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    Growing up, what was your dream job?  Has that changed as you became an adult?  Why?

    I’m just randomly curious.  I have the opportunity to apply for my dream job, one that I had given up on a few years back.  It involves a move to an even hotter and more humid city (which is impressive in itself!) and thus leaving Austin, which we very much enjoy.  But, if it’s meant to be, I have to trust that I’ll learn many things about myself and life from this move.  Assuming I get the job.  ;-)

    So, let’s have a little fun and remember our dreams.  I’ll be more specific about mine after a bit of discussion.  :-)


    More hot and humid than Austin?  Is this job in the Congo?  LOL…  (Best of luck – I so hope you are offered it!)

    My Dream Job as a little girl would have been as a ballet dancer (or making the dresses/costumes).  I took dance from 5 – 19 and I loved it but knew it was not a job for me.

    Then I wanted to be a journalist.  I thought the life would be exciting and a little glamorous without being to “salon”.  Well – I was editor of my high school newspaper, and then sent around the country to attend Youth Journalism conferences (I spent a week at Columbia University in Manhattan when I was 15 – the things they let you do back then…LOL!). 

    In college I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I do not like to pry – and I also saw how “corporate” and political the job usually was.

    I’ve had a dream of opening a pilot shop in Alaska for quite a few years.  It’s getting closer…lol…  I’m sort of living my Dream Job – but I would prefer it cold than warm.

    Our focus I guess really does determine our reality?

    ****My dream vacation would be to be allowed to live in the stacks of museums for a month or so from around the world – and roam out in the city where they were at dawn and dusk…LOLOL!!!


    Ooooh, fun topic!!

    I started out wanting to be a some that studied volcanoes, then it moved to being a tornado chaser, then to an architect which that one stuck for a bit. After a few years of that my friend and I wanted to both enroll in the FBI to be the President’s Body Guards. That one actually stayed for a loooong time. Once I hit about 9th grade something in me switched to wanting to by a Physical Education Teacher which lasted about a year. Once music became a big part of my life in tenth grade there was no looking back on being a music teacher.

    In college we actually had to do a writing on our dream teaching position. Mine was being in a small rural school that was close to a city. I loved teaching all grades but that isn’t common so I said I wanted high school though I would have loved to teach beginner band through high school as I love all ages. I also wanted to go into a program that was devastated so that I could rebuild it, plus I didn’t want to be the guy that followed someone everyone loved..lol. Well, it took me 3 years but I actually landed that dream position. I am working in a very rural town in Northern Maine. Don’t have access to a city but we’re a few hours away from Bangor and only a short drive to Presque Isle..lol. I am in a very small school, a little smaller then I was imagining but that’s okay. Last but not least the program was in shambles. My first day here I had 6 kids in Jr. High Band and 6 kids in Sr. High Band. The last teacher was here for 4 years and just destroyed the kids, had a temper, couldn’t teach, what he did teach was usually wrong, and picked terrible music. It was about as bad as it could get, having no music program to start with would have been better..lol. Anyway, I had a dream job and was fortunate enough with a lot of patience and frustrations along with a few breakdowns to actually land the job….lol


    OK, growing up…

    As a very small child, I wanted to be a soldier and then be a doctor, all the while being a Jedi. :P

    Then, as a preteen, I wanted to be a drummer for a rock band and then be a doctor (and a Jedi) :P .

    I wanted to be Batman somewhere in here too. :rofl:

    As a teenager, I wanted to be a criminal psychiatrist….doctor thingy.

    As an adult, I just wanted to be a good person and cause positive change in the world.

    I think that somewhere along the way I lost the ability to see “dream jobs.” To me, it only matters that I exist. Now, I would love to teach Sociology at the college/university level, but if that doesn’t happen, I don’t care. I figure I am right where the Force needs me to be at this moment. :)

    Jax, I guess you may be talking about Johnson….if so……HELL YEAH!!!


    Basically.  United Space Alliance is the operations contrator for NASA.  Basically, whatever NASA did 20 years ago went to USA, including astronaut training, mission preparation, and mission control.  I’ll talk about this whole concept after work, as I finally have soils to play with.  lol  But I think it’s important to take a look at our dreams, and why we gave up on them, if we have.  I don’t think all dreams need to be kept around, but the reasons for leaving them behind should be sound, rather than being tossed out due to insecurity. ;-)


    When I was little I wanted to be a starpilot, or an archaeologist, but now I think my “dream job” would be mendicant.


    wow those are some interesting dream jobs…especially yours Icarus :rofl:

    Anyways for me I have wanted to be everything….
    I wanted to get into politics and be a senator, then a lawyer

    then I grew older and wanted to be a firefighter(no clue why)

    then and now I want to be either a history teacher, a nurse, a chiropractor, or a cardio thoracic surgeon….lol think they have a “I want to be everything in 5 years” college.

