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    Kol Drake

    Bubbles are nice because you can make them as ‘solid/impermeable or a ‘soft/fleixble/permeable’ as you desire… letting it only allow ‘good’ in and out or transforming negative to positive, etc.

    In the shielding posts, I believe someone spoke on making a silvery, reflective ‘skin’ — or maybe just something I recall… since it was the warning to not make the ‘outer most’ bubble / skin reflective so your own ‘outpourings’ keep getting reflected back on your self. Anyway… interesting stuff!


    As I wrote in Dineara’s Jedi Studies assignment today, a shield is rarely your best line of defense, and also rarely necessary. But, it’s the dominant thought in dealing with everything it seems, so that’s where people start. Sometimes it is very necessary. But it isn’t the only way to deal with people, no matter how empathic you are. My wife is very empathic, she spent years trying to shield, and yes, she maintains a certain level of shielding, but she also has learned to become big, to expand her energy, and let the other energies pass through her. The basics of this are taught in Jedi Studies.

    Shocking happens when someone’s energy is out of phase with yours, creating a type of polarity. You can think of static electricity to start with. Or just go with ‘it’s a polarity’. The cool thing is, you can easily make an adjustment. We have to do this in our home often, as my wife and one of our cats share very similar energy, which sometimes gets out of phase causing them to zap each other energetically. We taught the cat to ask her body to become resonant with my wife’s energy. You can do the same. Just ask, “Body, what will it take to be in resonance with the people I come into energetic contact with?” If there’s a specific person, substitute them for the generic people part of the question. You won’t be making a big change to your energy, as the goal isn’t to match theirs, just to become resonant, or in harmony with. Scientifically it’s a phase shift to your energy.

    Try playing with the resonance idea, and we’ll talk about the expansion stuff in detail in Jedi Studies.

    Kol Drake

    Nice to see advice given 4-5 years ago finally being circulated to the ‘new kids’.

    Yes, the ‘make a simple shield’ is the first and usually easiest for newbies to ‘get’ since it is spoken of, posted about (white light), and showing up in modern popular books and movies. Also why I was referring to the forum post which covers it more in-depth for when they are ready for ‘bigger and better’ ways of doing things.

    Re: Matching Vibrations / Energy signatures

    That is one ‘way’ to do things, though you might be careful about who you are matching with since not all folks have warm fuzzy energies — and wanting to match with someone right down there with Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine would make you feel pretty slimy too. Matching is more for sharing with Force links and telepathy and deeper healing… not for warding off creeps.


    Certainly a valuable tool. :-)

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    Kol Drake

    A bit of a bump move —

    Being an empath is a gift, but it requires that we have an acquired skill set to prevent ourselves from losing our energy and our sanity. Here are 3 essential coping tips for people with empathetic abilities:

    1) Mind Your Thoughts
    Let’s say you are sitting down with a friend, and another person walks into the room and you start picking up on what they are feeling. When you start picking up on what they are feeling — pay attention to the thoughts that arise in your mind when this happens. For instance: “Oh great, now I’m going to have to deal with this”, or “Why did that person have to come here”, or “Why can’t I stop feeling what they are feeling”, or something along the lines of you affirming the reality of a negative experience for yourself.

    Your mind treats itself as a victim to that person’s energy, when in reality, it is a neutral experience.
    Once you start looping that negativity mind tape recording — reinforcing the negativity with your mind and start condemning ‘them’ for draining you, or yourself for allowing yourself to be drained, then you are both reaffirming your own lack of control and contributing more negative energy to yourself by the way you are allowing your mind to perceive it.

    The next time this happens, catch your mind ‘by the short hairs’ and halt that tendency to make it into a culprit-victim relationship. They aren’t feeling negative at you, and this is not something they are doing to you. You are not a victim. Half of the hardships of being an empath is dealing with the negative thoughts that start arising and fueling that same energy field. Catch yourself (and your mind) before it goes into full condemn/victim mode and you will save yourself a lot of suffering.

    2) Get Cosmic (FORCE filled). Adopt a New Perspective
    Instead of turning your empathetic experiences into a personal problem, turn them into an opportunity to understand.

