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    Since I was woken so many times last night I have TWO dreams to remember, aren’t I lucky?

    Dream 1:
    I was with my husband at a restaurant, an Italian restaurant I think. We finished up and went out to the carpark. The carpark was being heavily patrolled by armed men with dogs. We had to show a pass to one of the men, his dog still didn’t like Damian very much. As we were walking to our car I saw snipers on little tower things watching the carpark.

    Dream 2:
    I had just bought this very large complex. I’m not sure what it was used for before I bought it, but its main reception area had sufficient facilities that I planned to turn it into a main living area (i.e. I was converting this large building to something) with areas for bedrooms etc. In fact it did have some ‘guest’ areas already. The bulk of the building was made of concrete, mostly open space with pillars. There were large windows. At least part of the building had been used for laboratories in the past because it had fume cupboards, fittings for different types of gases, benches and sinks etc. There was also a small multi-story car park. (Unfortunately I don’t’ remember how I paid for all this in the dream!).

    Most of the dream was occupied by my planning how to make the building ‘suitable’.

    I have also been doing the energy exercises, they aren’t causing me any problems. I’m used to ‘following around my body’ both from receiving student massages and other energy work (and yoga).


    Well, last night was weird for me. I had several scattered dreams. I have found that the affirmations seem to get me caught up in their wording, so I’m wondering if it would be better to make my own affirmations, so that I can remember them and they actually stick instead of me trying to read it just so and getting caught up on the flow of a sentence???

    Alrighty… I remember a dream of flying around with an owl.

    I had another dream, or that first one shifted to a dream about Suzi (Adona Mara) creating a nursery for all of the little Jedi babies.

    Then the last thing I remember (from this sequence) was standing up on a hill, in this field, with Adona Mara and JBar. We were drinking coffee and looking down at an encampment of people in white tents. It looked like a civil war type setting. Those two were talking about military tactics and stuff like that, and I felt lost in that conversation, so I started staring down at the tents and “seeing” the people inside. I felt so connected to them, and felt very sorry that they were under some kind of threat. Suzi asked me what was wrong, and I said something like “It’s not fair that so many who want to do good get caught up in these tempests of ego.”

    Then that owl flew over and it flew in front of the sun, which blinded me and I woke up.

    However, I was wondering if meditations and visions count in this project. Because I did have a rather interesting one last night. This was before sleep, but during one of those energy exercise thingies. I was pulled up out of my body and could see myself lying there on the bed. I looked around and saw that there were people with me, but they weren’t actually visible. Then, a voice said, “The missing piece.” I turned to see a woman standing there who looked Native American. That voice said, “See yourself. Meet yourself of long ago. This is you, Saj wa.” Well, anyways, I was shown this woman’s life and told that it was actually one of my lives, and that it was necessary for me to incorporate this woman’s abilities into what I am today. So, yeah, hm…. definitely interesting.


    The goal of the project is to give you the pieces that make conscious projection easier – meditation, taming the mind, building energy, etc.  You don’t necessarily have to do what he does, though I do recommend learning his energy system because it may make things easier.  It also gives you a different perspective to teach others. 

    Yesterday I tried doing all the toe activation and got stuck on my second toe on the left foot (non dominant).  Unfortunately, i kept getting interrupted because it was the hospital, so I’ll return to the exercise today.  I did have more dreams last night that I’ll try to summarize here.

    First, Carrie and I were going to take this wierd ride.  You climbed way up on this trailer that had seats of a sort way up at the top – 20 feet in the air or more.  We went all the way up, and there was room for 3 people, but we were the only ones that high.  There were two trailers side by side, pulled by the same tractor of sorts.  It started to move and we were struggling to stay on because the pads would tip.  But carrie seemed to have an easier time than I did and she was trying to get me to stop fighting it so much I think.  Then, as time went on, we weren’t high in the air anymore, but every seat was on the same level, like a bus.  She said, hey, there’s troutner (her psychiatrist), so I yelled his name.  He said hello and something,  I think he was saying something about being surprised Carrie was there.  Eventually we get to our destination, and sight see.  Then we have to run to catch the next ride out.  They make a big deal about some warnings and that people have died on this next leg due to not listening to direction, but we get on anyway. 

