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    Well yes on the latter half, but I’m also working my way through a book of quotes and some of them fit lol. As for all the quotes, if you look back a page or so in this fourm you’ll see this isn’t the first set of quotations lol


    That isn’t exactly what I meant…though there’s no harm in a thread for everything. I meant those last few about government so we could discuss that. Basically, start individual topics on themes that you post in your journal. You don’t need to go back to them all, but you these last three or so that were all on the same topic. :-)


    I’m finally done with school for the summer (sort of), not sick (about time), and not running somewhere (for now).

    During this summer already I have had a couple of opportunities to choose whether to act in a diplomatic and logical way or an emotional way. One of these opportunities actually came last night. I play a GPS based augmented reality game called Ingress. There are two teams the enlightened (frogs) and the resistance (smurfs). By the rules of the game you’re not allowed to have more than one account. One player on our team plays about seven accounts simultaneously. We’ve learned to accept this without endorsing it. Yet, this player has a habit of going after smurfs that multi account. These actions and the competitive nature of the game have strained the relationship between members of both teams nearly to the breaking point.

    Yesterday, an unthinking comment was made to a family of these smurfs by myself that had our player tagged in it. It is not uncommon for us to cal out players we suspect of multi accounting in open coms. What I didn’t know was that our player (jester) had been going after this player
    And his family alot recently. I was made aware of this by this players wife who is the owner of one of the accounts. We made our peace and I suggested that maybe we should meet sometime … Kind of like a verification that she actually exists. I had thought that that was the end of the matter. However, it was not. The player who we’d originally made the comment about came online a couple hours later. He was quite angry to say the least. He told me that what me and jester had done amounted to bullying. I calmly informed that my comment was my only link into the incident and that it appeared it had been incorrect. I said that I had already apologized to his wife and apologized to him as well. I told him I was sorry for what jester had been doing to his family but that jesters action were beyond my control and I could not be held accountable for them.

    It wasn’t easy keeping my calm, especially after he asked if I’d kicked any puppies recently. I had to ask myself, what would Yoda do?…. Will rising to the bait help the situation? The answer to the latter was a resounding no.

    Once he stopped replying I got into our cross faction chat outside the game and suggested that perhaps we as a region needed a first Saturday event. FS events are where players from both teams come together over food and socialize. Yet this would also be a good way to discuss some of the issues Inthe community…..hopefully peacefully, before things get out of hand.


    That sounds like it could be challenging. It would be different if people could just let it be a game huh?

    Try this mantra, especially when you are dealing with the insanity of the situation. “Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.” See if that makes it easier to remain calm.

    Said the Raven to Poe
    Never again to see
    The pure beauty
    We call life
    To slip into intangibility
    As a feather on the wind.

    What a cold word for the feelings of those left behind
    We see but we do not comprehend
    How can someone so close
    Simply ceases to exist in our reality
    We remember them
    They’re never truly dead,
    they live on in our memories
    and in the lives that they’ve touched
    But they are no longer in this plane of existance
    We comprehend, but we do not know .
    Will we meet again ?
    I hope so.

    We pick the pieces up
    But we are still searching
    For that touch of their soul
    Then it hits us
    That we won’t hear that voice again
    At least not in this plane
    The cracks of our life
    Filled with glue still drying
    Burst apart again
    We fight the tears
    We fight the fears
    Will we meet again
    I hope so

    Again we pick up the pieces
    Again we fill the cracks with glue
    We build anew
    But the more we patch the glass
    the weaker it gets
    Some little reminder
    Some little fall.
    And we are left gluing the pieces together again

    Will we meet again
    I hope so

    I thought I was stronger than this
    I thought I could move on
    Two years of Yoda’s advice
    I thought I knew what I feared loosing most

    Yet if I had succeed
    I would have denied
    that which makes us essentially human.
    True, my control could be better
    but lack of attachment
    isn’t healthy or right.

    been there, done that
    I know it’s a fact
    control cannot come at the drop of a hat
    nor can we sacrifice our emotions
    simply for control
    no matter the incentive

    But I cannot allow this pain to rule me
    For then I would be lost
    the glass that was broken
    must be forged anew
    the heart that was broken
    must heal, its true

    It isn’t attachment that brings darkness
    but the pain of attachments broken
    the pain allowed to fester
    to bring a shield of fear
    allowed to prevent new growth
    allowed to rule unopposed.

    Sorry about the versed format of my thoughts. It happens to me a lot. lol. The first half of this I had written before, the second half I wrote tonight. Before my grandma died she fell in love with this one song by Enya called May It Be. Tonight that song played in my Pandora rotation. I know that someone will always doubt the power of music, but within a minute I was sobbing. I know our pain makes us human, but it hurts so damn much. Its like some part of me died that night with her, Ive long since stopped playing what if, but the regret that came fro that night… i don’t know if that will ever leave.

    Kol Drake

    A very nice ‘rambling’.
    If this be thy way, wav poetic away! It speaks in many levels.

    (and Enya’s music is very ‘spot on’. I have had periods where I just cycle my collection of CDs… they tug at internal chords in such a way as to make ‘ruminating’ almost bearable.)

    Many thanks for this post. :meditate


    This year I’ve been taking philosophy honors in school. Frankly, up until this point, I have been disappointed in the class. Well, now we’ve started actually started learning something in class. However, we’re not learning from the teacher, he just puts crash course videos on and we get to watch them. It is quite disappointing. :( Anyway, I am considering copying some of our journal topics here. I feel I must admit that some of the topics that we have covered come from a very specific viewpoint.

    existance is not a predicate

    You can always start new threads in the general forum for each topic as well. :-)


    ok. i will :)

    Kol Drake

    ya… most ‘intro’ courses barely ‘intro’ the good stuff.

    Even in ‘basic history’ — 40 years after high school and college, I am finding out sorts of things — ‘all the things I NEVER heard about in school’ — from doing my own digging and researching. I suppose that is what happens when folks jump into the Masters and above.

    I loved my intro philosophy course — it was during the summer so I didn’t have to ‘do’ all the typical school year papers on specific ideas or philosophers. But it was cool to get the ‘tidbits’ of the course. If I wasn’t hard core engineering/computers/math at the time, I might have taken more ‘normal classes’ on the subject.

    But yes…. what Jax said.
    Toss out stuff you might like to chew over.. or to see what others think… we are an eclectic lot here.

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