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    Good Evening/Morning everyone! 

    I’ve seen that there are a few topcs o energy work, but I figured I’d open a new one with some different angles of questioning.

    As part of my personal plan for my training, I have been making an effort to focus on exploring another tangent of the Force and Force Training through ‘energy work’.  In my studies I have become acquainted with a few, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, etc. With them being so chock-full of tradition and lore, and it is hard to chose one to practice.  I do my best to remain open to all the different cultures’ versions of it all.  I have practiced Stoic contemplations,had a few expieriences with Reiki that have left me puzzled; I have had practice with Sanskrit mantras for a while and have found that even Zen has energy work subtley woven in its practice.  But now I am looking to deepen and develop this aspect of my practice.  I yearn to feel the Force in it’s pleroma, it’s Fullness and it’s Emptiness.  Maybe I can post this to everyone and see if we get something out of it…
    1.  Does anyone here have some sort of energy work that they practice?
    3.  Any opinions on how they work?  (I have found that one can explain this in terms of the Force, or it’s respective tradition.)
    4.  Any recomendations?  Critiques? Warnings?
    4.  How does/could your skill(s) benefit the Academy/Order?

    Certainly the discussion is not limited to these narrow topics, I just offer these as starting points out of my own curiosity.  I hope this can  bring a little bit more awareness to this aspect of training.  May the Force be with us all.

    J. K. B.


    When I remember, I find qigong to be an excellent, simple, but powerful practice free of dogma in many instances.  The movements are simple, especially when you don’t realize all the details, unlike tai chi which is a sequence of moves to be remembered in order.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to transfer a morning and evening qigong tape to dvd.  It’s out of print, so I don’t think it’s too big of deal to make it available.  I find their routine very interesting.

    If you give me a few days to work on this I can expand more.  I have been meaning to get back into more qigong.  Right now I have a short evening activity that involves 2 yoga exercises and 2 qigong which help the energy flow through my hips and back areas.  But I’m so exhausted right now I don’t think I can answer any more clearly at this moment. 

    Welcome back by the way. ;-)


    I practice a few different modalities of energy work.

    Firstly, I have been trained (to an extent) in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and Shiatsu. During my studies I learned some qigong healing (not as much as I would have liked unfortunately), and I have studied Tai Chi and also martial arts, some of my instructors there have explained things from an energetic perspective as well. Principally I work then from an Eastern energetic model as that is my experience.

    I can understand your difficulty in finding a modality to practice. I personally like Tai Chi and Qigong firstly because they have a basis in Taoism, which is a philosophy that is very similar to how I always thought the world worked and hence comes easily and naturally to me. I also like to work with my hands, hence I’ve specialised in energy work that requires tactile contact. I also do massage and basically incorporate some qigong healing straight into all massages whether the client knows it or not, at its most simple it can be used to feel and even out areas of low and high energy. There’s nothing fancy involved with detecting these, just practice. After a while your hands get more sensitive. When practicing Tai Chi, I find that my energy moves with my feet and hands, originating from the hara/dan tien/ lower abdomen area. It does something similar in qigong, which I do practice occasionally, not as often as I should.

    I have actively avoided Reiki, though I’ve had the first attunement. Part of the reason I have avoided it is that after qigong it seems more complicated to me than it needs to be, and also it seems that everyone and their dog is Reiki master these days. This doesn’t mean that it might not be suitable for you.

    If you are looking for an energy practice to learn, I have a suggestion. Rather than trying to explore lots of different modalities and perhaps getting yourself confused, I’d suggest doing some research and finding a method that works well for you, that you find interesting personally. Every culture has got their own ways of doing this, and while I think it is good to understand many methods personally, I say so with the priviso that it would be good to have a solid understanding of at least one modality before you get too far into the many, as it really will help you understand other modalities better.

    If  you are looking for healing style energy work, I suggest the following:
    1) If you like Western asian traditions, I recommend qigong over Reiki.
    2) If you like the sanskrit mantras, you mind find that you would like Polarity therapy…this is based on the chakra system.
    3) If you are a Christian or are devout in a religion, you could try prayer and the laying on of hands, calling upon God to work through you.
    4) If you are an active person, I would suggest moving qigoing, Tai Chi, or a martial art where the instructor teaches the spiritual as well as the physical aspects (good luck finding that one). 

    Kol Drake

    If you are looking for basic / introductory level energy practices, I’s suggest looking at the archived posts from psipog.net for some work at working with energy and the book/material at astraldynamics.com for Robert Bruce’s material.

    Magdelene Nashira

    I haven’t really started looking into the energy work much because I decided that it is more important to first develop a stronger sense of self-discipline and morality before getting into anything that would increase my power.

    Kol Drake

    Why I mentioned Robert Bruce’s “Astral Dynamics” book/web.  He is a strong advocate of the whole self-discipline, centering, subtle energy sensing, meditation aspect…. which one really needs before going deeper into full blown energy work/manipulation.

    As noted, there are some martial arts instructors who go beyond ‘kick and punch’ and will teach / work with the energy flow concepts.  Some more then others. 

    Will be interested in how your studies / practices go.

    Kol Drake

    The most important point to emphasize is… pick something and then practice practice practice.
    Over time, you can then move to other forms of energy sensing/movement/meditation and analysis… but, to start, pick something and start.  A ‘lesson’ given to me more then a handful of years ago and one I am still working on.

    Personally, I know of someone who studied energy in as many forms as possible… reiki, accupuncture, magic (in various forms), body energy, native ritual practices from various cultures.  While all use ‘energy’, some tap different forms of it then others.  He personally used Qi Gong as his form of physical practice as well as energetic body energy movement… as he also practiced the unarmed and weaponed versions of Qi Gong.

    Again… pick one thing and work at it for a year. 
    Once you have given it that time with daily practice… then if you wish to expand on ‘the basics’ or shift to a different practice, then go forward.  The big thing is … DAILY PRACTICE.  :meditate

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