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    Below are 2 confirmations or oaths of jedi and one code-like thing.  You could use them as mantras as well. Consider them sort of artworks made of words, which they are. We all know we see different things in what we perceive. So I ask for what do you think, feel, sense when saying those confirmations/oaths. Contribute as much as you feel like but please do not judge or debate someone else’s comment’s, ideas or feelings about these oaths and code. All opinions are welcome, from all points of view. If someone provides an intriguing review that you feel like questioning then please do so respectfully.

    Jedi Oath of Light’s Guardian

    In service of greater good
    I shall follow the will
    of peace and harmony
    in Force.

    Remember The Way

    In service of greater good
    I follow through, in peace.
    Observing the Force.

    Below is a somewhat direct, somewhat hidden behind the lines condensed description of the jedi way. What do you think, feel, like, dislike about it. Be personal, express yourself without fear. Take time to reflect on this before giving your opinion, for best results.

    Jedi Code of Inner Dedication

    With peace within, I can bring it to others.
    Without illusions. I seek, I strive.
    To do what is right, with clarity in my mind.
    I let go of myself, my emotions,
    and the blindness they bring to me.
    Whatever knowledge one needs, is within the Force.
    With all who I am I aspire to serve the greater good,
    thus I create balance in the Force.

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