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    I realized the other day that one aspect of the time after an emergency occurs is the mental aspect of being comfortable.  It’s unlikely to have an emergency situation in Houston where it wouldn’t be uncomfortably hot and humid which means having some electrical backup would be very helpful.  I decided to look into solar power that is affordable and a source of backup power for us.  After a lot of research (well, over the course of a day) I decided to go with the Goal 0 (zero) brand.  It arrives tomorrow but I bought it from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Goal0-19006-Guide-Adventure-Batteries/dp/B004OHIYLW/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1307327290&sr=8-9

    The reasons I bought it will hopefully come to fruition when it arrives and I test it.
    1. High power for the price
    2. Rugged and durable
    3. Works in shade
    4. Has a USB port and a 12 v car charger type port which allows the use of an inverter to get standard AC power
    5. Has a rechargeable AA battery pack which can be used to charge anything with USB so you don’t have to leave it out to charge

    If you only want a solar power backup for your phone, there are smaller, cheaper options which I’ll leave others to speak on.  But I know I’ll want more power and I have the money to buy this.


    Now that you’ve had it for awhile…  what’s your consumer review?  :)

    Thinking I want one for camping and such.    Of course my camping gear doubles as emergency gear as well.


    Honestly, I lost track of testing it. Maybe next weekend.

    Beral Khan

    in my research, it was nearly every post that said the battery pack melted when they charged it.  I share this so you can keep an eye on it if you wish. :)


    The older models seemed to do that more, but not as much the newer ones. It is something I plan to watch carefully though. Also, the company does replace the defective ones which is why I decided to try it out.


    That’s interesting.
    Can you charge you laptop by pugging it to USB? xP

    Also, I’ve heard that they discovered a way to use semi-conductors (super cheap) to replace the silicon (super expensive) in fotovoltaic batteries. So in a few years it will hopefully be a common thing to see rooftops with either a vegetable garden, or a solar power-plant. Go future! :D


    Oh yeah, the technology is advancing rapidly. I don’t think a laptop will change from usb, but if you use the adapter to plug it in regular you could charge it up while it was off I bet. :-) I haven’t tried it though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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