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    With the Holidays here – and red and green everywhere we see – the Jedi do not have color designations to decorate or wear, or use…  Sports Teams, Organizations, and Holidays, Special Events, even gender and other social issues have color designations they can use.

    How about the Jedi?

    After some thought this is an option:  It is Kraft Brown (or natural beige), a lighter blue, and a bright green and white as Jedi Lightsaber classic colors and white for spirituality.


    Of course it could be changed a bit to add grey, or black or red – for other Jedi/Sith Community philosophies.  Just as those who celebrate Christmas but are not Christian often use the winter colors of blue, silver and white… (which also happen to be the Jewish Colors of the season).

    Kraft Brown is considered a color of humility.  Green might also add to the concern for the environment and life.  Blue may stand for loyalty, and other aspects of the Jedi.

    I would be very interested in feedback. 

    (Frankly – I’d like to be able to celebrate as others do – and colors are colors are colors..lol…no one can complain.  But perhaps it would be a nice start?)


    Maybe I’m a bit tired, but can you clarify this for me.  What is the purpose of this color scheme?  Is this for the holidays, or for Jedi color themes in general?  Colors of outfits?  I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from on this.  :-)


    Jedi Color schemes in general – some could be altered to work with other Jedi/Sith philosophies I suppose…

    Here’s the most recent one (5th) from around the boards…


    Really looking for input at this point.  Any ideas? 


    Well, if you want to dig a little, realize that colors have an affect on us, energetically.  Colors are used in healing, for instance.  They’ve been shown scientifically to influence us to eat more, which is why many older restaurants had colors of orange and yellow.  (though I don’t remember the details anymore).  So, taking this very rough idea, if I were sitting down to work on this I would ask what we want to present, and where.  If I wanted others around me to be calmed by my presence, what colors could aid in that goal?  If I had a temple meant to aid others in finding peace, what colors would I use there?  Just some quick thoughts…


    I’m all for the robe colours: brown and tan. Black if it’s a ceremonial robe. That’s all, though ;)


    Well – these are more template colors for the Jedi Community as a whole.  Not for ceremony or any particular site.

    It’s also been the census that white has been stricken.  The colors if you want to decorate “Jedi Online Community” or make frosting for Jedi Gathering Cupcakes perhaps? would be “Jedi Cloak” which is brown/beige, Light Saber Green, Light Saber Blue, and purple…

    It’s really just a generic color – and any other color can be added if philosophy color is desired (white, grey, black or red).

    Just thought a nice and inclusive color combination to denote we as Online Jedi would be something some of us would like to have.  Anyway – it gives me some ideas – I love stuff like this….lol.

    Any further discussion is welcome!  Nothing is set in stone…lol….


    I guess I’m not so much a visual person, so this just goes over my head.  lol  But hopefully you can find what you’re looking for.  :-)



    Here are the colors that seem to say “Jedi Community” basically…  There was some discussion at this site, Jediismway, Jedi Gatherings, Jedi Sanctuary, Ashla Knights, JEDI.org (well – no one there said anything), Temple of the Jedi Force and Temple of the Jedi Order…  and these seem surprisingly acceptable colors once altered for input.

    Jedi Cloak (brown/beige), Light Saber Green, Light Saber Blue and Purple…as said.  Here’s a basic – but remember the colors aren’t an exact – especially the brown..


    It’s like color designations – like logo colors – only we don’t have a logo as a community or organization.

    But I think I’m going to make a wreath and put Jedi Colors on it this weekend.  I may also add some symbols that have meaning for me – that I think are also Jedi (not Star Wars – but Jedi Realist).

    I hope it can be used as a template for those who want one – for Gatherings or personal expression of being Jedi Realists or part of the Jedi Online Community.

    Fun and fellowship…  none of this is carved in stone – as I said – and anyone is welcome to add input!

    Anyway – if I complete my wreath I’ll post a photo…heh…

    – Asta


    Actually, we do have logos ;)


    The Jedi Online Community has a logo? 

    Oh I’d love to use it for my decorating…  I’ve never seen one that I know?

    Where is it – or are you teasing Aslyn? ???

    – Asta

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