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    I would like to use this post to track my practices and to respond to things. I will post my essays here.


    Education – TOTJO initiate Program completed.
    I completed the Temple of the Jedi Order’s Initiate Program and was honored the rank of Initiate – which generally takes 6 months to achieve. I did not tract the hours that it took for me to complete all of the written assignments but it took a while. I feel that this is furthering my Jedi studies by encouraging me to think about Jediism in a different way than here. I am working on my practice at both sites to experience the different ways that groups play out this process. I am enjoying both sites and I am discovering the difference in focus at both. I am liking the increased depth of study by doing most things “twice”.

    Questions (Q) – how many hours would this count for? It could be seen as a book at 5 hours of study or more since it was a process.


    Lesson 0: Temple Structure

    Lesson 1: Myth

    Lesson 2: The Self

    Lesson 3: Meditation

    Lesson 4: Connections

    Lesson 5: Temple Doctrine

    Lesson 6: World Religions

    Lesson 7: Personal Tools

    Lesson 8: Jediism Essays



    Education – book – Death Troopers – (5hrs)
    (would this book count since it is SW canon?)

    I did not learn much about Jedi or Jediism. I would need to read RED HARVEST for that. That will be my next SW book.
    Education – book – Death Troopers –
    (would this book count since it is SW canon?)

    I did not learn much about Jedi or Jediism. I would need to read RED HARVEST for that. That will be my next SW book.
    I do “zombie” defensive martial arts training that I call “hand to mouth” training, so I enjoy the zombie mythos. However, I do not feel that it belongs in Star Wars and makes me feel that SW only did it to “tap” into this horror genre. I feel that is was more financially based than “story” based. So if I let that go, I would comment on…
    “There is no Death, there is the Force”.
    Could Zombies be the shadow – distortion of “life”? Since the Sith pervert all that is good about the force for their own ends ( I have not read “Red Harvest” yet), is this an attempt at creating “immortality” in the Material plan of existence? Could this be an examination of Science without morality? This would justify the need and importance of a Code – a code that guides the creative process to make sure that things are happening within the design of the Force and not for “personal” reason. I feel that “science for science’s sake” is one of the deadliest perspectives on the planet and in the multiverse. When people do things simple to do it – without any awareness of its “possible” effects on the environment or people – this is when things get “out of wake”. This is when a “disturbance in the Force” happens.
    This goes with bringing Silk Worms to the States. Planting creeper vine in Australia and then brining in rabbits to eat the vines. And then people putting in “rabbit proof” fences across the country to stop the rabbits? This a very sad story that continues to happen when we separate morality from intellectuality and Science from “Religion”. I am not into organized religions, but I am into what it offers – a spiritual guidance system that can help people regulate their choices with.
    So this also is a reflection of our resistance to the natural order of things – the design of the Force. When people try to “cheat death” they are really disrupting life. When we off set the balance, life finds a way to balance it out. Like in the book – if there are zombies (the undead), then the life must “die” to balance out the force.
    When people resist the ultimate change that is death in an effort to achieve immortality, that always leads to “trouble”. The Chinese legendary “pill” was make of poisons like mercury – go figure. For the Sith, they usually live a very pained existence like Darth Sion and others. darth sidious does this via cloning himself at his clone bank – “The Dark empire” comic book (and the new movies).
    So people continue to use science to prolong life with out thinking about the far reaching and spiritual consequences. Could this path lead to the creation of real zombies in or world or not – I do not know. But I do know – Science without morality is very dangerous and the rest of the population seems to suffer the consequences.


    Education: Book – Star Wars: The Path of the Jedi
    (5 hours)

    Well, I learned a lot about Jediism from this book. I would state that I did not find it that “good” overall. I do feel that the book could have been “better” organized. I feel the style they picked is to emulate a “personal” statement. I have the perception that Jedi creating a Holocran would be “organized” in their thoughts, but that is my opinion and the book is the way that it is.

    Overall, I am glad the book is published. I feel that this book validated and supported Jediism. I like the general look and feel of the pages. I like the imagery throoughout the book.

