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    As should be obvious, this is where I will be posting my meditations and anything relevent to meditation that I come up with.


    One of the views that I hold is that life is like a river, our memories, leaves in the palm of our hand. That by examining these leaves, noticing the uniqueness of each one, these memories which are also unique from one another, we can learn from our past, gaining knowledge that will lead to our growth and betterment. When we learn this lesson, we must drop the leaves into the river to be washed away.

    I use this technique often, and I would like to present a meditation of sorts that anyone can use. This meditation is short in the generalities, but depending on how long you reflect on a certain memory, it can be extended for a long period of time.

    Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, with each inhalation you take in energy, each exhalation, you breathe out stress and tension. The energy runs through your body, much like oxygen, collecting the stress and discarding it when you breathe out. Continue this process until you are relaxed and your mind is clear.

    You are on a river bank, the water flowing quickly but quietly. You are surrounded by trees, and can smell the deep rich soil.

    In your hand is a pile of leaves, these are your memories. Pick one up, look at it, study it. Notice its uniqueness compared to the other leaves in your hand. Now focus on the leaf you are holding, allow yourself to be sucked into the memory the leaf represents.

    As you replay the memory, emotions will begin to swell inside of you, push them away, they will only distract you from being objective enough to learn from the situation. Study carefully what is going on, what is being said and done.

    After the memory is over, open yourself to the Force, concentrating on what you have just relived. focus on what it is you are supposed to learn. Be patient, the lesson will come.

    Continue this with as many of the leaves/memories as you wish.

    When you are finished, tossed the leaves into the river of time, allowing them to truly become the past as they are caught up in the river’s current.

    Now turn and walk away.

    Open your eyes when you’re ready.


    From my training journal:

    I conducted the Bubble of Love meditation. It was difficult to turn off my random thoughts, but I continued to bring my focus back to my breathing. I was on a hilltop, a rock and a large willow tree were the only large lifeforms on the hilltop. Directly in front of me, and downward, there was a calm, blue, serene lake, its waters gently lapping the shore. The rest of the area was convered by a mighty forest, quiet, no birds sung.

    As I went on in the meditation, I felt myself growing lighter, my entire body tingling slightly, and I seeped out of the bubble and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. I could see the planet in all its beauty, the sight of it bringing into view those things which I wish to cultivate in my life. As I embrace these changes, an object that was not an object materialized before me. I was reminded that the micro is a reflection of the macro, that one reflects the other, as they are One. By working for change of one’s self, you work to change the world around you. I took think into myself, embracing the truth I precieved in the words.

    I slowly came back to Earth, back into the bubble, back into my physical body. Once more I was looking around at the beauty of the world before me, realizing that I was a part of it on not just a physical level, but on a spiritual one as well.

    I opened my eyes, finding myself sitting on the floor once more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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