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    Brandel Valico

    I’m going to touch on a few things and no doubt jump around a bit. So consider yourselves warned *LOL*

    Alex your first my friend.

    But yeah, there’s no such thing as no time to train. If you don’t feel you’re training when occupied by non-Jedi concerns, you need to re-evaluate how you apply that which you have already learned.

    For the most part as will come to no surprise for most who know me I agree with your comments. But this line shows a fundamental flaw in thinking that many have. The concept of Non-Jedi Concerns. All to often I see people looking at the Jedi as a part of them. Not who they are. But simply another side of their persona so to speak. This is part of the problem you guys are discussing. Which Alex is addressing here for the most part. It is needed for students and all Jedi to stop seeing the Jedi as simply part of who they are. Instead they should see all their separate parts as one whole. When a person starts to consider this or that non-Jedi related the odds are they aren’t applying the Jedi path as it should be. That doesn’t mean posting here or at other boards more or less then they do now. What I mean is  There is no walking away from the new responsibility you accept. You might well choose when and where to reveal who and what you are, but there is no forgetting, no leaving that responsibility behind. Being a Jedi has to be total and complete. You are a Jedi every day, every hour, every second; for as long as you live, and then some. As such for those of us who decide to follow this path. There should be no such thing as a non-Jedi concern. Since anything we are concerned with is in effect a Jedi concern.

    Okay onto a comment by Jax

    Exactly.  It’s as if this “everything is training” is an excuse to avoid organized, structured training.  And that, it could be argued, is why the community as a whole hasn’t gotten far on the road to more formal training – it requires too much of a time commitment.

    While everything is training. I do agree that many people do use it to avoid structured training. Which is perhaps something that should be covered in depth. When a person is honest with themselves they will know if they have been using such things as an excuse to do just that. All to often we blind ourselves and hide behind false truths we tell to ourselves to justify why we did or did not do certain things. We all see the world through filters and blinders we place upon ourselves. Not having taken the classes here yet. I’m unsure how much you guys have been working with the students here in this respect. But it would benefit them to teach them to study themselves fully and in doing so know when they are lying to themselves. It may not stop them from doing so but at least they would know they are. It is necessary to abandon one’s “preconceived impressions of the way things are.” There is often a great gulf between what we want to believe and what is “real.”
    The “desires” to be given up, then, are not so much the desires for material belongings and power, although these are also important things to look at in yourself, but the desires to see reality as we want to see it, rather than as it is. These are the desires that “cloud the mind” and make us lose touch with the world. These are our self-deceptions. And these are “luxuries” a Jedi cannot afford. They have to see reality in all its harsh grimness.
    When I say we desire that something be a certain way, I do not necessarily mean that we want it to be that way. We want to think it is that way. If you think of a certain man as your enemy, then anything he says or does will be examined and found to be an insult or a threat. The identical words or actions on the part of a beloved friend would carry far different meanings. There is a saying: “Suspicious eyes see only evil.’ Those not guided by the Force will see only what they desire to see.” We human beings choose to see things as we wish. Few people seem to believe this, though. We decide to be jealous, or angry, or depressed, or happy, or bored, and these choices are often based on our biased interpretations of the thoughts of others. It is amazing how much psychological control many people relinquish to others. If we think someone else disapproves of us, we are worried. If we think that someone is pleased with us, we are happy. If we think that someone holds views contrary to our own, we are insulted. If we think that someone is contemptuous of us, we are angry. With all these others determining how we feel, it is sometimes difficult to find the actual self.
    These are the desires of which I speak, these mental barriers that prevent us from accepting fully all that life has to offer. If a man wastes his time in emotional indulgence, he will be forever preoccupied and will miss much the Force would give him. “There is no Emotion; there is peace.” We aren’t talking about getting rid of emotions themselves. We are talking about getting rid of inappropriate and useless emotional responses.

    Onto Asta

    De-Cluttering my life has been an astounding help.  I had no idea how materialistic I was or how it built hurdles – literally and figuratively – in my life on many levels.  I don’t think the Jedi needs to be spartan – but I certainly function better and better living with what I need and actively use or enjoy rather than stacking up the past needs/wants only to dust or take up space.

    It’s a useful practice in detachment the idea of de-cluttering. For myself I feel that it’s fine for a Jedi to acquire as much stuff as they need or needed. As long as they are willing to let it go when it is no-longer needed to do what they need to do.

    And back to Jax.

    It’s hard to reason with a toddler so they’ll let you meditate in peace!
    I’ve shared in meditation 101 that my simplest trick is to meditate when I’m going to bed.  I know this doesn’t take the place of sitting for 20 minutes during the day, but it’s a time I can consistently make.  Because of this I’ve been able to do a lot more meditation than when I tried unsuccessfully to meditate in the past.

    The idea of meditating right before sleep is defiantly a great one. I have suggested it to a few people myself. I’m glad to see others do also. Though I always caution that the concept of achieving a meditative state while alone or it’s peaceful around you and quiet is only a step along the path. That only when you can be perfectly calm and peaceful in the midst of as you suggested a toddler screaming and pestering you. That your good at meditation.

    Okay I’ve pestered you all enough. without really touching on the subject your discussing. That of being to busy for Jedi things. In this respect I as noted simply disagree that there should be any non-Jedi things in our lives. As such one can’t be to busy. Now if we are talking about being to busy to post here or at other Jedi sites or hand in assignments or simply living lives that are far to chaotic for us. Then I would agree that is an issue that does need to be addressed.

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