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    I have been requested to post my introductory force 101 entry from my journal to the discussion forum.  Ask and you shall receive.  


    “What is the force to you?”

    The force in all its mystery is not a complete unknown to mankind.  We are given glimpses of what it is, but we cannot know all of it.  Many religions around the world claim to have the full truth of the infinite, but that is a contradiction.  Infinite cannot be contained, especially by words.

    The force is something that must be experienced and not quantified.  To put boundaries on all that is, is to destroy what it is.  Something cannot be all when it is just this or that.  So it is easy to say that i am agnostic.  I do not try to describe or quantify the force becasue doing so is a self defeating process.

    I do believe that the force can be experienced, not in its entirety but in glimpses and visions.  That is how i regard the spiritual teachings from all over the world.  They offer only partial looks at what is. Since mankind has had the benefits of introspection, we have had a feeling of something greater than ourselves.  Shamanistic religions were the first look at this.  I feel these are the most authentic expressions of describing what the force is.  We lost this connection when we made doctrine and standardized enlightenment.  When it was up to the individual there were no word, there were however objects of art that acted in many ways to connect to the force.

    The first way was in the creation.  The shaman would connect to the force to inspire and guide his object.  This object would be a physical record of this connection.  Each line and color guided by inspiration.  This was a meditation for the shaman, and would act as way for the connection he held to the force to be strengthened.

    The object itself was the next way that these pieces of art acted as a conduit for the force.  Through the creative process the shaman would imbue the object with energies that he would channel.  These objects were charged with a certain amount of force energies.  Even the choices of line color pattern and other elements can have an influence on those around it.

    Color is vibrations of energy, almost like radiation.  Each color vibrates differently and causes different effects on the body.  When colors are placed together in different combination it is like writing a custom prescription for what the artist wants to happen to the viewer.   To choose the colors and how they are used is a technique that ancient shamans were able to grasp intuitively through their trances and meditations.
    Finally the viewer was able to benefit from the object as well.  Once the shaman gives the object to the intended person, they are able to benefit from the vibrations it gives off, the energy it was charged with and the process the shaman took to create it.  By meditating on the object the viewer is able to follow the path through the wiles of the force after the shaman had already blazed the path.  The object becomes a sort of road map that will lead the viewer where the shaman thinks he should go.  Each object of art is a different look at the nature of the force and it ranges from the beautiful to the sublime.  When this is done we call it art.  Without it, we may not necessarily call it art, we may just call it a mess.

    The artist is a hold over from the ancient shaman.  They travel the ways of the force and record their efforts.  People do not come to them for religious advice or medical treatment becasue both of those have split off into their own disciplines, but for some reason, art is still one of the most essential human activities.

    I feel that even though no one thinks about it, it still gives is our connection to the force that we seek.

    As such, the other half of this lesson asks the viewer to find a piece of art to describe the force.  I will direct the reader to my own art gallery.  Each is a view of my own travels and meditations.  I hope they are enjoyed.


    Thanks for sharing this Andy! I really enjoyed the parallels with Shamanism as that is a favorite study of mine!


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