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    I did the relaxation and bounce exercises, and the new affirmations last night.

    My dream last night started with my working in a television studio. I was in the crew, watching someone hosting a talk show talking to Keanu Reeves and Anthony from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers about drug addiction.

    The dream then changed and I was at my old school. I was lost, didn’t know what class I had next, where to go for it, and all that. I kept going to the wrong place and missing my classes. I was getting very anxious because I was going to fail if I couldn’t get to my classes.


    I did the affirmations and the bounce exercises… 

    I had a dream…and I wrote it down…but it’s not very nice. 

    I dreamed I was with some Jedi :o, and they were sort of on a Jerry Springer type of talk-show.  One woman Jedi (or they called themselves Jedi) had a baby…and the baby was wearing a jumper that said, “I’m proof my Mom loves to f**k.” 

    I was so embarrassed.  They were jealous and fighting, They were trying to be funny or “cool” or, I don’t know…  But they swore and used highly charged descriptive language.  But one of them had a real light saber, and it worked, it hummed, and when this male Jedi got upset he swung it around and it was as if this qualified him to be “leader”.

    Oh…oh…I was so glad to wake up.  I felt terrible and as if I wanted to run away, but I knew I’d upset the group and the show.  I either wasn’t awake or fell back asleep, but I said to the host of the show at one point (and I was drinking a cup of tea), “See this tea…it proves I’m a Jedi too”, and I laughed and felt like an idiot desparaging these people publicly.

    Then I woke up and wrote down the code words.  I still feel…just stupid and wretched.  (Unfortunately, I fear I understand what it means)… 

    Ah well.  Nothing to do with anything/anyone here…I just know what it means…

    -Asta Sophi 


    Remember that what we focus on is what we see.  This type of person is only one part of the Jedi community, so don’t let it drag you down too much ;-)

    As a random side note, my first mentor always asks me when I’m going to make a real lightsaber.  hahahaha


    I tried to do the leg work, but it really wasn’t happening.  I’m just too tired today.  So I focused on the hands and found them much easier to stimulate than the legs and feet.  The hardest part was staying focused and awake.  lol  I can’t wait until my sleep has evened out. 

    I remember that I dreamt about the place I work.  Nothing too exciting and no real details I remember.  I don’t know if the valerian I took last night to sleep made it harder to remember, or just the lack of good sleep.  Oh well, another chance to try tonight.  :-)


    Ok. I did the affirmations and the exercises. Two things…

    #1: I like the swirling/brushing/sponging on the hands and am going to try this in teaching some of my beginner-level Reiki students this. It seems to stimulate the same type of responses that one needs when feeling the output of energy. Also, because it stimulates the energy in this way, it may help some people to “know” that the energy is there when they have a hard time feeling it.

    #2: The breathing technique where you inhale “astral” and exhale “projection” seems to break the flow of the session. It doesn’t feel “harmonic” to me, but that could just be a personal preference. I feel like the first word, astral, is great, but I tried using the word “journey” in place of projection, and it seemed to fit better.

    Dreams: Last night, I dreamt that I was in a huge board room. Jax, Inari, Jade, JBar, Brandel, Lee, Kena, Suzi, Master Adana, Moonshadow, Betony, Shark, Ben, and a whole lot of other people were there. There was also a ring of people standing along the walls with a sword in their hands. One of those people was Danny. They were in the guardian pose of ritual magick circles. Who knows what that was all about, but it seemed as if they were acting in a guardian fashion for this meeting.

    Now, in this meeting, we were all signing documents and stamping this seal of approval on them. Each “mini-group” had a seal of approval. (I think I dreamt this due to the discussion of the knight title at the JRC.) Still, I remember that Jade had a very pointed looking seal and stamped the paperwork, and then passed it on to me. I was about to stamp the papers with a seal that looked very swirly and in my opinion, seemed to be prettier than the rest of the seals.

    I turned around and asked a group of people if they were for certain that the documents met their approval, and they all said yes, so I started to stamp the papers, but I woke up instead.

    What a boring dream.  :wookie


    I think you have interesting dreams lol

    I didn’t try saying the mantra stuff during the meditation.  It tends to distract me.  I’m also not fond of the progressively deeper breath as I already breathe as deep as I can without straining.  Though, it can be good if I’m having problems breathing. 

    I can see how the hand stimulation would be great for reiki.  It would help speed along those changes that come with the attunement also because you’re breaking up blockages.  :-)  Also, it could be used as a pre-treatment practice to wake things up if things seem to have a harder time flowing than normal.  Or is that a bad idea?  lol


    Jax… ;D…too funny – but there are those who really think the “real lightsaber” is a HUGE deal!  I see claims here and there that one has a “crystal” that makes a spi power, and the like…

    You know I like all the Jedi.  I like the raucus ones too because I do like a bit of fun.  They are really Jedi with difference skill sets…some are incredible craftspeople!

    My fear I think was in…the media.  The wrong “Jedi” speaking to the media would be dis-heartening to all….  Sigh… 

    I’m actually enjoying the affirmations.  Makes a big difference to me for some reason…  I forgot to do them last night and didn’t do a darn thing…  Just fell asleep.

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