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    I have to admit, for most of my life I wasn’t into comics.  I read them so fast that it seemed silly to waste the money.  That is until I strolled into a comic shop a few years ago and bought a few random comics.  I realized that the storylines could be really interesting and were worth reading.  So now I read Wonder Woman which is branching off into a few other series like 52 which just finished, and whatever comes next for batwoman. 

    Then, Joss Wheden decided to make Buffy season 8 in comic format.  Of course I have to read that to know what happens next.  So it seems I’m slowly getting sucked into being completely into comics!  lol 

    I just got back from free comic book day, which is a day in May typically where publishes provide previews of comics they want people to check out.  It’s good if you don’t want to spend money to decide if you’d like something.  So, today comics are on my mind.

    Do you read comics?  If so, which ones?  Are there Star Wars comics you particularly enjoy?  Also, has anyone read the Legacy comics, which occur 125 years after the movies?  I’m thinking about picking it up, but since I don’t have money right now I figure I can get people’s opinions first.

    Hybrid Dawn

    I read some x-men and spider-man ones from time to time but there’s just too many of them, especially x-men, to really get too much into them.

    I’m really into this one series of the japanese equivelant to comic books, Manga. It’s called Death Note and it’s kept me captivated.


    The one thing I don’t like is when artists make characters look too similar.  then I have trouble understanding who is who.  But I’m also not good at distinguishing people in real life, so it’s probably the way my brain works. 

    I haven’t read any manga.  I used to watch Sailer Moon, though that was better in japanese (with subtitles of course) because the plots were more fun.  I don’t even know what constitutes manga actually lol.  But I know it’s becoming more and more popular.  :-)

    What is it about Death Note that is so captivating for you?

    I find Buffy so amazing because the characters are so well developed, not to mention hilarious.  Also, there are some really interesting lessons that I’ve learned from characters.  For instance, Willow’s character is a really good example of good intentions going badly, and also what happens when a good person is pushed too far and reaches the depths of darkness. 

    As for wonder woman, I think it’s the feminist perspective.  She’s treated as an equal.  And since they rarely have her romantically involved, I don’t have to be distracted by heterosexuality in the story.  Which is why I started reading the 52 series, because they’ve ‘outed’ batwoman.  So I was able to enjoy a gay storyline that ended up turning into one of the most interesting personal growth stories of the series in Renee Montoya.  Now I can’t wait to see how they continue those story arcs. 

    I don’t really care about all the action packed stuff that many comics revolve around.  For me it’s character development and growth.  Tell me a story, don’t just beat up bad guys.  :-)  Though that has it’s place from time to time.

    Hybrid Dawn

    Manga are longer than comic books, don’t have color and tend to be printed on paper similar to a novel. You read them backwards and they originate from japan. If it’s not from japan, it’s not manga.

    Death Note is about a teenage boy named Light, he’s just at the end of his school career and about to enter University. One day while sitting in class, thinking about how boring and redundant life is, a Shinigami (translates to God of Death) is thinking the same thing from his world and drops a note book into the human world. Light sees it drop from the window and by reading instructions inside finds that it has the ability to kill people simply by writing their name in the book. There’s more to it but those are the simplified directions. He doesn’t believe it at first but for whatever reason, keeps the note book. He finds out it works by killing a gang member then begins what in his mind is “purging the world of evil” by killing all criminals.

    It turns into these total mind twist and game of one guy trying to track him down and how they each deal with new encounters…it’s really hard to explain to make it sound good but it’s so interesting to read or watch. Light and the guy tracking him are both extremely intelligent and score perfect 100% on their qualifying exams.

    I’m really not a fan of DC comics so wonder woman and batwoman have never been my thing…I’m more for spider-man and the x-men.


    I read manga as well, deathnote is really really good. L is my favorite character, but my favorite manga are Yu Yu Hakusho (I really love the art and the character dynamics) and Rurouni Kenshin, even though it’s old. That’s why I started learning japanese actually, so I could watch kenshin without subtitles, just in japanese.

    Normal comic-wise, wonder woman is awesome and the flash makes me laugh really hard, however x-men are simply the best.

