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    Knowing how beneficial writing can be I’ve decided to start writing my own training journal. I’ll be writing here occassionally about my path and experiences.

    Current situation

    I’ve completed Intro, Communication 101 and Personal 101. Currently I’m studying Meditation 101 and Force 101. Every course I’ve taken here has taught me a lot about myself and the Jedi way.

    Right now I’m engaged to a wonderful man, living together with him. He understands and supports me and sometimes even lets me try these “weird” things to him. I have no profession yet but my major dream is to become a psychologist. This month I’m continuing high school in order to get to the university. I have a long past with depression and still suffer from it occassionally. My goal is to get rid of it permanently and live a satisfying and balanced life. I’m overweight, have been my whole life, and now I’m trying to lose all this extra weight since it’s important if I wish to live a healthy life. Having spent a lot of time in therapy I know myself rather well which has helped me a lot during my journey. Oh, and probably not a big surprise, I’m a huge Star Wars fan! So what if I know the lines too well?.. 😆

    I have experience with meditating, hands-on healing (Reiki 1 initiated), tarot reading, magick and energy work, to mention a few. Whether I’m good at these things is another question entirely, lol! I have a wonderful spirit guide with whom I’ve had long insightful conversations with. I’ve been a Jedi Realist since 2004 if I remember correctly. My progression here at the Academy has been slow but most of my training has taken place in real life, and now I’m at the point where it’s time to continue my Academy studies.

    The future

    Why am I here? Self-development has been important to me as long as I can remember and I take it very seriously. The Academy offers me so much things to learn, not to mention that I find the concept of Jedi appealing. Jedi Realism has changed my life – I found it when I was a depressed teenager. Over the years I’ve become a new person.

    Little by little I introduce new things to my life: regular meditation, energy work, working out and studying being examples of this. My closest goal is to maintain good psychic health in order to get through high school. Luckily I can affect my studies a lot, so I can take as many or as little courses as I wish at a time. This will leave enough free time for other activities as well as taking care of myself.

    The Force has fascinated me very long. I long to get to know it better: to sense it and to manipulate it successfully. Also I strive for learning more important aspects of the Jedi Way and incorporating them in my daily life. I notice how everything I’ve learnt manifests in my life in a way or another, and that makes me proud of myself and happy. :)

    I look forward to interacting with members of this forum! There’s a lot to be learnt from others, and before I haven’t been active in the forums, preferring studying by myself. From now on I try to be more active – it would be great to get more Jedi contacts. Right now pretty much the only person I’ve talked with through all these years is Jax who has my eternal gratitude and appreciation. Without her I wouldn’t be here, she has given me plenty of tools to improve myself and my life. Thank you, truly.


    Reiki, Reiki, Reiki

    Something, I’m not sure what, got me thinking about Reiki again. It’s been a long time since I got Reiki 1 attunement and a booster, and here I was thinking about starting to practice it again. I read from Wikipedia that Reiki doesn’t work, and got rather pissed off and depressed because of that – why bother if there’s no benefit? After contemplating it a while I made up my mind about that. Not everything can be trusted to be explained with scientific measuring. Heck, if I can feel the energy it has to be there, and if thousands of other people feel it too there’s got to be something to it.

    So, utilizing Facebook: I posted a little advertisement offering free Reiki to my acquintances if they felt like they’d like to try hands-on healing treatment. Considering how tiny my “circle” is the amount of responses has been surprising. Five people are willing to be my practice material, which is awesome! I can always count on my family, for my boyfriend, Mother and sister all replied :P

    Today I did a quickie treatment to myself and was amazed how good it felt. It sure has been a long time. From my point of view the treatment has been successful if anything positive is to be said about it, whether it be feeling more relaxed, calm and energized afterwards or pains disappearing or feeling energy or whatever. :) Going through the positions again did good to my memory. When one doesn’t have to worry about remembering the correct positions healing becomes so much more easier and pleasant.

    Yesterday I went through my chakras cleaning them. It felt nice, getting all that blocked energy going again. It left me feeling lighter than before treating myself.

    For Force 101 I’ve chosen to research Tao. I borrowed a couple of books, including a beautifully illustrated Tao-Te-Ching. Not so surprisingly Tao is something that’s hard to put a finger on – I have to look at bigger outlines, for in many places I hear how Tao cannot be fully determined. Back to the books, that is!


    Excellent! Practice seems to make the difference between people who get that first attunement only and those who continue the training.


    Yesterday I did a reiki treatment to myself – and experimental one, for I didn’t use hands at all. Getting reiki to flow is easy, and simply by concentrating on different parts of my body felt as strongly as with hands on. I’m glad of the results, for if my hands get tired I can still continue the treatment. I know it takes a while to find good positions so that the body is in a natural position, thus not stressing it too much. All in all it felt awesome and after the treatment I was so full of energy I had to cut my connection and ground myself afterwards. That helped a lot, since all the necessary energy stays and does its work in me, but all the extra goes away.

    I’ve still had weird dreams even though I shield myself twice a day and when going to bed I build a shield around our beds, so that my boyfriend could get peaceful sleep as well. Practice makes perfect though, so I’ll keep improving myself and my skills, for that is what I love to do. :)

    Kol Drake

    Over in Esoterics (might have to go a page or three into it) we had a fairly lengthy discussion on shields and shielding about a year or so ago. In it many different methods are tossed out.

