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    I just finished the day 6 energy work.  It was a bit tricky at times to maintain focus and to keep things moving.  It was also hard to feel things at first with the legs, but I stuck with it and found by the end I was feeling the energy better.  I also noticed I could feel the stirring action on the soles this time.  Just needed to be a bit more patient.  :-)

    Tomorrow is the energy bounce technique.  I can’t wait!  It’s my favorite.  :D


    Talk about weird!  Last night I had a dream that involved having a baby.  But, even weirder, I didn’t keep the baby, but it was like I was a surrogate for my friend Christy.  There was a weird time gap, like I had had the baby a week or so prior, and I was supposed to be on some medication to help my insides but I hadn’t been.  I also remember missing the little boy.

    Since this is honestly the very first dream I’ve ever had about physically having a child, it throws me off a bit.  But I’m going to harbor an immediate guess and say this has to do with the birthing of an idea or something, which I then give away to someone else who maybe needs it more.  It doesn’t really feel correct, but I don’t remember enough of the details right now.  I only remembered this because babies were mentioned on the radio while driving to work.  lol



    That is a very interesting dream. It could be the birth of a new idea. It could also be the longing for a child… or, maybe, and this was the first thing that popped into my mind, it could be symbolic of the transitionary phase of growing “into your own.” OK, see, it’s like with Tarot symbolism. When doing a reading, the reader has to pick the significator card. For women, they can be chosen from the page, the knights, or the queens. Now, usually adult women are given a queen regardless, but there has to be a true link there for that card to mean anything. Perhaps, maybe, the page and knight parts of you are passing away, and the “queen” aspects of you are coming through, making you a more integrated person. Does that make sense? And if I follow that line of thinking, the act of giving the child away would represent giving away your power. So, don’t give away your power then. :P

    Or, it could be the idea that you suggested.

    Last night, I dreamt that I was in Louisiana and was looking out at a bayou. Jade was there, and we were discussing the life that was under the water. We started watching  some people in a boat that were just rowing along and singing and trying to get a net out to catch crawfish. ( :- yuck)

    Jade asked me to get her something out of a cabin that was nearby, so I went in to find that thing, but was distracted by a lot of people asking me questions and trying to hand me things that I didn’t know what to do with.

    I just grabbed everything that I could, and hoped that whatever Jade needed was in that pile of stuff and went back to look at the bayou. I couldn’t see Jade.

    My grandfather was there and was telling me that I had to be careful of the boat spikes that were along the bayou’s edge. I started noticing that there were tons of those spikes all over the place. He said something to the effect of, “In life, honey, there are always boat spikes… you just have to shift your vision to see who is holding them.”

    Then he said, “You better jump in there and get your friend before she stops breathing.” and he started to walk away… I looked out and saw Jade floating in the water and started to swim out to get her out, hoping that there was enough time to save her. I got to her, and started to pull her back to the land. I heard my grandfather yell out, “Mind the spikes, and watch out for them gators.”

    When he said that, I turned back to make sure Jade’s face was out of the water and saw a huge gator swimming right at us.

    And then I woke up.

    Blah… Jade dont swim in bayous.  :r2top


    I woke with a start this morning and I don’t remember anything…(cat jumped on my pillow).  I did the exercises but wasn’t “into it”…  Very hot here and got sick to my stomach a couple of times.  Ah well.

    (Interesting dream interpretation for Jax…  Never really did tarots, probably won’t, but very psychological and interesting!)


    I have not been doing the energy exercises enough, though I did some relaxation and breathing.

    My dream this morning was a pretty strange one.

    I was outside of a house I used to live in when I was going to Uni, a pretty small, rectangular box of a house with a flat roof, a front door, a back door, and a carport to the side. I don’t remember all of the details of the dream, there was a lot more to it than I’m saying here, but I seem to remember being persued by something. I wasn’t scared, but I knew that the thing was evil, very evil, but at the same time it was strangely attractive to me. I was scared of that sense of attraction. I don’t think I can adequately express the feeling, it was like really really wanting something that you knew was really, really bad for you, not like a craving though, more…seductive than that.

    I had to go into the house, via either the back door or the front door. I knew that the evil thing was behind one of those doors, but I didn’t know which one. I had to choose, and hope I chose correctly. The kicker was that at that time, I didn’t know what I wanted to choose, not door wise, but if I wanted to choose the evil or not.

    What a strange dream.



    Oh dear…I seem to have Astral Projected out of a whole day?  LOL… 

    I know tonight is day 7 sleep …Hmmm…? 

