go.


    I was also pleased at the affordability of the bunkhouse.  It solves one problem of the Louisiana gathering which was that everyone was spread out so there wasn’t as much interaction.  As long as everyone respects others’ sleep needs (such as my wife) and keeps late night conversation outside we’ll be good to go.  ;-)

    It would be great to get a few down from Chicago since much of us have been unable to go up.  That’s part of the reason we’re doing this – many of the people down here can’t afford to travel that far.  Hopefully we’ll get in touch with the Cajuns and get some of them here as well.  :-)


    It really depends where my finances are at that point.  Not worried about once I’m there, but the getting there.  This time next year I’ll be beginning some transitions, but as long as I have money it shouldn’t be too bad of an issue…*crosses fingers*



    I am leaving on deployment for nine months starting in July, so unless something drastically changes, I can’t go. I wish I could, though.


    *sigh* Wish I could attend, but it’s a bit difficult to get there from Finland – and if not difficult, pretty darn expensive at least. One day I’ll get a job and save enough money so I can come to have fun with you guys. That might take some time though, but I’ll amuse myself by reading about your experiences. :) It’s great that you arrange gatherings.


    I checked “depends on dates and finances”.  I’m glad that we’re starting to plan now, though; lots of advance notice to save and plan. :ponder

    EDIT: Hmmm, $336 for a round-trip ticket… lol


    That’s the point :-) For those of you who are good at saving and planning this provides time to do so.  If anyone has a conflict (such as a wedding) just let me know.  Otherwise we’ll just end up picking a date.  :-)

    And don’t worry about not being able to attend, it’s ok.


    I would very much love to go on a Jedi Gathering, but unfortunately I don’t know what next year will held for me as I’m thinking about changing my job.
    Also it is likely that I’m going to Japan for a training holiday and so may lack of money.
    But I’m much interested and if there is any chance, it might be possible that I sign in later.

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