    I really did not like the “notations”. Yes, I get it. I write in all of my books. It is an attempt to make the book “real” or “living” – alive. But I find it distracting thematically. The book is meant to be a “recording” not a book. How do people comment “permanently” on an ancient video recording? I also do not like the fact that “Sith” held this book. It makes me ask, “How did the Sith get it and why did they not keep it?” “How did it return to the Jedi?” Also, why do the writing begin with Yoda and not someone older than him? And how does it have Ashsoka Tano in it? And then go to Darth Sidious? Did Darth Vadar pick it up from her room before heading to the Darkside? Why would he care to keep it with him? So what does this have to do with Jediism – It confuses the Mythology and for me, it disrupts my appreciation for the material. Yes, I can let this go – personally it has no affect on me. It only effects the “mythology” which is larger than me. So if people can let these inconsistencies go and focus on the “spirit” of the book, then I am okay with it. This is a challenge that Jedi Realists are constantly plagues with.

    The aspects of the book that I find helpful are: The three pillars. I definitely can hold true to: The Force, Knowledge and Discipline. I have reviewed these words in other posts.

    I like the Initiate trials. I look forward to seeing what this site has for these trails. I do feel that these trials are very “realistic” to life. I like the way that they are broken down. I am working on ways to implement such trials or “rights of passage” into my work.

    I do like the section that talks about Battlemasters and states that a Jedi is defined by the Lightsaber, swordplay and martial arts. The Jedi are a Martial order that focuses on spirit and “metal”. The heaven and the earth. The invisible and the visible at the same time.

    I do believe that “sense abilities” are possible. I feel that with proper training, anyone and everyone is “force sensative”. However since there is so much resistance to the ideas of this and Humans are not “responsible” enough to use such “powers” respectfully – for these reasons we do not have regular access to them.

    I like the concept of a Praxeum. I would love to become part of one. To be a teach at such an academy would be amazing.

    I appreciate the roles and responsibility section. Knowing one’s role in the world can be helpful.

    So overall, I enjoyed the book. I am glad that it was written. I would prefer a slightly different format – but this is what we have.


    The word “force” defined.
    I love exploring the meaning of words. I am enjoying reflecting on these definitions.

    physical power or strength possessed by a living being: He used all his force in opening the window.
    strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence: to use force to open the window; to use force on a person.
    strength; energy; power; intensity: a personality of great force.
    power to influence, affect, or control; efficacious power: the force of circumstances; a force for law and order.

    1250–1300; (noun) Middle English < Middle French < Vulgar Latin *fortia, derivative of Latin fortis strong; (v.) Middle English forcen < Anglo-French, Old French forcer, derivative of the noun


    I am doing a self study program called “THE WAY TO MASTERY” and “THE ATTUNEMENT WITH LIFE” at the same time. These courses have seven pages each. each page has a question and an assignment. The goal is to improve one’s self. to improve and enhance a person’s connection to the force. and to increase a person’s general conscious awareness of the surround.

    I am enjoying this practice so far.

    Assignment one: Acceptance – what does this mean to me and how does it affect my life.
    I have discovered that “acceptance” is the cure for most dis-ease in the world. If people accepted the present moment, if they allowed the moment to unfold naturally – the world would be in a much more harmonious and aligned state. I must accept what is because that is all there is – the moment. This is the “power of now” that is talked about by Echart Tolle. By accepting “what is” i am in agreement with it and I can work with the factors more accurately to find a “creative” way to move with it that is harmonious.

    It asks “can I say the words “all is well” with authority?”. This is a tough one. some days yes, but on bad days – to accept that all is well on a bad day is hard. I am working on constantly being in a spiritual, aligned or meditative state at all times and in all situations. So I yearn to attain this reality of “all is well” and “I am perfect, now”.

    When I am in agreement with the design of the force – I feel accepted. When I resist it – I feel isolated and solitary.
    I am enjoying feeling these “feeling” and appreciating them because they give me insight into other being’s lives and “struggles”.

    I am working on accepting “acceptance of what is – now.”


    Pamphlet –
    it states that it suggests at least taking 45 minutes per page. Is that acceptable for this or should I take the standard 5 hours per book for this practice?


    Since you can only count up to 10 hours of anything, I’d only use 10 for TOTJO. For the pamphlet you can use 5 since your total time will be that.


    Attunement certificate training class – 7 days. 8 hrs/day – 56 hours

    Attunement retreat – 2 days – 10 hours

    Attunements given – up to this point – 16 hours/80 hours required for certification.

    total: 82

    Can 10 of these hours go towards Novice Level and the rest go to Adept?


    The form reality practice instructor training – 6 days, 5hrs/day 30 hours

    at this point I have done around 12 hours of form practice and participation.

    total: 42

    10 hours for Novice.

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