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    Hello To All!

    First and foremost I would like to let you know where I stand in my studies. This my first post outside of my course zone. I am still immersed in the intro course, but nearing the end. This has been a wonderful experience, and brought me to place where I have been able to reconnect to a daily meditation practice. I have periodically meditated throughout my life, but recently my focus has increased beyond what I have done before.

    I wanted to to share a meditation experience that I had today. Today I woke up a bit later than I meant to before work. I didn’t have quite enough time to settle into a proper meditative state. Instead, as I am completing my first personal learning plan, I decided to read a few pages from a book that I am going to write about in the future to complete my educational hours. Anyways…my day went on and I was about to break for lunch when I spoke to my co-worker and the topic of meditation came up. We spoke briefly about the topic, I expressed to her I have been practicing lately, and then she asked if I wanted to try a meditation that she had done in the past. Of course I said yes. She then told me it was a group meditation that she had done while she was in Bali, as well as explained to me that the experience was so intense that she has been weary of revisiting the meditation without guidance. I welcomed the opportunity after missing my morning practice. It was one of those times where it seemed the stars aligned to bring that exact moment into existence.

    This particular form of meditation was something that I have never come across before. The technique was intense forceful breaths for a long period of time, paired with human contact. Between these series of breathing inhale and exhalations, the instruction was a focus on each chakra, paired with breath holds and releases. I felt a sensation first in my hands, then through other parts of my body as the meditation progressed. Simply, I have never felt those sensation before. It was a tingly energetic feeling that eventually into my face as the focus of the meditation rose to the higher chakras. After going through each chakra and intense breathing sequence the meditation changed to a calming phase where we were instructed to breath naturally. It was at this time that I reached a state that I have never felt before. Although words can not explain, it was a blissful state that started with a smile and slight laughter, then proceeded to a place with a warm light that opened itself in front of me. I was conscious, but was able to stay in this somewhat dream state and roam around the universe. This state did not end until I wanted it to, and still carried on a bit as I opened my eyes. All that I can say is that it was the most intense meditation experience I have ever been a part of, and I highly recommend it.

    All this being said, it happened in the middle of my work day at the least expected moment….this has been very educational to me and my practice.

    Although I think you have to buy or rent the meditation, here is the link that will give you all the info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dc2baNdBVU.

    I may be able to send it along via WeTransfer, so reach out to me and I can try!

    I hope this can bring you to the same place that I went! If you have any questions please post them.

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