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    What you’ll find is that, since this goes through the body systematically, all that instinctual stuff will be easier.  :-)  I’m glad that you’re already finding results.

    How did you feel, in your dream, about helping people?  Did it bother you at all?


    honestly, it did not bother me in the least, because at the core of who I am, whether it is a dream or no, I am meant to help people. It is my nature. It disturbed me more when I had that dream about not being able to help people in my dream the other night when I could not get out of the swimming pool. I had a big problem with that one when I Woke up.

    I don’t think I can quite function properly if I am not helping someone somehow.
    I think this describes me best of all


    That’s ok.  The thing is, dreams are about messages.  They can often show us things that go against our normal character in order to teach us something.  Our reaction to the often bizarre things that occur in dreams can sometimes be the only thing that makes sense.  lol 

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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