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    haven’t read all the material yet because I’m juggling finals atm.  But I had some great success last night.

    I’ve been wondering about the “fear/anxiety” projection that I experienced for the day 1 dream. I’ve had it a few times before and it causes excruciating pain when I pull into the waking world.  last night I had another narrated dream scenario of which the only thing I could recall hours later when it was time to wake was something about a horse being pretty much shredded in some accident and I was very upset as horse is one of my totem guardians.  Someone said don’t worry we will save it and the next time I saw it the horse was silver white swirled patterned where before it had been a basic bay horse.  This I took to mean it was now a spirit.  Which is good it got recycled.  But as I found my self on the edge between that dream & wakefulless I got that surge of fear again and a thought of “oh no I’m loosing control of her again”  which I thought odd and a bit of a key as soon as I was clear of the sleep fog.  I was thinking  to myself that I’d been floating through the dream state mostly neutral & observing so that though stood out as very odd.  But it told me what I needed to know.  I have this very psychically talented ex that refuses to let go and he tried to sneak into my head from time to time to see if he can get his little hooks into me again so that he can suck energy out of me.  Really not a nice guy that you’d want to meet even though he puts on a  facade of  being a gentleman.  He uses his psychic knowledge to play mind games and control people.    Then when I attempted to shift my thoughts in a different direction I heard “don’t do that” and I knew I was correct, he’d been narrating dreams for me in order to trap me in one of his energy games again.  Applied some of my psychic self defense knowledge and a short while later he was gone and my head was much clearer.

    Went back to sleep and the energy felt so much cleaner and brighter.  at one point I swear I felt wide awake and I was sitting in my room and Cailin & I were just having a good chat but the room itself was glowing a bright golden glow as if it was full daylight and in my brain I knew it was still the middle of the night so I rolled into some deeper sleep that was quite active, came back to the glowing room a few times.  Bounced between the glowing room and visiting various places.  I do recall a bit about a couple that were griping at me but at the same time happy because I had helped them change their diets, so they were getting healthier but it was more difficult because now they had to read labels and such.  Thought that was amusing to be dreaming of fitness stuff in my sleep.  Then when the alarm went off in the morning I wanted to stay & play in all the cool visions but had to get up.  I was amazed at how active  my mind had been like I’d been awake all night but was fully refreshed upon rising, which I have not experienced for some time.  And I awoke without pain.  I’ve been waking with pain in my Kidney areas for a few months.  In chinese  Med, kidney’s store the lifeforce, so I suspect I’ve been drained of that energy for a while in an attempt to drag me down so that I’m not as wary. 

    SO I am grateful for this little chance to experiment with paying attention to the astral side of things.  Its the universe reminding me that I need to pay more attention more often like I used to do and not let my school work get me so wrapped up that I drop my guard and let people play psychic games with my head when I’m trying to dream.  :mara


    Last night I spent a few hours in the emergency room with my wife.  While there I did the relaxation exercises, though I didn’t have the opportunity to do the energy work.  Tonight I will do day 2 and day 3 energy exerices because I’ve done them before.

    Last night, I dreamt but lost the memory.  What’s funny is that, in my dream, I dreamt that I wrote down keywords so I’d remember the dreams in the morning!  lol  Unfortunately I didn’t write them down.  I’ll do better tonight.


    I’ve had a couple of nights dreams (it now being Thursday here). Tuesday night I didn’t sleep well due to bad weather (strong winds, thunderstorms) and sort of drifted in and out of dream state…all I remember from that night was feeling like looking for something.

    Last night, or rather early this morning, I had the following dream. I was in the US again, staying with some different people this time (not anyone I recognise in real life) and took their car for a drive to give these people some private time without having a guest around all the time. I decided to go find someone who could give me a shiatsu massage and had to concentrate a good bit to get where I was going, getting a little lost on the way because of that whole wrong side of the road thing. When I got to the clinic, I went inside and was given some paperwork to fill out. I was in the middle of a slightly heated discussion with the receptionist about being asked for $6 just to be able to fill out the paperwork when the dream changed slightly and the clinic was now a building with three main areas, sort of with a main middle section and two offshoots. I was in one of the offshoots with several other people, with my back to the door when I suddenly find myself on the floor, feeling groggy and nauseous. I see my work supervisor walk past me, and I know she is there to steal something and she hit me with something to prevent me from stopping her. She then started to release some sort of gas, I pulled my clothes up over my mouth and nose and as she was trying to get whatever it was she was taking, I managed to jump her and pin her down.

