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    10 go to novice. 20 to adept

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    Wilderness First Responder – certification – 80 hours

    I am the volunteer medical person for the community. I am on-call 24/7. How do I track this? How do I register hours for an On-call activity?

    Total 80+

    Novice 10 (can I use the rest for adapt?)


    Martial arts training – with community – 8 hours

    I teach 2 – one hour classes per week.
    This is a volunteer instruction to the residence to help them honor the body temple.

    total – 8 hours


    training –
    I train at least one per day – every day.
    I do p90x (for residence), running, martial arts, hiking, biking and other things for exercise and honoring the body temple.
    I do Yoga a couple times a month.
    Dancing and other playful exercises.

    I need to start tacking these hours better.

    I have done over 100 hours of p90x over the year.


    I have moved your journal as requested. Thank you.


    okay, I think I am grasping the full application of this training journal. So I need to report on my development while doing these exercises here. I will start posting my discoveries here, now.


    Meditation –
    stillness/empty mind meditation – I sat for 5 minutes this morning. Since I am getting back into this style of meditation, I am having “more thoughts” than I expected. I am fine with it. I am sitting comfortably. I am regaining my back muscles that are used for sitting. I have never sat in full lotus. I generally sit “cross-legged”.

    I feel my breath moving in and out. Lungs expanding.

    I have been doing “visualization”, healing and “grounding” meditations which all have a “Thought” component to it for the last two years. So getting back into “empty mind” is more “challenging” than I expected.

    Kol Drake

    Empty mind is an exercise… and sometimes a tough one to ‘get’ depending on the person. HOWEVER, if you are a long time meditation sort and have certain routines which work for you, do not be afraid to try those ‘themed’ to the lesson(s). Would hate to have a well trained person suddenly get all twisted up trying to ‘fix’ what was never broken.


    I am using these lessons to get back to something I use to do. Thanks for the support.


    I am figuring out just how much to post here and how much to put in my report. I think I will do a weekly and/or a monthly report.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 110 total)

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