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    Kol Drake

    I was just reading the latest post on Tai-Da’s blog site –>  http://taidaslibrary.wordpress.com/  <--  on what he titled 'weakness' -- but it made me recall that these last few weeks I have seen several sites and blogs speaking of a 'lack' or imbalance in a person or philosophy. I suspect all of ‘us’ can point to one area — be it emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual — which is ‘out of balance’ or not being ‘exercised’ or nurtured as much as the other aspects of their lives / training.   Unfortunately, due to being ‘unbalanced’, one can start feeling like they are losing the Force in their life… just not ‘getting it’ anymore or like they are slipping away from the path they were so ‘spot on’ just months/weeks ago. It might be interesting to see how those here tend to work on keeping their balance and what ‘tools’ they employ.


    I know I am getting out of balance when I either get sick or just start getting narky whenever I look at someone who I know is going to ask me to do something for them. Usually it is an indicator that I’m not making time for the things that are special to me, meditating, or doing something crafty, or exercising.


    I tend not to notice as quickly as I’d like – or perhaps I’m just stubborn in thinking I’ll balance back ‘soon’ and go longer before intervening.  Typically my mood goes first.  I am more quick to anger – first toward strangers and then toward my loved ones.  If I can catch it in the anger toward stranger phase that’s preferable.  I find when I’m out of balance I waste time doing less important things and avoid the important (like cooking and cleaning) so when I’m getting off track in that way I try to force myself to do small tasks that are in better alignment with what I should be doing.  For instance, loading up the dishwasher which takes just a few minutes even if I’m trying to go to bed. 

    An odd, but fairly accurate sign for me as well is my singing.  I am not a singer by any stretch of the imagination, but I know that I sing more in tune and with better tone when I am centered.  As I get out of my center my musical talents decline as well.  I state this to perhaps help other people look at other areas of their life as well. 

    Last night, at the urging of guides, I did a modified chakra cleans which is what I recommend to anyone off balance.  It’s a quick process which helps balance the energy body, supporting balance in our physical and emotional body as well.  I’ll write it up in my training journal later, but basically I did it as a visualization exercise while lying in bed.  I’m also going to drink some tea in a minute here at work and I’ve been trying to eat better quality food.  All of this gives my body the support it needs to support my emotions. 

    In the end I think it’s a matter of looking at your life, seeing what you have neglected once the stress or imbalancing trigger began and reincorporating it into your life.  Most of us start to drop sleep, quality food, meditation, or exercise as we get busy and those are the very things that help us handle stress effectively.

    Hope that helps.

    Magdelene Nashira

    Lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this too.  I haven’t come up with a lot of answers, but one thing I’m thinking tonight when I see people talking about noticing signs of imbalance is that these usually don’t occur to me until it is way off and then sickness or the fact that my family comes looking for me and tries to get me to stop working or something makes me realize how off I am.  However, in thinking about how to get back into balance I noticed something that I never really considered before and that is that I don’t really think I could give you a true definition of what “balance” in my life really is.  In order to get back into balance what do I change?  What do I move?  There seem to be innumerable options.  So that really is where I think I need to start.  In realizing that I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my life has never really been truly in balance.  Time seems to be the enemy – or is it?  Lots of questions.


    Something to think about… Imagine you’re trying to balance yourself on a wobble board, a surfboard, a ball, something that isn’t stable.  Heck, even just standing on one leg works.  When we start to lose our balance, what happens?  We use our outer limbs, throw them out farther from our body and try to use that leverage to settle things down.  How often does this work?  Not too often.  But what happens if, instead of focusing on the outward reactions focus inward.  Solidify your core.  Tuck in the gut, roll the pelvis in, bend the supporting knees and straighten the back.  Bring your attention inward to the core of your body.  This will regain your balance 95% of the time unless you start way too late and can’t do anything but fall.  Give it a try sometime because it’s very powerful. 

    How does it apply to life?  Find your core.  Go within rather than philosophically flopping your arms about.  Start by breathing.  Calm your mind and stop thinking about all the small stuff.  Then take a fresh look around.  What would I rather be doing with my life (my day, my week etc) that I’m not doing?  What haven’t I done in ages?  When was the last time I felt good, and what was I doing then?  You will find your own personal pattern and thus solution.  For most people it’s too much work, not enough down time and not enough play time to refresh their inner child.  Does that help you a little?