    So really growing up I had no “dream job” I just wanted to be everything to everyone…Now I’m beginning to work on myself, because what help would I be to ANYone if I haven’t fixed myself first?

    Maybe in a year or two I’ll have figured it out and I’ll post my “dream” job….

    of course I want to be a jedi too :saber




    I wanted to be a Vet for quite a long time, up until I finished high school actually then discovered the only vet programs were interstate and too expensive for me. Drat. I also wanted to be a writer, this one is still doable as I still want to write.

    During the Uni years, I wanted to work in I.T. (hence why I studied it) and once I was working in it I wanted to do something else. More specifically, I wanted to work with people more, learn more about myself and the universe, and travel. Right now I’m fulfilling at least some of that aim, bar the travel, but my ‘dream job’ goals are changing again…

    Do you remember that song based on ‘Everybody’s Free’ that had a chap talking in it and giving advice? He said something like ‘Don’t worry if, at 22, you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Some of the most interesting people I know didn’t know, at 22, what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the MOST interesting 40 year olds still don’t’.

    I think that the whole concept of a ‘dream job’ changes over the years to reflect ones own changes. Now I’m thinking that further training in shamanistic healing practices (Four Winds society), writing and travelling the world teaching and lecturing looks pretty good. For now.  ;D


    Ok, I’m going to take a few minutes before getting to work to share my perspective on this situation and why I brought it up.  Growing up I was very interested in the space program.  I still have a picture album that includes the radio transmissions of the first space shuttle launch interspersed with very cheesy music for the long periods of radio silence. (for you youngins, those are big flat disks that played music before the days of tapes and cds lol)  If I see a book or video about space I’m all over it.  When I looked at colleges initially I did it with the focus of how I could get into NASA later.  Well, in time that fell by the wayside as other things popped into my life. 

    In grad school I worked on a project that involved NASA, and got to visit Marshall Space Flight Center for a week.  However, that’s not really different from research anywhere and wasn’t what I was looking for.  Also, during the past few years my wife developed serious health problems, which are taken care of thanks to the city of Austin’s medical assistance program.  Therefore, I didn’t see how we could afford to move anywhere else and continue the care she needs.  So when I went to the career fair and saw the United Space Alliance I didn’t give it much thought because they are located in Houston.  I decided to find something in a field that would be good enough for now in Austin.

    Fast forward to a few months later.  I’ve applied multiple times to the only place for a physicist that doesn’t want to work on making computer chips or other nano technology, but didn’t get very far.  I found a job in a completely unrelated field and quickly realized I could go nowhere in this company.  I finally realized I had to look elsewhere.  Austin is awesome, but not worth barely scraping by indefinitely.  A week or so ago I learned the career fair is coming up again on February 6th.  I decided I would attend to meet with the lab I applied to in Austin.  But then I remembered the USA and decided it was time to dream again.  It took a few days of driving my wife absolutely insane with deciding whether to try.  Neither of us wants to move to Houston.  Then again, we’ve lived many less than ideal places and have found something to love in every place we’ve gone.  Things always work out.  So I faced my fears.  I contacted HR to clarify the application process, contacted employees on facebook and learned that not only are these jobs absolutely amazing, but I am absolutely qualified and able to do these jobs.  Through education and daring to rekindle my earliest dream I am now within reach of it, and very excited.  I don’t expect a call until friday at the earliest, and am hoping to schedule an interview for the career fair to save a drive to Houston until the facilities tour.  At this point I’ve applied for astronaut training (the training of the astronauts that is) and mission operations.  So we’ll see what happens.

    The thing that was funny is that I lost this dream for no real reason.  I just decided I couldn’t move to Houston.  While I have good reasons for that decision, it was also a bit arbitrary.  But now, for the first time in my job hunt I’m truly excited.  I don’t remember ever being this thrilled to apply to a position.  Right now, life is about finding joy in everything, including work.  I have faith this will work out because it feels very right. 

    My question for everyone is simply, have you given up on your dreams?  Have you even allowed yourself to dream?  Have you given up on a dream due to changing interests or due to reasons that seem logical but really are arbitrary?  If you have, find them again.  What makes your heart sing?  When we do what we love, success follows.  Doing something just to pay the bills is the old way of doing things and it doesn’t work when trying to be a more whole and balanced person.  I hope everyone can get in touch with their dreams and reach for them, even when that dream is incredibly intimidating.  Who knows, maybe with more research you will discover that it isn’t so far away after all!

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