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    Hi everyone, since we are not holding a chat for Chapter 2 (consciousness, the way out of pain), we can discuss it here :)

    Discussion question (just for a start, feel free to take it where you like):
    How do the idea’s expressed in this chapter play into your Jedi training, including the ‘pain body’, ‘suffering’, ‘resisting the present moment’ and the relationship between resisting the present moment and mind activity? Where in your training could they be used? Where in the course material would they be useful to implement if they are not already?

    Do you find that any of the idea’s in this chapter conflict with what you have learned, and how so? Anything that challenges you personally? (you can express that if you want, but don’t have to)

    What do you find most appealing in this chapter, and how does it effect your life situation?

    Please feel free to ask any of your own questions!!!


    lol, this is a huge question, but a good one! As an added bonus, if the writing works out, I’m willing to add responses to the library. We might want to wait a bit for the 3rd chapter and spend time with these questions. We’ll get more out of it having answered them initially, and we can revisit these questions at the end of the book. Actually, that’s probably the better time to submit things to the library, but we’ll see. :-)


    Sounds good :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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