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    I’m watching this movie right now.  I think I need to read the book.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when there is a good spiritual lesson in something easy to access.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there are great lessons on meditation and living life.  What I like especially is that there’s no need to go to any of these places to learn what she learned.  “The meditation room is in you.” 

    Has anyone else watched this movie?  I guess I find myself interested in other people’s spiritual journeys, especially those which lead them to live a more authentic life – to be in alignment with their true self.  I didn’t expect this movie to be so interesting. :-)


    I saw it and really enjoyed the movie as well.  Although, can’t say anything in particular really impacted me, but I’d have to go back through and re-watch it ;D


    It wasn’t necessarily anything in particular, though the whole scene with Richard from Texas after a frustrating day in the meditation room spoke volumes.  But it seems to be the whole journey – that even after being all those places she still freaked out when faced with something good in her life.  There’s always another challenge before us, and sometimes we have to just take a leap and cross over to face our fears. 

    It doesn’t hurt that it’s Julia Roberts who is just amazing.  :-)


    I’ve watched it, and according to my sister, the book brings in alot more, to minimize the disjointed feeling when it suddenly jumps from one place to the next. It might be worth checking out the book, but for now, the movie was a good one to watch.


    I read the book, but didn’t see the movie.  I found at least entertaining on a deeper level than most books, but not all that enlightening.  Just a good read :)

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