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    One of the key qualities of a Jedi is the ability to follow the best path for them.  Therefore, when a person finds their path leading elsewhere we should support them in their journey.  In the past month we have had multiple faculty members follow their path as it leads away from teaching.  Because of this I want to provide an update of where we are and what we plan to do going forward.

    First and foremost, this Institute is not going away.  Faculty members change over time.  This will always be true as the path of teacher is not an easy one to fit into an already busy life.  As you all know, finding the time to train is a challenge in itself.  This is why there are many knowledgeable people in the Jedi community, but fewer teachers.  However, the Academy’s self-paced workbook format allows us to make adjustments as needed.  Those who are currently taking courses previously taught by Kol, Stormey, or Tercenya will continue training, with various members filling in.  At the same time I am looking at people who may be a good fit for teaching here so we can fill in some of our gaps.  The current faculty roster tentatively stands as:

    Andy – Teaching Situational Awareness 101, Writing Warrior 102
    Angelus – Writing Jedi Studies 101
    Aslyn – Writing Creed 101
    Icarus – Teaching Force 101, Writing Force 102
    Inari – Teaching Warrior 101
    Jax – Teaching Personal 101, Writing Personal 102
    Phoenix – Assisting Force 101, Teaching Communication
    Zen-ryo Senshi – Meditation 101

    In addition to these changes, we’re going to roll out some new features to encourage more participation and build a greater sense of community.  Our goals include:
    1. Twice monthly chats in the chat room (first of which occurs in a few days)
    2. Featured library article to discuss (remember the library? lol)
    3. Discussion prompts to keep things moving
    4. Astral projection study group (this February)

    You’ll see many of these rolling out this week.  We hope this helps you focus on your path and creates an environment that makes you want to stop by more often and participate. :yoda

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.   :meditate


    First of all, thanks for pointing that out to us.

    I’m still working on my Force 101 stuff, so Icarus would be the “new” one to speak to if I run into any difficulties!?

    As for the other stuff, would it be possible to change the times for the chat every second chat? So that we get one in the evening and one in the morning? What I mean with that is, that my timezone is (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien and because of that it is a bit hard/difficult for me to attend a chat scheduled in the evening for American timezones.

    For the astral projection study group I bought allready the book and it is in English, as I wasn’t able to get it in German.  :ponder But that is fine as well, as it would help to improve my English!  ;)


    Yes, Icarus will be the person you speak with.

    Yes, we’ll plan other times for chats so those with different schedules have a chance at making it.  Incorporating different time zones is a challenge, but it’s easier when I know what time zones to consider when planning. Thank you for the suggestion.


    Zen-ryo has agreed to join the faculty as the meditation instructor.  We have others considering teaching and developing material.  As always, whatever happens we will go with. :-)


    Is there an instructor for introductory course?    I decided to put myself through it, in preparation for other courses.    Been feeling the need to get back to basics lately.    Anyway, not sure if I was supposed to post anything in relation to that course, but I found the results of the intuitive type profiling interesting and blogged about it.


    The intro course is required before doing other courses, so yes, you need to submit responses to the assignments.  The intro course is covered in general by the whole of the faculty, but in practice is covered by myself and Phoenix with occasional input from others. If you want a particular person’s feedback, feel free to ask them directly. :-)


    Cool beans.  Well my first one is up, though its a bit premature.  The lesson says to post after the meditation, so i’ll be putting something up either tonight or tomorrow about that piece…. gotta meditate first.  :)

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