    Oh well…on PBS last night there was a program on sleep and a long sequence on…. Astral Projecting!

    Had I known I would have announced it.  It was quite good, although I was watching it while I cleaned my possibly broken fridge.  It may have been on Nova.  Hard to say…I had the volume up, and would look up from cleaning…  Sometimes they repeat them on the weekend.

    I did the exercises and I must have gone overboard (or it was from the weird angle I had to stand to clean the back of the fridge) but my legs fell asleep while I did the exercise.  LOL.  I did dream last night but I didn’t write it down this morning because I couldn’t grasp anything solid .

    …ah well…



    Lol, it’s ok.  I also didn’t do day 7 yet as I spent the evening in the emergency room.  And since Carrie never actually got a room, I never got a normal chair to do the exercises.  So that leaves tonight.  I’ll do them in about an hour after digesting my food.  We’re going to Harry Potter at 9 so I won’t have time after.  :-)

    As for dreams, I don’t remember anything except being very frustrated in the dream.  No clue why.  But, I called into work and got a whole 8 hours of sleep in (we got hom at 3am from the ER).  When I woke up I felt great!  Not only did I sleep, I got a call from a technical recruiter who will shop my resume’s to the industries I’m looking at.  And Carrie is feeling better somewhat for no real reason today.  So it’s a great day!  :-)


    Well, I still didn’t have time to do day 7.  I’m going to do it at work right now I think.  Maybe it’ll help me write my thesis.  However, I wanted to share my strange night with you.  I’m including earlier in the evening because I think it’s the reason I had trouble sleeping and dreaming last night.

    Last night, after winding down from Harry Potter (which was quite good though different from the book), something very odd happened.  I noticed a weird feeling in my head, and Carrie said she felt it too.  Then she started calling for Gunny who had left the immediate area.  The Staff Sergeant had taken his position in the living room and told Carrie he’d be back.  Then she felt like something was tugging on her heart, or her center, this term is very vague and we never settled on a term both the Gunny and Carrie liked, but the jist is someone was pulling on her core being.  She was told to strengthen her shield, and then to add spinning knives to it to make it even stronger.  I was told to check mine also, just in case.  Once it became apparent that this nasty thing was too much for Gunny, Chuckma came down to help.  In total it took 8 spirits to wipe this guy out, and he’s now as wiped out as energy can be.

    Afterwards Gunny explained that this guy knew Carrie as a kid and scared her.  She couldn’t think of a single adult that ever scared her.  Then we realized that it was a spirit or poltergeist actually that she ran into in the basement of a house.  It was truly the only thing that scared her.  When she realized that’s what it was she physically recoiled, even though it was now destroyed.  Apparently her dad had been near that house about a month ago and this ghost felt his energy, which is similar to Carrie’s and followed it back to her.  It’s been banging on the ‘walls’ for a month now and finally it cracked.  Somehow it got power it shouldn’t have had which surprised our Marines.  We have no idea why this thing was so angry at Carrie, but in any case it met a superior force in our guards, guides, and their helpers.

    So, after all that I went to bed and that’s where I get confused.  I kept waking up scared, feeling chills.  I don’t know what was going on.  I’ve never been one to have nightmares.  The only thing that would be considered a nightmare is when I end up astral as part of a dream and I sense something around me.  This freaks me out so I try to wake up as fast as I can.  But I’ve never had a dream that scared me.  This didn’t feel like a dream either, but it’s possible.  I’ll have to ask when I get home because I’m quite confused.  I can’t remember any visuals from last night.  Eventually, things went quiet and I was able to sleep.

    What’s even weirder is that, when I woke up this morning, I had another big shift in mood and felt good.  Two nights in a row I’ve had a horrible night but woke up in a good mood.  I don’t know what to make of this.  I guess it’s better than waking up in a bad mood though!


    Glad you are both doing better, Jax.

    What an odd night/dream…  I am not knowledgeable enough in dream interpretation to say more than that…    It was quite complex…?

    (Compared to everyone else…I am a really boring dreamer…heh!  I don’t think I mind…)



    Last night I dreamed that I was in some sort of “amazing race” typ competition.
    I felt really good about my chances but then I had to stop and help everyone else out.
    I felt that it was my duty being a Jedi, that these people that I was there to compete against suddenly needed my help to beat me.
    I will say that it is nice having an effective relaxation technique to get me ready for my nighttime routines. I have come pretty far along I think in terms of my energy working.
    I’m not really sure though, I have never done it under any formal training setting, only by instinct. So I may be shooting arrows in the dark.

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