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    If you work with Uriel or have any effect on the weather around you, please let me know.  Jennifer Hoffman at healing@urielheals.com is looking to form a group of energy workers to counteract the tornadoes and storms that have rocked the U.S. lately.  I have her e-mail requesting help that I will send to you if you wish.  This project will take a lot of time and energy, so be committed prior to sending her information.  Thanks. 

    Kol Drake

    Be very very careful with this.

    I started my ‘mind work career’ pushing clouds about.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I was messing with ‘moving weather about’ to protect some friends… specifically some in Florida.  Trying to make hurricanes ‘move’ is dicey.  While I helped protect my friends, there were times when it seemed the ‘result’ was not so cool.   

    In some cases, the weather ‘mysteriously’ jumped over them or ‘missed by a couple of miles’ — the flip side was, some OTHER area got hit… sometimes real hard.  So, just remember — weather happens.  And unless you can suppress or kill a major storm altogether, it might be best to just ride out the storms.

    (( yes, it sounds bad;  not wanting to save folks from leveled homes and such but… while helping one town, you may be condemning another…))

    anyway… fyi and be careful.

    Brandel Valico

    Will have to add my own caution to this. Even if you could suppress the energy from a storm completely.  There is a reason that event is occurring, While I won’t say not to do this. I will say I think it ill advised. The thought and intent behind it is a good one. But the method could lead to far worse things happening elsewhere or even at the same spot at a later time. The ecosystem and weather of the planet is not something to be worked against. It serves a purpose that needs to occur. Blocking it if possible would work against that purpose.

    As Kol alluded to look at the bigger picture of what may and will happen if you suppress a storm in one area. That outlet will funnel to a different area and add to the energy there.


    I’d like to see the Jedi go to the source of, at least some of, the incredible weather phenonema we’ve seen in the last decade or so…  Global warming.

    Mindful and positive energy towards the earth as an organism, and the recognition symbiosis of our lives within that organism, is very needed.  Doing so wholistically would also create a total healing – not just one location that could create issues for another.

    If it could become a worldwide mindfulness and positive energy, and I do think there is a beginning to it, would help heal what man in the past has damaged?

    But a very cool idea to mention!… 


    Yes, I think this is a situation of good intentions but a bad idea.  The people that go through disasters have it in their soul contracts to experience them.  That doesn’t mean we can’t help reduce the severity, but that it’s an unavoidable situation.  If it’s not this one it’ll be on in the future (kinda like Final Destination movies, but hopefully less gross lol)  In the end what I suspect will happen is the people involved burn through a lot of time and energy on something that isn’t the most useful.  But I say that assuming what the intention is.  Is it to try to make them stop, or to reduce the severity?  Or something else?


    Jax you and I have very different reasons for thinking its a bad idea.


    1) A lot of people who will join this project probably don’t have a real idea of how to properly focus their energies (anyone remember that guy I talked about from the Earthquake disaster here?  If not, he prayed that certain things would not happen-each prayer [minus the one regarding a plague] backfired-and he is considered a spiritual leader in Okinawa.)

    2) Even if you are trying to help the earth itself, you might end up causing great problems later on.  We call this the Butterfly Effect.  Who is to say that the earth isn’t a lot like man in certain respects?  Humans get angry, someone manages to quell their anger, but later on when that person isn’t present, the anger and stress had built up so much from their friend’s quelling that it just erupts into something much larger.


    Oh, I don’t believe it will have any real affect unless the earth desires it to be so.  We puny humans, even when calling upon powerful forces, can’t stop what must happen. ;-)  I have many reasons why this is a bad idea, so I agree with Seta. :-)


    Thanks for the caveats, folks.  I will pass them along to Ms. Hoffman. And I have found in my work that I can’t stop storms and tornados, but I can help minimize damage from them.  So that is where I am focusing.  Not moving clouds around or moving storms from one place to another.  

    I will be very, very careful. 


    :) @ Jax

    Ellen, something you might suggest is for prayers that the local relief programs and people are able to work together through the crisises that occur in their area, rather than have a repeat of New Orleans Post-Katrina.


    Good idea, Seta.  Done. 

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