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    Greetings Fellow M, Jedi!! There are a lot of us Jedi that live here in this lovely state, if I remember right the rough count of our little population is about 12 of us, if not more!! Myself and a few other Michigan Jedi have felt it is time to get a chapter going to bring us all together!!

    * What is a Chapter? Well it really is quite simple, a Chapter is what we call a group of Jedi that gather together in many different locations. Each state will have about one or two Chapters that include several Jedi that get together, hang out, Train, Study, go to events, perform volunteer work around their community and so much more!

    If your from Michigan, or any of our neighboring states and would like to meet up with us at our monthly gatherings please come check out our Web Site and Community Forums!!! Don’t be afraid to drop in a Hello while you are there! We would love to get to know each and every one of you!

    * Why is the board somewhat empty? This is because the Website and Forum is based on its members; It is up to you and me to bring the place alive! As time goes, and members come, and gatherings take place I will slowly be adding up new features to show everyone our progress. Some of these add on’s will be a Michigan Chapter Photo Album, Another will be the Michigan Chapters By-laws, Profiles, news letters, and much, much more!! But we need you! So Come on over!!

    * Others are welcome!! Just because this is the Michigan Jedi Chapter does not mean we don’t want guests!! If anyone happens to be in the area, are traveling to the area, or live in one of the Neighboring states you are more then welcome to join us!! Just come pull up a chair and relax over at our forums for news and updates on our adventures.

    * Help us gather More members!! Do you know of a Jedi that lives here in Michigan? Please don’t be afraid to suggest our Community to Him or Her, We would love to have them join us!

    So where is this website and community forum?? Well Thanks you for asking!! Here are the URL Links to both the locations!

    Home Website >> http://www.freewebs.com/themjc/

    Community Forum >> http://themc.yuku.com/

    If you have any questions please feel free to E-Mail me anytime and I shall get back with you as soon as I possibly can!

    E-mail >> kitsutails@yahoo.com

    I hope I see all of you here soon!

    May The Force Be With You

    **Please note that the Michigan Jedi Chapter is an Independent Chapter and is not associated with any other group or community Board. **

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