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    For those randomly curious, I have an acquaintance who does astrology forecasts as a hobby.  She’s pretty darn good at it, as she is the person who did my birth chart a few years back.  I enjoy reading her forecasts, as a general curiosity thing.  If you’re interested, check it out yourself. 

    You should probably read about sabian symbols first, as she uses them in addition to straight up astrology.  I still get a little confused about them myself, but all in all she’s a good soul with some good intuition.



    Sounds interesting Jax…  (Hope you don’t mind if I diverge from the topic a bit?)

    I’m not a real believer in astrology…  But being a political wonk – I have been doing some online searches about the candidates and found this blog from January 2008 of a Astrological Forecast for John McCain – prepared in 2006.

    The scientist in me always likes to see these projections – and if they turn-out…


    I can’t speak for the blog…lol…  Nor can I speak for this one for Barack Obama:


    But interesting either way…

    Sometimes astrological forecasts are spot-on – which is a little spooky.  This one seems to be likely one of the spooky ones?

    Time will tell. :D

    – Asta


    In general, astrology is more like a general trend in your life, not meant to be specific.  But no technique of predicting the future is specific and infallible.  Astrology that is just sun sign specific is going to be more general as well, as opposed to someone doing a detailed forecast for you specifically.  And of course, it depends on the skill of the astrologer. 

    I like this woman, as a person (from my interactions with her at least) and as an astrologer.  I don’t use the forecasts for anything except curiosity to see just how true they feel to me.  Sometimes they’re close, sometimes they aren’t.  I find that they bring more awareness to what I’m experiencing and feeling though, so they are a tool for me.  They might not be useful at all for another.  :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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