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    From Neale Donald Walsch

          Now, let’s take another peek into that new book, coming out in a few weeks. Here’s another excerpt…

          = = = = = = = = = = = = =

          Let’s look at two of the Three Brands of Truth: Apparent Truth and Imagined Truth. It’s important that we do, because this is the key to everything.

          Most people live in their Imagined Truth when things change, having been held down there by their past. This Imagined Truth births a thought, out of which arises an emotion, which produces an experience—which seems to them to be reality. As it turns out, it is a Distorted Reality.

          This gets us back to where you might be right now.

          Because of what has just happened to you, this huge change that has been visited upon you that is not something you would have chosen, that is something that just came down out of the blue, out of thin air, you’re angry, or sad, or frustrated, or disappointed, or disillusioned, or “all of the above”… all because you are afraid. And you are afraid…all because you are in love. You’re in love with yourself (even though you don’t think you are) and you’re in love with life (even though you say you hate it right now).

          You’re afraid of trading in a past that you knew for a future you do not. Afraid of what might happen. Afraid of how things could be. And afraid that you may never find this kind of situation again (this kind of job, this kind of person, this kind of home); that you may never have this kind of experience again.

          Well, you may never find this kind of situation again—but you may very well have this kind of experience again. (For instance, you may never be with the same mate again, but you may very well have the same experience—the experience of joy and happiness—with another mate. It all depends on what you buy into: your Imagined Truth or the Apparent Truth.)

          Remember that the experience of happiness has nothing to do with a given situation. This is hard to accept because we are absolutely certain that it does. Yet there is no connection between exterior events and interior experiences, except in your head.

          Your capacity to know joy is not connected to this one person or to that place of employment, for instance. You just think that it is. The Apparent Truth and the Imagined Truth are not identical. Ever.


          Events do not have meanings. Events are events, and meanings are thoughts. Nothing has any meaning save the meaning you give it. And the meaning you give to things does not derive from any event, circumstance, condition or situation exterior to yourself. The Giving of Meaning is entirely an internal process.


          (More in upcoming weeks, as we print other excerpts from When Everything Changes, Change Everything. Note: This book may be pre-ordered from Amazon.com. It is scheduled for publication in May.)

    Love and Hugs,



    Thanks for posting that Jax :)  I loved the Conversations with God series, and Communion with God.

    It’s amazing, because I’ve never read a word out of any of Walsch’s books that I disagreed with or had a different perspective on.  It all just sort of makes sense, in a world that seems to make less and less sense.  It’s refreshing.


    I agree, though there are times when I needed to keep reading to understand what he meant.  Though, my very first time through CWG 1 I stopped almost at the end and didn’t pick it back up for about 2 years or so.  I have no idea what it was that didn’t sit right, I just wasn’t ready for it.  Then I was asked to read a book from my aunt about a chaplain among the first to go into Iraq.  She’s very born again with some weird views – no one in the family really understands it.  lol  In any case, there were some things I didn’t understand, miracles and such that I wasn’t going to just discount.  I realized the only place I had found truth was in the Conversations with God books.  So that’s where I went.  I started reading them with great fervor, getting through them all within months.  I guess I just needed the timing to be right before I could start that journey.  :-)


    See I was kind of the opposite.  I was hooked from the very first page.  There were even moments when I cried because things that I had long wondered about were mentioned in the books as if they were written for me.  I tried to get my parents interested, but around the same time they were becoming born-again Christians (so I can relate, Jax).


    Don’t get be wrong, I was hooked.  There was literally just one thing that pissed me off or something.  But I couldn’t even guess at what that was now.  I tried to go back and find it and couldn’t.  So whatever it was, it was a temporary thing to give me time to be ready for all the growth yet to come.  :-)


    Thanks for sharing this Jax.  Its interesting how you really do read what you need, right when you need it.  The ‘burning bush’ is what I call it.  My problem is that I have lived for so long is this Imagined Truth that it has clouded and greatly distorted my Apparent truth.  I’ve been chasing the imagined truth, thinking it is my real truth, against all the signs I was getting that it was imagined!

    Some interesting things to continue contempltaing…

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