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    I was listening to NPR the other day when they mentioned this game, consumer consequences.  To play you put in details about your life as far as your buying habits, transportation, etc and it tells you how sustainable your life is by calculating how many earths it would take to sustain our world population if everyone consumed as you did.  I know there are some here who are aware of this stuff, but I think there are also people here who could use a bit of a wakeup call.  The best part is that they don’t just leave you without information, they give you hints for improving your lifestyle so it is sustainable.  But what might be more informative is looking at how they calculate your consumer footprint. 

    So check it out if you’d like.  I have a lot of work to do, as I would need 5 earths.  Not good!  lol  But I’m working on that.  I’m looking to move to a new apartment that is closer to work so I don’t have to drive as far, especially in traffic congestion.  Also, it opens up some bus options once we start going back to the community college.  That will definitely help.  I’m also working on cooking up meals ahead of time and freezing them so I don’t have to buy food at restaurants.  This saves money and resources.  If we had more money, we’d made some drastic changes.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do that more soon.


    Well, I got 2.4….I honestly thought I’d do better than that, I suspect the differences come from my electricity calculation (electricity is more expensive here than the US) and trying to convert from imperial to metric. I really, really wish more US sites would put in converters for the remaining 6 billion who aren’t using US measurements lol.

    I’d also have liked to see a question about getting rid of green and food waste (composting, worm farm etc).

    Brandel Valico

    I got a 2.3

    My food consumption killed me as I eat out way to often.


    I got a 1.9. I think that the fact that I live way out in the country and have no access to bus, train or rail lines is what got me. That, and I drink an excessive amount of coffee.  :maul


    Yeah, I got killed on utility costs – which are not in my control realistically.  I rent, and our AC unit is horribly expensive.  Though, we can work on turning things off more. 

    Inari, green waste and all that is covered in the question that asks you how many bags of garbage you produce each week.  The goal is to become completely non waste producing, recycling everything. That sounds a bit tricky to me.  But, it certainly helps to cook food from scratch, so you don’t use containers.  That’s a goal for the future too, with the immediate goal to cook more meals on the weekend and freeze them for convenience. 

    I also get killed on the driving I do, which is certainly less than it was in the past.  But now I don’t have easy access to busses that are convenient for work.  Plus, that would further extend my commute time, and that would further cut down on what time I have available each day that isn’t spent in work.  It’s just not feasible.  So hopefully soon I can afford to buy a hybrid, donate my old car, and at least do less damage as I drive.  :-)

    Beral Khan

    I had 3.5 planets.  It was my food as well.  Not buying enough locally.  Which is something my wife and I want to start doing.  It’s getting out of season for that, however.

    Kol Drake

    :(      2.2 planets

    Only because I live in a larger home with ‘not enough’ people…. and got hammered by a factor of ‘5’ on food.  Not that I’m eating out (maybe once a month), but due to my food group balance!  Guess cereals and chicken/fish take lots more infrastructure to harvest/process/ship it to the market.

    Only ‘zero’ alternative seems to be ‘grow your own’.
    (NOT gonna happen — not gonna do my own fish and chicken ‘prep’!)
    (Though I do make my own bread as often as possible.)


    *smile* 3.5

    I have to commute pretty much everywhere and its not going to get any better.  I live very far away from everything.  I plan to change this though as I get older and finish school and when I can afford a place closer to my work, then I’ll rarely need to drive.

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