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    Neo – it sounds like you’ve had a very interesting couple of years.  Do you have a training journal or blog where you discuss such an unusual and interesting Path experience?  I know you could not keep one at the time – but there are not many of us who could/would/or WANT to live in the wilderness.  Yet – I know I would be interested in learning from your experience there!  I think many others would as well!

    At the end of such an experience I visited theJEDI.org, was around 2005-2006. I didn’t describe my personal experience but rather wrote down interesting techniques, bits of wisdom or tao te ching inspired works. During my stay there I changed handles rapidly to avoid being found by some people… I also visited Ashla Knights and recounted my search for working Force Choke and few other harmful ways to use Force. Them not seeing my life and not being able to put it into any sort of good context. I found better ways to ward of violent people, without such a theatrical effects. I can not say fortunately, as in regards to that stuff being less aggressive. At some point when I went through 3 months of run and hide in Italy I started talking about having a gun to someone at theJEDI.org. A guy who made circular symbol of Force, with dark center and silvery ring on edge. I shared some musings about if I could save people being tortured by Spanish police or how I ran from criminals and gangsters. No one would have believed me on public forum so I kept quiet and did not want to have my online identity linked with the guy who some morons chased like an animal.

    It’s a long story. I was practicing among other things, freeing my mind and energy from personal history. I certainly could not have written any account of my doings then. But now when I can look at it from 3rd person perspective I might. But I guess I best don’t.

    There is a lot to consider. It’s not like writing a adventure story filled with extraordinary experiences. At some point it would be tales of power, my personal power, and it related to universe. Sharing such stories would lessen the power of these events, it would radiate out to all who read and thus connect to it. Remember it might be just a text on computer screen but it has a connection to Force nonetheless. Then there would be descriptions about people living in nature walking around half or fully naked. My experiences with celibacy and with women. Naked women, in non sexual context or various intimate levels.

    Would have to leave out those things if I’d ever even link it here. Yet some of these unconventional experiences about for example seeing nakedness as nothing unnatural or sexual are few but make for very strong arguments. Arguments about how sick is the world view of humanity and because of what we have all our problems. Real life examples of how healthy life can be without the ridiculous superficiality of humanity. And these examples are worth more than a story about one man’s journey to freedom, power and service for greater good.

    Some of it would be of a great entertainment value, some of it would be about harsh life full of perils and struggle. There would be nature, friends, intimacy, gangsters, criminals, harmony, beauty, hiding from violence and I’ve lost the count of how many escapes from death. Some really spectacular events, some just about how dumb situations or people were.

    It was a journey for me. Details don’t matter anymore for me. I gained experience and that is enough. I am convinced though that I can channel my gained wisdom and experience via other means that telling my story.

    I could also tell only about good parts and even then hold back some of the most notable happenings. Some of my story is sheer horror and tragedy. Would make a really good sith manual… surviving it all and becoming stronger, more skilled and more powerful. I mentioned I found ways to keep aggressive people from hurting me. Sometimes best defense was attack. Sometimes it was possible to flow through all perils without affecting anything or anyone either positively or negatively. Still I had to use very offensive energy manipulations and uses of Force to make it out sometimes. I didn’t seek some awful powers, I started to learn to control and tune in with Force. Later it was simply “if I can do good with it then I can as well use it to shatter dangers awaiting me. If I can heal people, from like infection, then I can… If I can inject love, inspiration and goodness into people’s minds then I can also demoralize them.

    My whole experience in solitude was not only about freedom and power in Force. I also sought abilities and skills comparable to Force powers seen in Star Wars. Things work differently in reality than in movie of course. The real power in real world is but beyond anything anyone could imagine and put into movies.

    Kids would die being inspired by my full story, same for deluded sith thinking their ego would not be their undoing.
    Some might be hurt by merely reading my story, seeing how awful humanity can be and what kind of stuff I met on my journey. Nothing even for strong in heart and mind.

    Also some of my experiments along the positive learning about Force were about fail and die or succeed and live. Yet they were kind of key moments, culminations of events and practice. Tests if I had mastered a skill or not, directed by Force and my own search rather than willingly going like “hey this is risky, let’s try”.

    In any way I look I’d have to leave out a lot and write only about philosophical growth I went through. I must say this part is most valuable for me. It’s nice to have some super skills of using Force but what is power without love, beauty and consciousness? Worthless.
    So maybe I’ll get around it, it might feel too filled with holes. I guess I could do better writing philosophical treatises, as well as describing how I evolved within because of certain experiences.

    But enough of me here.


    Remember that no amount of exercise can undo wrong diet.

    I’ve heard of people transforming themselves from really big to thin and slender. Years of harsh work on oneself.
    Eating being the key and hardest part.

    Don’t seek accountability before others, that is only a temporary boost.

    Seek something more stable. That would be a resolution, a focus within. You need to come to a moment through experiences where you realize “so that’s how it works/is/should be done.” After that you’ll stick to your goal not because you force it on yourself but you wholeheartedly and happily choose to.

    Don’t just follow what I say of course, unless you understand that, yes that’s what you should do.
    Keep searching, and until you know how to do better, keep up with whatever you think is best. Eventually you’ll find better and better ways.


    I think people use various techniques to overcome their pasts – especially if there was an element or a lot of elements of negativity/toxic type ingrained stuff.  I worked really, really hard on some of the stuff passed to me through my family – cyclical and negative if not ignorant/fearful responses and behavior that harmed far, far more than ever helped in the family relationships.

