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    Kol Drake
    the new movies do not seem as inspired somehow? They are narratives to be sure, but an experience they are not.

    There were some neat ‘good things’ about SW-The Force Awakens but, they were not things to inspire or get someone interested in ‘checking out’ what all this Jedi / Force stuff is about. At least imo.

    Yes, it was cool to have a female lead. Personally, I think they could have done without the ‘co semi lead’, Finn… he was only there to highly that ‘the Empire’ was no longer using clones. Well… and I suppose to have him wave a lightsaber around like a club or stick so it is ‘more surprising???’ when Rey finally stands there with it? We learn next to nothing about the Jedi — other than they are ‘supposedly’ all dead or disbanded due to a bad semester at Jedi summer camp. Jedi are the ‘stuff of bad fairy tales’ in this movie. An entire generation has grown old as the war / conquest slowly rolls over the entire galaxy.

    Everyone is looking for Master Skywalker — like, one guy is going to change things — oh wait, that IS what the entire movie is *supposedly* about — how one person can make a difference. (As long as that one person is an ex-Princes, ex-scruffy nerf herder, ex-stormtrooper, ex-desert rat, ex… is there a trend here?)

    I cringed at every moment the Millenium Falcon scrapped the sand. It was nice to see the old heap flying. And the — “We’re home.” moment. I’ll give them that. Not much else to offer as positives though.

    BUT , “… the Force doesn’t work that way…” and definitely not by selectively suspending the laws of physics and Nature to ‘freeze’ a blaster bolt for ten minutes in mid flight. BB-8 is interesting but nothing special other than ‘no legs’. The re-re-repeat of a ‘planet killer’ — now blown up to ‘sun killer’ sized — was definitely ‘meh’. With the resources and ‘captured minds’ of the entire galaxy in play, they are still trying to make a weapon designed/conceived 40+ years before?

    The entire movie was a Disney-fied re-hash of the original trilogy. It was a fair ‘introduction’ if no one had EVER heard of Jedi, Star Wars, etc… which would be pretty slim since Lucas marketed the heck out of it before selling it to the House the Mouse built. The Force Awakened basically left me hoping the NEXT movie might shed light on the Jedi / Force aspect.

    I must admit, I came away much more ‘inspired’ after seeing Rogue One. That was much more in the spirit of the original (first) Star Wars movie. Even with the ending it had… it left me thinking, geez, if only TFA had been done *like* this one.

Viewing 251 post (of 251 total)

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