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    (choosing where to start isn’t easy sometimes)

    “Socrates! The tank is full – watch what you’re doing!”
    Ignoring me, he let the flood continue – saying, “Dan, like this gas tank, you are overflowing with preconceptions, full of useless knowledge.  You hold many facts and opinions, yet know little of yourself.  Before you can learn, you’ll have to first empty your tank.”  He grinned at me, winked, and turned the pump off with a click, added, “Clean up the mess, with you?”

    I got the feeling he was referring to more than the spilled gas.  I hurriedly watered down the pavement.  Soc took the driver’s money and gave him back some change and a smile.  We walked back to the office and settled in.
    “What are you going to do, fill me full of your facts?” I bristled.
    “It’s not a matter of facts; it’s a matter of body wisdom.”
    “What’s ‘body wisdom’?”
    “Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.  But you haven’t learned how to read the wisdom of the body.  So you can only read books and listen to experts and hope they are right.

    I couldn’t believe it – this gas station attendant was accusing my professors of ignorance and implying that my college education was pointless.  “I understand this ‘body wisdom’ concept, but I don’t buy it.”
    He shook his head slowly.  “You understand many things but have realized practically nothing.”
    “What is that supposed to mean?”
    “Understanding is the one-dimensional comprehension of the intellect.  It leads to knowledge.  Realization is three-dimensional – a simultaneous comprehension of head, heart, and instinct.  It comes from direct experience.”
    “I’m still not with you.”
    “DO you remember when you first learned to drive?  Prior to that time, you’d been a passenger; you only understood what it was.  But you realized what it was like when you did it for the first time.”
    “That’s right!” I said.  “I remember feeling, So that’s what it’s like!”
    “Exactly! That phrase describes the experience of realization perfectly.  One day, you’ll say the same thing about life.”
    I sat quietly for a moment, then piped up.  “You still haven’t explained how body wisdom works.”
    “Come with me,” Socrates beckoned, leading me toward the door marked “Private.”  Once inside, we were in total darkness.  I started to tense, but then the fear gave way to keen anticipation.  I was about to learn my first real secret: body wisdom.
    The lights flashed on.  We were in a bathroom and Socrates was peeing loudly into the toilet bowl.  “Ahh,” he said, “now this is body wisdom!”  His laughter echoed of the tile walls as I stomped out, sat on the couch, and glared at the rug.

    I think that’s enough for now.  There are a lot of big ideas in this passage.  We’ve seen the first idea in Star Wars – You must unlearn what you have learned.  I wonder, does this explanation help you understand (or realize ;-) ) more easily?

    Another idea is the difference between realization and understanding.  Think about it for a moment.  Can you come up with an explanation or example of the difference between understanding and realization from your own life? 

    And third is body wisdom.  Our bodies tell us a lot.  Do you recall a moment of body wisdom?  Do you have questions about it? 


    First of all I have to apologise myself for not coming back to this earlier. It’s in a way funny how fast time is running by when you are travelling a lot. But anyway back to topic.

    A well known saying of or grandmaster Soke Hatsumi is: “You have to forget what you have learned.” As a beginner this is hard to understand and easy to achieve as in the beginning a lot of different techniques will be shown to you and you cannot keep them all in your mind. But normally a beginner does not know what to do with this saying. As you went further on this path you will reach an understanding, at least it is my understanding as far as I have come, that this would like to tell you, that you shouldn’t learn active with your head. Why? Because everything what you just have learned by heard and is stored in your head you will easily forget if you find yourself in a situation which causes you stress. In those situations the body will react as natural as he can and will only be able to recall things which were gone in his veins. We speak then of body knowledge. There is no chance that your body will forget things which he wants had learned.

    This brings me already to the point where you can speak about knowledge and wisdom. So knowledge is a thing which you will get out through reading books or attending classes for to study, but if you like to get wisdom you have to go out there and practice your knowledge you gained through learning. Than, when this knowledge is transferred by experiences into something deeper, I think, you than can speak of wisdom.
    So the same it is with realization and understanding. You may understand a topic of a lesson after you have attended class but realization will only come when you use does thing you have learned.
    It happened often to me during my martial arts training as well as during my internships which I did during my study. You may come to a point where you have to do something, maybe the first time, on your own, something which you have heard or read many times about before but at this time it made “click” and from that moment on you really realise what was meant with all the expressions.

    About body wisdom, I’m not sure if this has to do with it or not, but I think it does, I do often have problems with my stomach. So I try to listen to my body what he is telling me about the food I eat. In this way I try to find out what is good and healthy for me and what not.
    But in a way it is for me hard to understand or see what body wisdom is or what makes it different from “listening to your feelings”!?


    That is definitely body wisdom.  It is also listening to your feelings though, as our feelings and body are interrelated.  Our body is a very good source of intuitive knowledge.  Which are you more likely to listen to:  A voice in your head saying something is bad for you, or an upset stomach that feels worse at the thought of the food that is bad for you?  We can ignore voices, we’re far less likely to ignore that sick feeling in our stomach. 

    That was a good example Yoshio.  :-)


    Hey guys, maybe it´s someone here after all…
    I´d like to step in as well…

    well, let’s see…
    “You’ll have to unlearn what you’ve learned”
    I think thats one point I can most likely example by movements.
    If I look at Salsa there is a simple point…
    We’ve learnd the basics in our ?danceschool? before.
    Right now my Partner and I have skiped out there and picked a school specially for Salsa…
    The point is the movements there, they are teaching from a view of feldenkreis (sry, bad  english).
    all the movements we´ve used up to now (yes, those movements are printed in the muscles…) are absolutly false and useless…

    I think going would be another good example, as kids we are learning to go by seeing it by our parents, so we are start going about the heals.
    We call that hackenläufer (word-by-word this would be healwalk but I doubt it would be your phrase).
    But there is a pathological phenomen by children by children, who are walken just on the “metatarsalen” (sorry, I absolutly can`t find a translation, so I´ll use our latin based word) without touching the Ground whith the heal.
    Godo is a little bit like thar they are touching the ground with the “Metatarsalen” and after that coming down on the heals.
    Thats also like throwing away old knowledge…
    Ourt look on this world is most like this.
    We´ve learned the most about the thoughts of others (parents, teacher, friends, etc.) but we can learn every day by day and looking out for our OWN experience…
    I think thats most likely the point in there, to be ready to overlook our point of view day by day.

    Ups, that was much… Sry

    The difference between understanding an realisation…

    Hmmm, up to this point I`m thinking about my apprentenceship…
    It´s one point to know how to build a ?rollup?sole, but thats absolutly not enough to become an excaptable result you must feel it.
    Just with your thoughts you won`t come forward you must get a picture how it should be and let it flow through your hands…

    :ponder huh, thats a little hard to descripe because there is no direct event…
    Just the feeling of sensations when you let the thing go and do as ya feel without a thought how stupid it is to do it in such a irregular way..
    Just a feeling of trembling and happyness, like everything in me is shouting to do it that way…
    But often thats the only way to get an acceptable result in problematic situations…

    Maybe we´ll the each other later…


    Hey Robin!!!! ;D

    Thanks for what you shared, and sorry it took so long to get back to what you posted!!!!

    I liked that example of  “going” and that is very true how we have learned from others and other sources, taking their experiences and using them as our own.  For me that is part of unlearning.  It is scratching in a sense what we have been “taught” and looking inwards and creating our own experiences to help us grow!

    Hope to see you around the boards more!!!!  :)


    Thank you, I´ll try.

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