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    Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
    By Daniel Pink

    The three new drives for motivating people: autonomy, purpose, and mastery

    Autonomy — Our desire to be self directed. It increases engagement over compliance.

    Mastery — The urge to get better skills.

    Purpose — The desire to do something that has meaning and is important. Businesses that only focus on profits without valuing purpose will end up with poor customer service and unhappy employees

    Drive replaces the “carrot on a stick” reward based manipulative motivational tools with three internally personal desires: autonomy, purpose and mastery, which I feel are the three reasons to become a Jedi and to do the training here at IJRS.

    We all want to be Masters at what we do. Someday we might get to be a Jedi Master or Grand Master or just to be good at something in our own lives. :yoda
    I use my desire to be a Jedi as my purpose in my life. I have purpose because “I am a Jedi”. I am here to do the best that I can in this world. :obiwan
    And we all want to be free. Most people that I know earn for autonomy and agency in their lives . :fight

    This book does a wonderful job of describing the traditional methods that we used to inspire people to get work done. And suggests how these three new methods might work better for people, now. The traditional methods worked then and now we need new ones.

    I feel that the concept of a Jedi inherently has these three drives embedded in the word: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

    The book describes how to shift motivation from traditional external motivation of fear, money and rewards :maul to intrinsic, internal motivation :jedi

    I wonder if implementing these into the training here might help people to motivate themselves to continue and complete the training? We could remind people that they are here for themselves, and to find or fulfill there own purpose in life. IJRS help people to become masters in their own lives.

    I feel that this book goes well with: Mindset and Extraordinary Minds

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