    I think there was a jump then. I’m in a shed or something working on homework or research, while most people are outside doing things.  A snowball or styrofoam projectile (it was a wierd material) came in the room so I decided to get involved.  I pick it up and peak out past the door, just enough to see where people are.  I try to hit someone with it, and miss.  I gather more ammo, and I think I missed one more time.  Then I got two balls.  There was a larger groupt his time, and I hit the person on one end, and then hit another person, where the ball bounced off them and hit the person to the side of them too.  So there were three hit with two balls.  :-)  I scrambled back to cover since they saw me then.  A woman came through the door and I hit her at close range, and then apologized because I didn’t mean to throw it that hard.  Then Aimee (moonshadow) came in the door and since she was too close I fake sparred with her.  Then I took her plastic lightsaber and ‘cut’ her in half (no actual damage, all playing).  It was a wierd saber though, with green plastic for the blade, but a purple light.  At the top of the hilt it said Obi-wan long blade.  Wierd huh?  lol

    There was also a random point of being in a house.  My friend Christi’s cat was outside, which I found wierd.  When I asked apparently the cat had been naughty.  I don’t remember much from inside this house, but I remember the view was very pretty. 

    Also random, I never actually saw Icarus, but I felt like she was around in this dream.  Were you visiting last night?  lol

    So I have no clue, but at least I remembered more than normal.

    Also random, I never actually saw Icarus, but I felt like she was around in this dream.  Were you visiting last night?  lol

    Well, that’s rather interesting because I went to bed at about 3 this morning… but before I went to sleep, I sent distance healing to Carrie. Maybe you were picking up on that?


    You know, that could very well be.  It would make sense as to why I felt your presence, but never saw you or heard anyone refer to you in any of the dreams.  I went to sleep about 2 am or so.  :-)


    Oh, and Carrie is starting to get some improvement in her wrists at least.  She said thank you for the help.  She has a ways to go, but any improvement is appreciated!  :-D


    no dreams worth remembering other than not able to get to sleep properly :mara


    Yeah, me too.  Last night was an out of the body experience of a different kind.  These kids had left-over firecrackers…and some big ones…and decided in front of my house was the right place to set them off… 

    I’d just get comfortable, start meditating “CRACKLE!” after 4th try, tried to get to sleep and “Boom!”…  By 2 AM the police lights were out there, and shouting…LOL…  Then early this morning the flyover practice runs for the Air Show.

    If I slept I don’t remember it…much less dream… 

    Now I’m running on adrenaline…heh!  I always get like that when I don’t sleep, I get really hyper and then crash. 

    Jax – I’m glad to hear things are going better!

    -Asta Sophi


    I often find that I have dreams of a sort when I don’t sleep, but it’s so hard to grasp because it’s a bizarre state of consciousness so there’s nothing to actually write about.  Hopefully everyone gets some sleep tonight.


    Ok, I didn’t get the day five stuff downloaded in time, so I just did day four again.  :r2top

    So, I had a very weird and disturbing dream. It wasn’t scary or anything, but it was unsettling. Ok, here we go:

    Everyone from the LA gathering was there, plus some other people from my everyday life.

    We were in that school from the other dreams, and everyone was talking about something, but I could never figure out exactly what they were saying. I know that there were a lot of children running around too, and I kept watching over them while everyone chatted. Eventually though, there was some kind of an argument, and I walked up to someone in the group and said, “But to do that negates everything that we stand on. IF we do not respect tradition, and adapt that to our own needs, then there is no hope for us.”

    Apparently, someone slapped me, but I don’t know who that was.

    Then, I bowed to the group and walked off to my “quarters.” Hachelen followed me. I started packing everything up into boxes, and told Hach that he needed to help me because I could no longer stand by and watch this take place. He did help, and we loaded everything up into a truck, and were just about to drive away when this group of kids walked up to us. One of the little girls said, “If you leave, who will look after the little ones?”

    I started to cry and said something like, “I cannot protect you now. In the future, I will not even be able to stand before you when they come to destroy you. That shield is broken.”

    So, we were driving down the highway, when out in the middle of the lane, I saw Jax and Inari walk out in front of the car and Jax  held out her hand. She mouthed, “STOP!”

    So, I did, and we got out of the car and she said, “You can’t leave. You must stay. Don’t give up now.”

    Then the dream shifted and Jax was wearing a Marine uniform, with sword. Inari was in her green robe from the gathering, with this “Matrix” looking leather stuff underneath it, and I was dressed in what looked like some kind of black army fatigues, with a black Jedi robe over that. Hachelen was dressed in full armor.

    So, we made it back to that school, and everything had quieted down for the moment. All of the Jedi came out to greet us, but there was a group of people that stayed back from the main group. I tried to see their faces, but it was like they had had an eraser come over the top of them and it was just white, but the rest of their body remained. Hachelen walked up to one of them and grabbed one of them by the hair, tilted his head back, and cut the eraser-man’s throat.

    Then we were all sitting around a room watching candle flames. And I woke up.

    Crazy, huh?

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