    Magdelene Nashira

    Well, yes, sort of.  I agree that it’s finding the play time that we sometimes lose, but I think right now for me it seems a little more complicated because for the first time I’m in a situation where there are not lines imposed by the outside world to tell me when work time begins and ends, when play time begins and ends, etc.  I’m the one setting all of that now and it constantly changes according to what I need to accomplish for the day.  Then sometimes the plan I had for the day gets sidetracked because of something I didn’t realize also needed attention or I get an email that requires me to change the plan.  Then with all that going on it’s hard to remember I have to keep time for family and friends and for prayer.  I think you’re right about it having to come from the inside out.  But getting myself to sit down and focus on the inside is often the problem because my mind is obsessed with all the things I need to do and all the things (like housework) that I’m simply leaving undone.  So I can’t just sit very easily. 

    Kol Drake

    Found this over on the website — Zen to Fitness  –> http://zentofitness.com

    Many of us try to juggle things and endlessly search for some kind of balance in life. The question we should ask is whether we need balance or just to be able to stand on solid ground?


    The thought of balance is a very appealing one, juggling all arenas of life and getting things just right in order to feel great. A good Social life, A Healthy Diet, The right amount of Exercise, Working hard yet getting enough down time, throw in family time and achieving balance becomes pretty hard. Leaving us exhausted and stressed out, making the fine balance we are trying to achieve to improve our health and well-being the thing the hardest part.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

    The truth is we cannot walk a tight rope in life and achieve perfect balance, it is simply unattainable, too much. We need to accept who we are and the way things are then move from there….

    Find Life

    Once we stop fretting over making everyone happy, eating an exact way or fitting in exercise all the time life seems to slip into place. first though you must accept the person you are right now. If you like to chill out at home and watch DVD’s sometimes then so be it, If you are a Vegetarian and don’t eat meat then so be it, If your training schedule means you can’t get wasted every Friday night then so be it. We might disappoint people or offend them by being ourselves but it has to be that way. Meaning that you can still do what you like and live the lifestyle you want to live while letting go of the perfection or balancing act.

    You will probably find that you will start living a more fulfilled life and actually achieve more of your goals. Things will become effortless and the lowered levels of stress will make you think better and perform better in whatever you do. Plus you will probably become more outgoing and easygoing by nature.

    Accept who you are right now and the way you do things now and get on with life. We cannot achieve a perfect balance and live on a tightrope for any sustained length of time so its better to spend time on solid ground where everything doesn’t matters as much but you still do your best to lead the life you try to lead.

    Live in The Real World

    We all have to make a living, have a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and stay healthy in order to achieve a life in the real world. Ultimately anything that makes it harder to live in the real world for you should be given a second thought. It doesn’t matter which aspect of your lifestyle is holding you back. Take a good look at it and make the necessary compromises that will allow you to live with stability in the real world. The funny thing is that most of the habits and lifestyles we have imposed that hold us back are often the ones which we initially imposed to make our lives more simple, and ended up having the opposite effect. So that is a good place to start looking.

    So let’s re-iterate. So long as you have stability in all areas of your life then you are doing well for me it comes down to:

        * Quality relationships with friends and family
        * Having a purpose or profession you love
        * Eating well and Exercising regularly
        * Relaxation time and knowing how to unwind

    These things give us stability and they allow us to keep a firm grip on the best life has to offer. Walking the tight rope and finding balance to me means perfecting all of these areas nearly 100% of the time and this is exhausting and unattainable. Stability is real balance and comes from doing things well 80% of the time and leaving yourself and and your mind that 20% leeway to breathe!


    Not bad advice whether you are walking the Jedi path… or just walking.  :D


    Nice! That’s pretty much how I define whether I’m balanced anyway.  If I’m feeling good, relaxed, centered, I’m balanced.  It doesn’t mean I’m doing everything on my extensive to-do list.  I use feeling as my guidepost, though I have a few areas that I know are important to my balance so I tend to talk about those areas.  in the end, if I’m not doing one and I’m feeling good I don’t worry about it. :-D

    Thoth Skyywalker

    [glow=red,2,300]How perfect a subject to come back to! lol I definitely need to get more of a balancing act going, cuz I gotta balance it all..just like you said: Family, finance, fitness, Force, friends, etc. and not in that order! lmao but that too is part of it(priority) as well as time-management..which I sucked at in college and well thereafter..I’m getting better, as long as I’m in control of my engagements/transportation I’m good for the most part…It’s def. a struggle… :fight[/glow]


    For the most part, a simple grounding and centering excercise is sufficient to get me back into balance.   

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