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    About day 5 I was a bit disappointed about myself, but I guess the lack of getting enough sleep now kicks in and it’s all my own fault!  :P
    I haven’t noted any words down in my notebook and so wasn’t able to recall anything of my dreams at night. But at least I had a good but short sleep.
    The relaxation work is still interesting for me and help me to relax my body in a different way I was used to till now. This is already really a plus on this course!  :)
    Breathing and energy body stimulation is still not to exciting for me as I’m used to do Qi-Gong a lto and also meditate regularly now. Herein I would say I do have some advantages also from my martial art training. But I have to be aware of that I don’t get lazy on them as otherwise I might miss something during the progress!


    I wasn’t feeling so hot yesterday, so I skipped the excercise… and then last night woke up around 1:30 AM from a dream  (the keyword is “Imperial Legion”).    Couldn’t get back to sleep either.  I figured it was noteworthy in that its the first dream i’m aware of actually having since I started this last weekend… and it occured after not doing the excercise. 


    Yoshio I’m very admiring of your persistence to keep up with this daily even when it is not going so well.  I look forward to more.


    There will be good days and bad.  If you find yourself too tired, don’t do everything and take a day off.  It’s ok. :-)


    Cheers, Zen-ryo Senshi. persistence is one of the things I had to learn during my martial arts studies. Only through constant repetition you are able to get it in the end.
    But, as Master Jax stated it, it is ok to take a day off as well, if things are just too much.  :redface

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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