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    Magdelene Nashira

    Bin Laden – They got him!

    Well, by now you’ve all probably heard the news.  Any thoughts?

    Kol Drake

    Sadly, this is not a case of ‘cut off the head’ and the serpent will die.

    Symbolically, it is ‘nice’ — we got the ‘bad guy’ who did bad things to us.

    Unfortunately, there are waaaay too many other ‘bad guys’ waiting to do more bad stuff.

    I do express a heartfelt thanks to ALL service men and women for their hard work and dedication… fighting / supporting basically two mini wars and a semi ‘no fly’ campaign… while also trying to have a life and family, etc.  Never easy and most times taken for granted or ignored until they are there to lend a hand up in a time of need.

    Beral Khan

    What Kol said.


    There were many people deeply effected either directly or indirectly on 9/11.  Many of them have had trouble moving on.  The death of Bin Laden will help some of them find closure.  I wish they could have moved on through forgiveness instead, but I’m glad they are finally able to find peace somehow.

    I think in the final tally of things, Bin Laden’s death will have little impact.  We may see a surge in enemy activity for a while, but I think it’ll be more a shift in timing than in total activity.  I think he’s had little direct involvement for sometime.  However, he has been a sort of figurehead.  Now instead he’ll be a martyr.

    I wish we had been able to capture and try him.  I’m sure the orders were to take him dead or alive.  Still I hope they at least tried to take him alive and only killed him in self defense.  The burial at sea was a nice touch so there is no burial place to enshrine.  But his followers will find something to enshrine.

    Our soldiers continue to put their lives on the line to attempt to protect us.  Life goes on.  Death goes on.  The Force goes on.  God goes on.


    This is so gonna cause more troubles. They gave the other guys a clear and strong focus and reason to rally against the west.

    CIA went for kill to save their face mainly. Wrong motivations lead to…  not so good situations.

    I bet he was shot gruesomely, what with the story about a maid rushing navy seals… sounds like some backward logic that a maids actions cause some other guy who happened to be Osama to get shot.

    They went in and PWNed him real bad, that’s for sure. That’s why they are afraid of showing the photos.

    Was he even responsible for 9/11 in any way? If he was, only then it makes some sense, as a slight relief for those who lost someone at 9/11. But that relief may give way for more suffering around the world, real soon.

    I don’t consider the overall picture any good at all. It is only gonna get more worse now. Wrong deeds brew more wrong deeds, the cycle of violence will never end. This case needs a something that would break this cycle and bring peace at last. Kinda dumb that only solution accepted is a total wipe out of either west or Islamic extremists.

    …really bad that no world power exists capable of stopping this madness.


    I dunno, Neo. It IS always nice to shed the pyramid of its head.

    BUT, it you do think of it as the iceberg effect. We’ve either destroyed the Base of the pyramid or just scraped the tip of the iceberg… that’s what we have to decide. If we have rocked the foundation, then we will have done something worthwhile. I am simply afraid it is the other way around. :/


    I fear the US getting cocky over it…  and becoming beligerent in its war on terror.    Some of the more hawkish citizens will certainly feel emboldened by it.

    (our ‘leaders’ have short-syndrome    short-term memories, short-sightedness… and will likely overlook that it took us ten years to find him)


    Agreed. So, what are the consequences of that?


    I guess it remains to be seen.    Its a delicate balance, when the enemy isn’t a state.    My worry is that, in our effort to protect ourselves, and the world at large from the type of atrocities we’re trying to defend against… that we become that which we’re trying to eliminate.    Thankfully the ‘nuke em all’ mentality remains very much a minority opinion.  :)

    I guess I would like to not see this become politicized.  Well, a lot of things, really. 


    Should we have captured him?  Who’s to say we didn’t try?  Just because a person isn’t armed doesn’t mean he wasn’t acting in a way to make the SEAL team believe he was. 

    I received information yesterday from my wife’s guide who did a little digging, aka went asking around the guides of the people involved to get a more complete story.  I know not everyone here believes in guides or trusts information they can’t verify.  You are free to believe what she told me is garbage, but I know she told us the truth as she discovered it and that the details she learned will not be released due to the way they can be misinterpreted by others. 

    Apparently Bin Laden refused to raise his hands in surrender.  He also kept reaching toward his coat.  They were worried about incendiary devices which may have been found elsewhere (this detail is a little fuzzy).  Finally he reached in and started ripping at his clothes to get to something inside and they fired.  They had no way of knowing what was in his clothes and thus he was acting in a threatening manner.  It was very possible he had a phone in there that could blow the whole compound up.  He knew what he was doing, knew that they would have no choice but to shoot him for his actions.  He chose to die a martyr. 

    The story out of Pakistan from his daughter is partially true.  Some time passed, but not 30 minutes.  And all he had to do was surrender.  Just put his hands in the air.  But he didn’t.  Thus, this was the result.  The way I see it, there was only one option when he started to rip at his clothing. 

    As for pictures, no, I don’t think they should release them.  There are many reasons.  The people that say they need proof will say they are photoshopped.  It won’t stop the conspiracies.  The people that want to see him dead because of what he did will only do more harm to their well being if they see him dead and gloat over it.  The people who support him will use it as an even greater rallying cry.  Science has proven that an image really is more powerful than words and stays longer in the brain.  If we want this war to end those pictures need never to be released. 

    As for the burial at sea, I don’t know the details of this.  To me it sounds like they paid him respect to the extent they could.  Saudi Arabia refused to take his remains and there was no way we’d send them back to the people we’re fighting.  In war, many remains never return home, and that includes Americans. There are US cemeteries in many foreign countries (France comes to mind) where they were buried with appropriate ceremony.  He was also buried appropriately at sea.  I think it was the only realistic option considering the political climate and still very strong feelings toward September 11 and the resulting wars. 

    So in summary…it was an amazingly gutsy call and one that brings some closure to the people who were directly touched by 9/11. 

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