    As for shielding for ‘bedtime’ — you can construct a shield that basically sticks to the walls of the room… so no need for a ‘circle’ or ball but just make it a box. Or put one up around the entire home and yard. Just depends on what you want to do.

    If you are having issues where you feel you need to ‘re-shield’ twice a day — it might not be your shield as much as being able to release whatever energy you are taking in or generating yourself. Or — you have way too many people ‘connecting’ to you unconsciously and you need to cut/burn/tear/vaporize some threads.

    Anyway… check out the shield thread…. worth the time.


    I’ve checked it out and found some useful advice there. Basically I shield myself twice a day just for practice, I don’t actually have any need for it. Having worked with magick I’ve done plenty of those ball shaped shields, but now I’ve done exactly as you suggested – it’s easier to just shield the whole room by making the shield box-shaped. When I still lived in my old home I used to cleanse the space once a year and then put up strong shields there, and then just sometimes mentally strengthening them. I could do the same here, but make sure they stay up a bit more often than back then.

    So, what was I actually supposed to write here? Ah, yes. I redid the intuition test from Intro course workbook in order to see if things have changed over the years, and obviously they have. Back then I had strong emotional, mental and physical intuitions but weak spiritual one. Today the result was:

    37 physical intuitive
    38 emotional intuitive
    45 mental intuitive
    33 spiritual intuitive.

    It appears the numbers are now a lot more balanced even though there’s a peak in mental side – last time I tested I had a slightly bigger number in emotional intuitive than in the others. Actually I’m glad to see the change since balance is an important thing to me – it’s great that I’ve developed in the spiritual area. Finding my spirit guide definitely helped this process.

    And talking about spirit guides, I had a talk with Nexus, my guide. He adviced me to use every tool possible in order to bring a permanent change in my life in terms of IJRS training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m friends with goddess Nepthys from the Egyptian pantheon, perhaps you could say she’s my patroness. Being a sister of Isis, her darker form, she is a goddess of protection, home and all things magickal. She has promised me her help and I’ll happily take everything I can to get my life in order again.


    Yesterday I did a Reiki treatment to Mom. She got home from work rather late so we decided to make it quick. In the end it lasted 45 minutes! I guess the treatment was needed.

    It was very, very interesting. I felt the energy strongly like I do nowadays – just thinking about it makes it flow. Mom is very sensitive to energy, so when I tested the flow by keeping my hand above her body she said “ouch!”. For her the treatment doesn’t feel pleasant, I remember it was the same years ago when I gave her a treatment. Perhaps because of her sensitivity there’s a lot of energy in her body that doesn’t get to flow freely, and naturally when I introduce healing energy to those places it doesn’t feel that pleasant.

    The feelings in my hands varied: when I began my palms were hot and Mom said they were burning hot red, not just warm – she sees colours, I guess it’s natural since she can see auras as well. She broke her arm a couple of months back and it still doesn’t work well and hurts at times so when giving her wrist Reiki I felt a strong current, so to speak, flowing in her wrist. At that point my hands got cold and the energy flow was pulsating. I’m not going to explain the experience in depth, but what I noticed was that my sensitivity actually worked right from the beginning. I could sense when a certain part needed more energy and when there was no need for more. After the treatment she was tired both mentally and physically, I was only physically for it takes a while to find good positions for the body when treating and considering how my body doesn’t have any muscles it’s natural to get aches here and there, lol. It was good to see that I’m doing it the “right” way, for the energy went through me and I didn’t use my own energy in healing.

    Afterwards we were both thirsty and I encouraged Mom to drink plenty of water – it’s natural to become thirsty after the treatment. Funny thing, usually her middle finger of the damaged arm doesn’t work well but when the treatment was over it worked perfectly – I got a nice demonstration, lol!

    Also, after the treatment she looked at my aura and told me it has gotten a lot stronger. I’m not surprised. :)

    She slept well last night and so did I. I’m going to do more treatments to her since she is clearly in need of them, and it’s easy for me to relax in the company of a close person, perhaps that’s why it was so easy to “let go” and follow my intuition. Overall I found the whole thing to be a great success and am even more enthusiastic about the subject. :)


    I’ve been having headaches lately more often than usually – or migraines actually, for the pain is usually felt on one side of the head. Luckily I don’t need anything stronger than regular pain killers to get rid of it, but I’ve been wondering howcome I now have headache at least once a week. I came up with a hypothesis: being a sensitive person who reacts to certain things with the head – be it too sunny, quick changes in weather, stress or certain smells – I think it has something to do with my increased energy level. Since my mother can react to energy treatments the same way, perhaps something similar is happening in me? The question is, how can I get rid of this by-product of beginning to be more open to energy currents? This is quite annoying and even though pain killers help they don’t remove the source of the symptom. Any ideas how I could find out what is really going on and what could help in this situation?


    Are you grounding after you do energy work or when you get the headaches?


    After energy work definitely, I’ll see what happens if I do that when I’ve got a headache. If it doesn’t work it must be something else.

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