    The police arrived shortly after and everyone was evacuated from the building, and my supervisor was taken away. I then found out that the other section of the building had also been robbed but the robbery was successful, they had taken what they were after. In the dream, I realised that Draconis (the chap who was knighted at the gathering) had been in that room (to protect something?) and was now missing. I wasn’t sure (in the dream) if he had been abducted or was an accessory to the theft.

    Sometimes I suspect my dreams are action movies to keep me amused while I’m asleep!  :fight

    Additionally, I’ve been trying to get a chance to do the relaxation exercises but still have not got anywhere to do it. I’ll probably have to do it on my bed though this is not recommended. I had a go in the car on the way to work, I was able to ‘go over my body’ but not to really relax.


    Lol, I’ve had some dreams that were real action filled to.  Very fun!  But I find them more difficult to understand if they actually have meaning.  Though I suppose the point for this purpose is to remember them, not whether you understand them.


    Ok, I got through the day tonight.  As is typical, I forgot about the affirmations until tonight.  lol

    As for the MBA exercises I found sponging the most difficult.  I also found my right hand easiest to work with.  I’m wondering if anyone else found it very different to brush under the thumb rather than over.  It felt funny ;-)


    I remembered another dream…and it was truly bizarre…and this time I didn’t know it was a dream.  It’s long and truly odd, ending in rats turning into iguanas and I’m not afraid of either creatures, but I was afraid for those who were…  My store was in my old college dormitory where I could never find my way around…LOLOL!!  It was really silly!

    I did the meditation, the energy exercises, and the affirmations.  (I do them when I do my prayers at night and morning….so it’s sort of natural.) 

    The reason to do this gets quite “deep” doesn’t it? 

    I’m wondering if anyone else found it very different to brush under the thumb rather than over.  It felt funny ;-)

    I did these exercises, but I found it difficult with my left hand, as I have no feeling under my left thumb due to an old accident.

    However, I did have a very strange dream. In this dream, I felt “removed” from my body, and was interacting as if I was in real life. I was with Aslyn, and we were discussing standard requirements for different levels of people in organizations. We went into this room and were having glasses of wine and watching a fire in the fireplace. This is out of normal because neither one of us drink. Now, we heard a noise in one of the other rooms of the house, and I went to see what it was. I walked into a room that had pets in it, like hamsters and fish and such. I looked at one of the aquariums and saw hundreds of little white eggs in there. Some of them were “hatching.” When they hatched, they weren’t fish. They were rabbits. White rabbits, in fact. Alice, anyone? So, I kept watching and these fish that looked like wolves were trying to eat the rabbits, so I tried to save them. I started scooping them up in my hands and putting them into another aquarium, but the rabbits began to fall apart in my hands, and just sort of melted away, leaving my hands covered in blood.

    Aslyn walked in and said, “You can’t save everyone, you know.”

    And then I woke up.

    That same night, I went back to sleep and found myself in a house full of people. They were telling me stories of their lives, and I was asking them questions like, “Are the stories real?” and “How does this play out?” They told me that it plays out “as it always does because humans are involved.”

    Ok, whatever they say…

    Anyways, that’s my update.


    Oh, I hate the gross dreams!  Interesting though…definitely some lessons in there for ya ;-)


    Well at least no bag for my cat last night but at least I remembered part of my dream.  Most of my dreams usually stem from what ever I watched before I go to bed or something that interested me before go to sleep (book or something new I saw), so last night I watched Burn Notice and I dreamed I was the lead character and Bruce Campbell was my buddy.  We had to solve a case but I had can not remember what we had to do I just remember thinking “cool I am talking to Bruce Campbell”. 

    The exercises were pretty similar to yesterday I just have to keep working at it.  I used to relax myself and I would work up my body from my toes up and I could feel and relax each part so well, and now I feel like it my body why do I not have that same connection, but I am sure it will return.  Other then that is the brain wave generator suppose to make just odd pulsating noises?


    Yes.  It is two different waves, at specific frequencies that triggers a shift in  your brainwaves.  It’s not music, though you can get that stuff too.  You won’t feel the change immediately, but after some time you will probably find a difference in your relaxation level.  That’s why 20 minutes is recommended.  Also, remember that it only works if you listen through headphones, because the sound is meant for a specific side of your brain I think.

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