    I truly get that.

    http://www.myfitnesspal.com is what I mean about accountability.  I need to record and see what it is I am eating – and this is an easy way.  I can keep calories in my head – but eating well – eh – not so much.  It also tracks exercise…  I like that kind of self-accountability that is simply the truth.  It’s right there.  There’s no delusion.  I’m not into fitness to look good – but to be healthy and long term healthy at that.  I’m just recovering from a rather bad knee injury and at my age… heh… you recognize the need to do physical things mindfully.  My Dad at 78 is in fantastic health – a runner – works – is active.  My mother is his direct opposite…  I see what age can do – both positively and negatively – and I am at the age where a choice is made.

    Your adventure in the wilderness sounds intenesely personal.  I certainly do not share all that I have gone-through and never will.  I may write it down for myself – but some things are not for others’ eyes.  I do understand that.


    Our past is sometimes right here with us in present.

    During my voyage and after I learned I need to all the tensions out of me. I survived truly and only thanks to my Force/Intent knowledge. My body but had stored all of the tension from my experiences. I happened to listen to some music one day and it all vented out.

    From that I learned to seek ways to purify not only my mind but my body memory from all negative from past. Classical or inspiring music for example. Anything you really like works best.

    I wholeheartedly suggest you and anyone use the same technique to help bring about a change you desire.

    Have you heard of Native American sweat lodge rituals? I’ve only heard about them. But the experience was something about the death of old self and birth of new self. Could be messing up something here.

    In any case progress doesn’t come if you only want to fix yourself. You got to change who you are and then you just can’t continue doing the same old stuff. You naturally start a new and better way of life, without forcing yourself.


    But Neo – I kind of like who I am… heh…  ;)  I do need to “fix” a few things – but seriously – I’m pretty ok.  It’s fun being me and I do get up every morning knowing how lucky I am – appreciating everything.  Don’t forget – I’m kinda decrepid-agey. 

    You may be right about having “an experience” out and away.  But as a business owner – eh – it’s REALLY difficult.  The last time I got away and “vacationed” and didn’t have work involved was in 1986 in Hawaii.  Luckily – I travelled a lot from then forward in my teens/early 20’s.  Lately, however, I have been thinking I need to “plan” a total get-away.  I’m thinking maybe England on my own just kicking stones.  And it will be a real step on the wild side for me to attend a Jedi Gathering which is looking REALLY possible. :D

    Well – I ate my calorie alotment through “MyFitnessPal” and oh my… I actually hopped on my exercise bike for 25 minutes.  I’m really watching the knee injury and when I began feeling some slight pain I jumped off and stretched.  I’ve – huh – lost 4 pounds in 2 days.  But that’s me…  My old bod has always been really reactive to exercise/etc. – but I feel GREAT this morning.

    Exercise bike – well – it’s a bit boring but I listened to NPR and the time went by… 


    When I was in Abu Dhabi I listened to podcasts that I slooooowly downloaded at night.  I discovered some interested ones like Coverville (all cover songs but really awesome) and also the NPR podcasts. It did make time go by faster.  I also studied my lessons with the ereader.  I’m slowly reading Chi Walking and trying to figure it out. You might want to look into it.  Walking for fitness in this manner allows you to protect your knees.  It also directly applies to your year of mindful living.  If you aren’t sure, there are youtube videos that explain it so you can skip the book.  http://www.youtube.com/user/chilivinginc  I get parts of it and feel the difference in general but haven’t put all the pieces together yet.  It’s hard to retrain the body.  But I have a little more time before we start doing our fitness walks at night so I can keep reading.  Then I’ll have to make it a priority to write about it here.

    Good luck with your plan. :-D


    Chi walking.

    Something I learned from chi kung books.

    Imagine chi flowing along your body movement. In case of walking, imagine chi flowing like beam of light shooting through your legs as you move them. Don’t fixate on my description, I am at odds describing it, but I think this should convey the meaning.

    I experienced 2 things. Noticeable lessening of body fat. I have too little of it anyway, but change was still visible. Secondly, after even a minute or 2 of doing this exercise I had an unexplainable surge of strength in my legs, lasting for a day or half. It improved my speed and endurance.

    In fact I know 2 special moves that make body to be able to move faster and expand stamina. Effect does last for a day.
    It is real stuff, I learned it from nonjedi and can show others. I mention it since the effect of this kind of thing on weight loss is very helpful. I can direct to source where I learned such things.


    Just to clarify, Chi Walking is a system from a book that is more than just moving chi while you walk. It’s adjusting the gait itself, relaxing the body, engaging the core…it’s a specific system put forth by two people who first wrote a book called Chi Running. 

    Neo, perhaps you can write up an article for the esoterics area about this technique?  I’m sure many would want to experiment with it, including myself.  But I don’t want to see it buried in a training journal. ;-) 


    If I get inspiration then I will. But I suggest grabbing a book Tenstegrity: Magical Passes by Carlos Castaneda.
    It has intructions with pictures and many many more special techniques to effect the energy body, whole self not just physical body.

    You’d have to do some digging and be open minded to find the 2 movement and stamina increasing moves but what’s more exciting than searching for yourself  ;)


    Yes, the no one has time to research everything which is why we research and share what we learn to help others.  But this isn’t the place to discuss these things, this is Asta’s training journal, and as such I’m going to leave this space alone.

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