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    Kol Drake

    I like this recent post from the web site, Daily Om, and thought it speaks of re-connecting to the universe…. which could just as easily speaking to us about re-connecting to the Force.



    July 27, 2010

    [size=11pt]Sometimes we can feel disconnected from the Universe, but it is always there for us, take a breath and reconnect.[/size]

    There may be times when we feel like our connection to the universe [and the Force] is closed.  Maybe things don’t seem to be going well in our day, or our lives, or we may feel out of our element.  The truth is, the universe is always there for us. We know that we create our experience with our thoughts, and this is another way we need to make a conscious decision about how we want to experience life. It is up to us to do the work of making the connection, because nobody can do it for us, though sometimes the universe may send us wake-up calls.

    You can think of it as getting some fresh air. We are always breathing and the air is always around us, surrounding us, moving through us. But we may need to step outside of where we are in the moment — physically, mentally, or emotionally — and make the conscious choice to take a deep breath in order to feel the air coming in and going out. Whether this means stepping outside physically or merely shifting our thoughts, it is only our perception that changes; the air remains the same.

    It is just as easy to reconnect with the universe. Using the same technique as a breath of fresh air, a deep breath can bring us back to our center. As we inhale, we fill our bodies with the oxygen needed to replenish our most basic physical needs, allowing the air to circulate within us. Exhaling, we release the stale, the used, the potentially toxic air, removing any blocks that may keep us from going deeper into the stillness that lies at our center where we connect to the universe. Feeling closed off does not need to be a negative experience. When we become conscious of it, we can think of the wholeness of a closed circuit, which allows electricity to connect and flow properly. Our bodies work the same way, and when we make that connection in our minds, it can help bring us back to the connection we seek.


    We can consciously ‘breath in’ the Force just as he describes taking in air.
    Taking the time to ‘fill up’ when the moment warrants it can make a huge difference in how a situation (or day) turns out.
    Try it today (or tomorrow) — stop and take in the Force — allow yourself to be open to that which always there for you.

    Kol Drake
    [size=11pt]And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.
    — Black Elk[/size]

    Think of breathing in the Force as a physical task, like walking.
    Imagining walking doesn’t make you move. To move, you need to engage the parts of your brain that control your muscles (your motor cortex).

    Visualization is like walking. You engage the parts of your brain that control your energy sensitive ‘muscles’, which move energy, connections, and other aspects of the Force. You communicate your intent through images, but the magic happens when you engage your ‘muscles’.  The parts of your mind that do work with the energetic already listen to your body. Emotions change your energy signature. So do physical activities like Tai Chi. Simply taking deeper breaths relaxes you and engages the cells in your chest, which changes your energy slightly.

    To get the parts of your mind that control energy to listen to your imagery, sync the images with one of those activities.
    For example:

      1. Breathe deeply.
      2. Imagine a white glowing mist entering your lungs every time you breathe in.
      3. Imagine it leaving its incandescence in your lungs, so you exhale a dim mist.
      4. Repeat with each breath for several minutes.
      5. When you’re done, imagine the incandescence moving down your spine, and release it into the ground.

    What the visualization represents: The incandescence represents energy. With each breath, you are breathing energy into your chest, which you then release when you’re done. You’ll find this in hundreds of books and websites.

    What’s really happening: The deeper breaths are triggering your body to generate a small amount of energy in your chest. This engages the parts of your mind that generate energy. At the same time, you are visualizing images that suggest to your unconscious that you would like more energy. Since the parts of your mind that control energy in your chest are already active, they will pick up this instruction.

    That’s the idea, anyway. It may take a few tries before everything connects.

    So, if I hold my tongue juuuust right….

    Visualizing white light moving through your body is easy. Recognizing the energy it builds is the hard part.

    There’s no universal feeling associated with energy because energy isn’t monolithic. Every energy has a signature. The physical sensations happen when your nerves absorb the energy’s signature (specific vibe/frequency/’stuff’), changing their state. Different energies affect different nerves differently, producing different sensations.

    I don’t know what what your energy will feel like. But here are some common sensations you can use as a baseline:

       * Energy sometimes makes your skin tingle, like when someone almost touches you.
       * Energy sometimes fills your body with warmth from the inside, like drinking hot tea on a cold day.

    Energy is easier to feel as it moves through your body. When you build energy in a specific spot in your body, its signature will match that area’s signature. As you move the energy, it will hit parts of your body with different signatures, causing more obvious sensations. Just visualize the glow spreading from your lungs throughout your body to move the energy.

    Do not worry about ‘matching signatures’ right now.
    Feel the Force within.

    Making it ‘orange’ for the second chakra or ‘blue’ for another is not as important as just getting it moving… and practicing your skills at noticing and directing it easily.

    Kol Drake

    This is a bit of a bump from a six year old post but…

    I recalled the latest Star Wars trailer for “The Last Jedi”… and how Luke Skywalker’s voice mind whispers, “Breathe”.

    We all need to remember to breathe at times like this.



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