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    Thank you Yoshio for catching this. There are advantages to being on similar time zones as students. :-)

    Anirac, I’m unsure what you mean by completing the intro in 4-6 months. Typically it can be done in a few weeks, perhaps you meant 4-6 weeks? In the end, yes, it’s setup to be self paced. We do this to accommodate the needs of students. There are students who work very slowly through courses, but because they are consistent, they move through the curriculum where others go fast and then disappear for a long time. It’s all up to you how it works with your life, just make sure you have reminders setup to do the work here as well. I can say, you’re going to learn tools, especially in Jedi Studies, that you will not get anywhere else in the Jedi community. ;-) It’s in your interest to at least get through that course, which is right after the intro course. It is, of course, your choice though. Just wanted to put that out there. :-D

    Anirac Morgan

    I was sure I read 4-6 months somewhere, but I must have seen wrong, lol.
    Regardless, I’d probably end up doing it slow and steady.

    Thank you, Jax :)


    Your welcome Jax! :meditate


    Hi Conner :-)
    Im ready to fill out my prsonal learni g plan BUT my internet access is a phone and it wont lpen the file. Is there an online template i can use ?lr would someone be willing to copy it into an email and send it to me? Is it just like it sounds because i can develop a personal learning plan right now if i cod get a quick description of what parameters im expected to incluxe. And in fact as i typed this i decided that i really need to just make a plp for myself anyway then i can adapt it to meet academy requirements.

    i just need to know whT the require.ents are

    Thanks for your time


    Hunter, you can download any number of apps that will read excel files without issue, including the official microsoft apps which are free. ;-)


    Thank you Jax, that was what i needed to know.

    ive gotten most of the plp worked out in my paper journal and so i should have it posted on site soon.

    When ive done that ill be ready for access to creed 101 -comm 101 – and jedi stud 101

    and yes, i am training to be a jedi stud :lightsaber

    I’ll PM you and Beral later today or maybe tomorrow to let ya’lls knows

    Thanks Again :-)


    Ok im at the point where i’ll need some feedback please when anyone has the time.

    I have the Plp template but what are my catagories for ACTIVITIES?

    I knownthat theres physical fitness and something to do with healing like reiki (i am reiki 2 already but i dont know howw i can prove it. Ill see if i can find my teacher but i got my attunements more than ten years ago) but i dont understand if im supposed to be recieving healing treatments or studying the healing techniques.

    And beyond those two Aoi i do not have a working understanding of even a direction to move in.

    I understand people are busy and i dont wish to be a frustration. I am always willing to goback and improve on unsatisfactory or incomplete work so even if its not how things are usually done i respectfully request that i be allowed to move to the next step of my learning if there is not enough staff availability for interactive instruction

    I ask because of this:
    If i stand still for very long i open the door for the old and unwanted habbits of procrastination its subsequent short cutting

    I need to have 30 days at least of continuous focus so that i integrate the habbit of commited study into my personality.

    In the short term im utilizing tbis academy as a sort of refresher to academic life and as a template for re-structuring my lifestyle habbits into a stucture more worthy of a magical being in a magical univerze – even if that sounds pretentious or naive.

    I havent been to school since they kicked me out and that was in the 90’s

    I go to HCC in may and time never moves so quickly as when we forget there really isnt enough of it.
    at least thats how its been for me

    Thanks to everyone :-)
    May the force be with you


    Hunter, I recommend re-reading the section in the intro course on the PLP, as well as the examples and instructions in the PLP template, as that should clear up some of your confusion.

    As for getting responses to assignments that will come quickly, as we’ve all returned from our respective holidays and are getting caught up as best we can. Thanks.


    Echoing Jax’s statement, I encourage you to come up with your own activities and use critical thinking to assign points.

    When you have chosen stuff, I will work with you on finessing them!

    Staff is coming back from holiday, so it will take a couple of weeks for everybody to get caught up. :) But, don’t fear.


    To clarify, you won’t be waiting on everyone to reply. I expect to get to your work tomorrow since my work responsibilities are lighter then. :-)

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