    Much love,


    I’ve never read any of the marvel stuff.  The movies are alright, but I haven’t watched all of them while paying attention really.  lol

    I guess for me, I get sick of the super masculine patriarchal crap that already permeates our society.  I want a break from that when I read something.  So I don’t want to see super strong guys rescuing the weak girls. 

    So I read things that attempt to avoid it somewhat.  They aren’t perfect.  But an attempt is better than nothing.  The world is full of strong males, and males in power.  I don’t want to see that in my reading material without it being tempered with equally strong women and women in power.  That’s why I read what I read. 

    Hybrid Dawn

    That’s why I love marvel. Other than a select few like the juggernaut(who’s an idiot) and Captain America, most Marvel characters, including the men, are very weak in overall appearance and are designed to be relate-able to readers. Spider-man is the best example of representing anyone who’s felt socially outcasted, nerdy, and stressed beyond belief. Overall, he’s just a science geek trying to get through life while trying to keep new york safe.

    X-MEN best represent the world as a whole. They are a class of people who are the next step in the evolutionary line, and because they’re different, they’re persecuted by people who are ignorant and afraid of what they don’t understand. Themes like that easilly relate to minority groups, different races, homosexuality and anyone else with a visible difference that people will ostrasize.

    DC is extremely guilty of portraying heroe’s as tough-as-nails, impossible to break down, bigger than Arnold Swartzeneger and pathetically fake. Sure, Marvel has male power figures like Magneto, but it also has strong female roles like Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, She-Hulk. The majority of Marvels female characters are tough and don’t need to be saved, the exception probably being the invisible girl from fantastic four. In X-men, you have just as many pathetic male characters as you do strong female characters, making it more realistic.


    lol it works.  At this point, I have no interest in any extra comics.  I’m getting too sucked in as it is!  lol  But yeah, I think the interesting characters need to be overcoming some human element and experience growth through their storyline.  I would bet all of these characters have changed quite a bit from the comics of the 50’s and 60’s.  :-) 

    Kol Drake

    What is now considered.. the superhero era is from 1961 ->  after Marvel became Marvel and re-introduced a genre that had faded after WWII.  Superman, Batman, Captain America were actually around in the 1940’s.   

    It was when Marvel brought out the Fantastic Four.. a disfuntional family working through their issues.. as well as what to do with really odd powers… then the spider teen geek and the jeckly and hyde Hulk.. that the superhero era was reborn.

    Do not judge the old (60’s -> 80’s) comics & characters by the latest movies.  Though the movies are okay.. they are trying to cram 30+ years of character development into a few hours of movie time.  Spider man had mechanical webshooters.  HE created the stickem and the web spinner.  Many Marvel ‘What If’ stories tried to show what would have happened if someone else had been bitten… all strength, no web shooters, etc.  In most cases, it was that unique combo of spider induced powers AND teen geek inventive-ness that made Spider-Man the spidey fans know and love today.

    Plus.. in the 60’s  most male teen readers could identify with a teen geek.. who got grief from the jocks and chilled by the popular girls.  Same for many other Marvel titles/heroes… Marvel tried harder to make them have character rather than ‘just muscles in spandex underwear’.  They sort of veered away from that by the mid to late 80’s.. and have gone totally brain dead since most of the guys from DC have now started working at Marvel  (those same guys who nearly killed DC with the death of Superman crap and multiple covers of a single issue… to cater to the collectors.. which made the comics soon worthless as compared to the old old collections, etx.)

    BUT I rant ….  I was a collector since 1963, when they were still selling for 12 cents!  Unfortunately, I had to sell my entire collection in the late 90’s ….. and it killed a part of me.  Those were good friends who I had grown up with…. Spider dude, Captain America, and all.

    These days, I look more toward new characters or independent comics to see the art and how well someone does as a story weaver rather than…. making all males and females look like steroid enhanced freaks with teenie heads.

    As for females… sometimes, they get it right.  A long run of Supergirl.  Wonder Woman off and on.  She-Hulk.  Briefly, Mizz Marvel.  And some others.  They may be ‘just comics’ but sometimes the writers and artists ‘get it right’ and create a work  worth appreciating and that can tell a story worthy of many novels on the shelves today.

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