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    But you still have to take the actions to finish the job. ;-)


    And on the flip side, if you don’t believe, it won’t matter what actions you take.


    I really want to be wherever that picture was taken. It looks beautiful and calming.

    Second, again this is perfect timing. Realized on Friday I was really missing something from my life, and that it would be one of those things I would regret when I got older, if I didn’t do it. So I am trying. Scratch that. I am doing. It may be not great, and it certainly is painful, however I am doing.
    But I have all this negative mental energy and negative thoughts built up towards it. I have trash talked myself on it, and felt insecure about it for so long, that I just gave up. Friends gave me a harsh, but loving slap upside the head type talk and now I am trying again. Trying so hard. And I really do feel that the believe that I can or can’t is what has been holding me back for this…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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