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    As I wrote in my Training Diary I will give here a short review of the books of Dave Lowry.
    He is a very good author whom doesn’t mince matters. He, himself, is a martial artist whom is studying, as far as I was able to read it out of his books, Aikido. But has also done some Judo and Karate.
    I can recommend this author to everyone whom is interested in Budo and its Japanese roots.

    So far I have read two books of him and found both very well written and informative!

    The first one was “Sword and Brush – The Spirit of the Martial Arts”
    In this book Dave Lowry describes the similarities between the Japanese art of sword manship and the art of writing.
    For this he uses different Kanji. Each one has to do with a part of Budo. For every Kanji he gives the translated meaning of it, the meaning it had to the warriors and to the meaning it has to the practitioners of calligraphy.
    In this way he shows that the basic principles of this two, seemingly different arts, are the same and also the higher goal the strive for.

    The second book I had read is called “In the Dojo – A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette of the Japanese Martia Arts”
    In this book he writes about the Rituals in a Dojo and where the originate from.
    He tells the story behind the belt colors and their meaning, as well as about the development of the Dogi.
    But he also writes about the Dojo itself. What you should be able to find in a good Dojo and where it has to be situated and what meaning it has.
    Further more he writes about bowing and the relationship between teacher and student as well as what will be expacted of you as a student and what you could expact.
    It is a very well written book which could help everybody to find and choose a good Dojo as it will give you the ability to see if the Dojo you are visiting one with traditional roots or one more like a gymhall.

    To this post I may add later some more books!
    Currently I’m reading his book called “The Essence of Budo – A Practitioner’s Guide to Understanding the Japanese Martial Ways”. More about this later!  ;)

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