    Let’s face it, ‘we’ tend to blame others for the way they are dealing with their emotions and thoughts, and how they are projecting that into the world. But let’s consider something for a moment. Does anybody REALLY want to be negative all the time? Do you think they enjoy being depressed, angry, sad, or anxious?

    Walk a mile in their space boots. What could that person have gone through that would cause them to carry around such a toxic energy? Chances are, they went through something really traumatic, in which case you should exercise understanding and compassion. Or, they don’t know how to properly manage thoughts and emotions, in which case you should still exercise understanding and compassion.

    Don’t just sit there and absorb someone else’s negative energy. Zoom out from the situation, and consider that they are clearly lost, confused, or going through a rough time. Maybe nobody has ever taught them how to deal with what life throws at them, or with the thoughts that are dragging both of you down. Once you realize that THEY are a victim (as opposed to you being the victim), your energy shifts from being one of passive compliance to one of pro-active love and understanding. That good old ‘cosmic perspective’.

    3) Clear your energy field
    Covered this all over this thread and as some might say, “Easier said than done,” right? This is a step that is often overlooked when trying to cope with empathetic feelings. Our instinct is usually to abort the situation or move locations. It rarely ever results in a moment of introspection. Instead of asking ourselves “How can I get away from this?”, it may be more helpful to ask “How can I be stronger than this?

    BREATHE! Close your eyes, and practice deep conscious breathing. Bring your full attention to the act of breathing. Do not think about your breathing, but feel the air move in and out of your lungs. When your attention is focused on something that grounds you instead of it being focused on the situation in front of you, you are able to see how much you are allowing yourself to be influenced when you do not have to be.

    This is all about taking back control over your energy field. You are the gatekeeper of your thoughts; do not be afraid to take your power back. Sometimes, all it will take is 60 seconds of meditation, or 20 deep conscious breaths, or a minute of contemplating how much of a miracle it is that anything at all exists, and you will give yourself some breathing room between your energy field and the influence of the ones around you.

    Taking Responsibility
    Okay — phooled ya. This is not really another ‘coping tip’ as much as a micro soapbox lecture on ‘mind set’ and ‘personal responsibility.’

    Notice how all three of the above ‘tips’ have to do with what WE, good, practicing Jedi, are bringing to the table, and how WE choose to interact with the people who are weighing us down with their energy. It is too much to ask of the world to expect it to be peaceful and harmonious so we do not have to bear the weight of negative energy, so the key to your freedom is to turn inwards and see what YOU can do to change the way YOU engage with that person and with the thoughts and energy that person has installed in you.

    Once you realize that you are the architect of your life in each moment, you take your power back from the hands of people around you. You can choose to guard your thoughts and not let negative thoughts fill your head, you can choose to adopt a new perspective of love and understanding, and you can choose to put your foot down and clear your energy field.

    As Jedi in Training (seriously — you are all smart cookies for being here!) You are all powerful creators.
    Living as a empath may not always be easy, but living as an empath with victim mentality is a sure-fire way to be miserable all the time. You are more than just an energetic sponge. You have Will power and volition. Do not be afraid to step into your power, grab the Force by it’s Tiger’s Tail and take back control over your energy field.

    Anirac Morgan

    “Once you realize that THEY are a victim (as opposed to you being the victim), your energy shifts from being one of passive compliance to one of pro-active love and understanding. That good old ‘cosmic perspective'”

    This definitely hit a cord with me.
    Your entire piece did, actually ;)

    I think I definitely tend to do the victim thing, particularly at work. Though I do my best to stay compassionate and caring, I guess I don’t nip it in the bud quickly enough, because some days I do end up simply mimicking and taking that negative energy in. In other words; I become the negative energy they project instead of succeeding with letting it pass through. I’ll do another re-read of this later, it’s good stuff!


    This is one reason I teach the expansion exercise straight away in Jedi Studies 101. The more we understand that we aren’t solid, the more easily we can become more space, the easier it is to let things pass through.


    Another good, for me at least, protection stone is onyx, lol, I love looking at hermatite, but, we fight.


    I like the exercise, where you get rid of all unhealthy energy. I am going to start doing that one daily.


    Thank you! This IS helping a great deal!

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