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    Kol Drake

    Did your ’emergency bags’ have anything to help in this situation?

    * No battle plan survives the first encounter *

    We’ve definitely been ‘encountered’…


    My emergency bag is for leaving the house quickly. My whole house is my resource in this event and we are well stocked. We even have a few N95 face masks, which we offered to a nurse in our neighborhood. She declined as there isn’t an issue in my county yet (only 40 cases as of today). We’ll see if that changes.

    The resources we are leaning on most right now are the computers and webcams. Working and schooling from home have made them vital to daily life.

    Kol Drake

    It has been interesting to ‘see’ how many schools were able to convert to ‘online teaching’… either with facetime ‘live’ teaching or programmed modules. That and some even teaching math ‘the old way’ vs the ‘new math’. Being adaptable is essential to survival!

    * * * I hope ‘those numbers’ do not get much higher for you. * fingers crossed *


    Schools in Virginia are closed till fall. Many here ignore social distancing and face masks. I have been working from home since mid-March. Sigh, it is interesting.

    Kol Drake

    I hope everyone is doing okay during this time of weirdness.

    I also hope — either now or a few months from now when we are all back to ‘regular incomes’ — we all think about having safety masks available in our bug-out bags, car trunk bags, and home ’emergency’ bags.

    Also, perhaps a box of nitril / plastic gloves…



    Here in the U.K. emergency bags are not usually a thing but once everything is back to normal or the ‘new normal’, whatever that turns out to be, I will definitely make sure I am better prepared than I was this time round. From reading the intro course manual, I understand preparedness is one of the subjects that comes up on a future course? So, I am looking forward to that.


    No, but my general preparedness to have a stocked freezer and kitchen, and even toilet paper helped. We never ran out. 🙂 But I also live 4 minutes from a grocery store (walking) so was able to check frequently as things were restocked. It’s definitely made me think twice about how to better prepare.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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